Prices of Binatone Blenders in Nigeria (June 2024)

Blenders are among the must-have appliances in a modern kitchen. With the importance of the appliance growing by the day, many brands have pumped various types and designs into the market, making it a tad difficult to pick a particular type. One brand has since distinguished itself from most others, rating among the oldest in the game and still maintaining top quality and class – Introducing the Binatone blenders.

In this post, we will take a look at the prices of the various types of Binatone blenders in the market today.

binatone blender prices in nigeria

Binatone Blenders & Prices in Nigeria

Binatone is one of the most popular names in the kitchen appliance market today and it is easy to see why. Apart from the fact they are rated among the very best kitchen appliance brands, their products, especially their blenders, are among the leading products in their category.

Binatone blenders may not be the cheapest blenders in the market, but there is no denying the value you get for the money you pay for the product.

Here are some of the common Binatone blenders and how much they go for in Nigeria today.

  • Binatone 1.5 Litre Blender /Grinder With Stirring Stick BLG-595 (MK2) – From N54,060
  • Binatone 1.5 Litre Blender /Grinder With Stirring Stick BLG-555 – From N59,000
  • Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG-699 (MK2) – From N75,000
  • Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG-620 (MK2) – From N65,330
  • Binatone Glass Blender BLG – 600S – From N55,700
  • Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG – 402 (MK2) – From N47,700
  • Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG – 450 (MK2) – From N56, 000
  • Binatone blender and smoothie maker BLS 360 – From N50,000
  • Binatone Professional Blender 1500W – From N126,000


Prices of Binatone blenders vary. Though they have been quite steady over the past few years, there are still disparities in prices because of some factors. For instance, reports show that some models of Binatone blenders cost more during some period of the year and they vary in prices from place to place.

A Binatone blender purchased for N13,000 in Abuja or Lagos could cost far less, or even more, in some other parts of the country.  In addition, factors like the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase could affect the prices they go for.

Binatone blenders are readily available in the country. They can be acquired in various parts of the country. They are also available for purchase online at various e-commerce stores. Depending on the model you are going for, it is always advisable to do a second check on the prices before you decide to buy one.

Things You Will Like About Binatone Blenders

Binatone blenders are people’s top choice for lots of reasons. The brand has not only built a great reputation for its products, it has concreted a positive view in the minds of its customers with continuous friendly feedback. Here are some of the things you will like about Binatone blenders.

Readily Available: When it comes to the availability of blenders, you will only be right to put Binatone up there with the very best. They are one of the very few brands you can get almost everywhere in the country. They can also be easily purchased online. You might not need to check more than one kitchen appliance store to get the exact type and spec you need.

They are Durable: if durability is one factor you consider when buying a blender, then you are safe with Binatone. The brand has this status of manufacturing reliable and durable products. Be rest assured you can use the blender for a very long time. They are also relatively easy to clean and generally maintain.

Value for Money – Binatone blenders may not be the cheapest in the kitchen appliance market, but you can rest assured of the value you get for your money. The blenders are very reliable and can last for a very long time. Also, Binatone blenders deliver clean and smooth operation in almost the best way possible. They are highly efficient and can be trusted in various circumstances. If you want a very reliable and dependable blender, then you can consider Binatone.

Competitive Price: When it comes to how much blenders go for, Binatone blenders’ prices are as competitive as possible. While they may not be the cheapest in the market, they are also not the most expensive. They are a real deal for the prices they go for and this has been recognized and praised in the market.

Easy to Maintain – This is another great quality Binatone blender that has been shown over the years. In addition to the blenders being durable, they can be easily maintained. Whenever they develop issues, which only happen on rare cases, they can be easily fixed. This is one quality some blenders do not possess.

Things You May Not Like About Binatone Blenders

No Variety – While Binatone blenders are known to be very good, reliable, durable, and easy to use with easy controls, they are not available in many types. Compared to some other brands, options are restricted here as the brand prefers to focus on quality and limit itself to specific blenders. While this has its advantages of top quality in major areas that matter, the restriction of variety is one thing lovers of the brand do not really appreciate.

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