Plastic Table Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

The importance of plastic tables has risen of late. While they may not be as fanciful, beautiful and convenient as centre tables and reading tables, their dynamism and usefulness have made their stock rise over the years. They can be used for lots of purposes and easily slide into various settings.

With the demand for plastic tables rising by the day, this post takes a look at how much they go for in Nigeria today.

plastic table price in nigeria

Cost of Plastic Tables in Nigeria

Plastic tables are readily available and quite affordable when compared to other types of tables available today. They are available in various styles, classes, qualities, and prices. Plastic tables also vary in size, shape, and design. It should be noted that some core factors like the size, design and sometimes, brand of the plastic table affect how much they go for in the market.

As it stands, plastic tables can be purchased for anything from N13,000 depending on the type and size you are going for. Here, we will categorize the types available in terms of sizes. We will look at an estimate of how much each plastic size goes for depending on the quality, brand and, in some cases, colour.

  • Small/Children-sized plastic table – From N13,000
  • Medium Size Plastic table – From  N15, 000
  • Large size plastic table – From N50, 000


It should be noted that some plastic tables, although not common, cost way more than the estimated prices listed above. Prices are also affected by the period of purchase and sometimes, colours. For instance, white plastic tables are usually rated a little higher than coloured tables. Also, plastic tables cost quite more during some periods of the year. Buying in bulk also significantly reduces the cost per piece.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Plastic Table

There are different types of plastic tables in the market today and they vary in size, brand, type, and quality. While the obvious differences might not be initially noticed with the different classes and qualities of plastic tables, there are varying differences that will tell in no time.

With a lot of these types available in the market today, picking a particular table might be quite challenging. While you may be forced to think that there may not be all that much distinction between different types of plastic tables, that is not entirely true. As a consumer, you should always be careful when deciding on any purchase, especially if it involves personal or commercial use. If you have never before considered what to look for when buying a plastic table, here are some things that you might want to ponder.

Consider Who Will Use The Table

This is the first factor to consider when looking for a plastic table to buy. It is very essential to take note of who will be using the table. Is it your 4-year-old kid? Is it your spouse? Is it for visitors? This is very important.

Answering this question will further help you decide the exact type to buy. For instance, you would not want to buy the biggest plastic table if you are getting it so that your 3-year-old kid could use it. You’d rather go for a smaller chair that fits the kid and will be very convenient for him or her. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to get a small table for an adult as it will not be convenient at all.

Consider What The Table Will be Used for

This is quite similar to the first consideration highlighted above. It is essential for you to consider what the table will be used for. Is it for home use? Is it for commercial purposes? Is it for events? This will guide your decision on which exactly to buy. If you are looking to use the table for commercial purposes like rentals or you are looking to place it for events and similar activities, you need to consider the very strong ones as you will be using them so often.

Here, durability is very important and goes a long way in both saving replacement money in the long term and getting good reports about the tables. If you are using it for personal purposes and wouldn’t be using it all the time, while durability could also be important, it is not the primary aim.

Consider Space

If you are looking to place the table in your home, maybe on the balcony, bedroom or sitting room, you might need to consider the space. Space will help you determine the actual size to go for, whether medium or large. This particularly applies when you are looking to use the plastic table as a reading table. Reading plastic tables also vary in size and the size you get should depend on how spacious the place you are placing it is.

Consider Your Budget

This should also be at the core of your mind when you are looking to get a plastic table. Here, it is essential you consider how much you are looking to spend on the plastic table. Plastic tables are available in various sizes and although they vary in quality and durability, you need to pick a budget cap and ensure you don’t overblow it.

It is worth noting that the most expensive plastic tables might not be the exact type that suits your needs. Ensure you consider the factors already stated above and also pick them in line with your budget.

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