Philips Blenders & Prices in Nigeria (September 2023)

Blenders are now rated among the most important and must-have appliances in a modern kitchen. They have made cooking relatively easier and smoother in recent times. With the growing importance of blenders, many brands have pumped various types and classes of blenders into the market.

You would not name top blender brands today without the mention of Philips. Apart from the fact that Philips blenders are among the most sought-after in the market today, they are highly rated and among the very best. In this post, we will take a look at the prices of the various types of Philips blenders in the Nigerian market today.

philips blenders prices in nigeria

Prices of Philips Blenders in Nigeria

Philips is one of the most popular names in the kitchen appliance market today and it is easy to see why. Apart from the fact they are rated among the very best kitchen appliance brands, their products, especially their blenders, are among the leaving products in their category. Philips blenders may not be the cheapest blenders in the market, but there is no denying the value you get for the money you pay for the product.

Here are some of the common Philips blenders and how much they go for in Nigeria today.

  • Philips 3000 Series Problend Blender-HR2041/10 – From N29, 900
  • Philips Daily Blender Collection- HR2102/05– From N29, 600
  • Philips Daily Collection Blender-HR2114/05 – From N42, 500
  • Philips QUALITY BLENDER- HR2102 – From N27, 500
  • Philips HR2041/00 3000 Series – From N39, 000
  • Philips Compact Food Processor-HR7320/11s – From N80, 000
  • Philips Blender-HR2041/10 – From N40, 500
  • Philips Blender-HR2191/20 – From N58, 000


Prices of Philips blenders vary. Though they have been quite steady over the past few years, there are still disparities in prices because of some factors. For instance, reports show that some models of Philips blenders cost more during some periods of the year, and they vary in price from place to place.

A Philips blender purchased for N13, 000 in Abuja or Lagos could cost far less, or even more, in some other parts of the country.  In addition, factors like the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase could affect the prices they go for.

Philips blenders are readily available in the country. They can be acquired in various parts of the country. They are also available for purchase online on various e-commerce stores. Depending on the model you are going for, it is always advisable to do a second check on the prices before you decide to buy one.

Things You Will Like About Philips Blenders

It is no fluke that Philips blenders have made such a mark in the kitchen appliance market in recent times. Philips rate among the very best in the market today and with a lot of users attesting to that fact, this sections shows some reasons why a lot of people have made Philips blenders their first choice.

Very Elegant Design: Philips blenders are among those blenders you will look at and look again. If you are a lover of style, then you should place Philips blender among the top blender options on your list. Most of the brand’s blenders are beautifully designed and can even add elegance to your kitchen.

Great Efficiency – What is the point of a lovely designed blender that does not boast as much efficiency? Philips blenders wonderfully add lovely efficiency to its already hyped design. Whether you are blending smoothies or vegetables, you can be sure of a reasonable smooth output. You can also be assured of great value for the money you send on the blender. It should be noted that like most blender brands, Philips blenders vary in efficiency.

Readily Available: When it comes to availability, you will only be right to put Philips up there with the very best. The blenders are available in different types and sizes. Usually, the bigger the capacity of the blender, the more expensive they are. They can also be easily purchased online. You might not need to check more than one kitchen appliance store to get the exact type and spec you need.

Durability: Philips kitchen appliances are known for their toughness and ruggedness. This means you can easily use their blender for a very long time depending on how you use it. They are also relatively easy to clean and generally maintain.

Easy to Maintain – This brings us to the next point. In addition to the blenders being durable, they can be easily maintained. Whenever they develop issues, which only happens on rare cases, they can be easily fixed. Some blenders do not possess this one quality. Also, the warranty lasts up to four years for the motor, but they do not say anything about the blade.

Competitive Prices: Philips blenders’ prices are as modest as possible. While they may not be the discounted in the market, they are also not the most costly. Considering their products’ qualities and other lovely features, the price is very reasonable and largely relatively affordable.

While the Philips blender can be operated by a regular user without much difficulty, there are few concerns over some aspects of it. The blender can be quite noisy and the while this problem has been fixed for the recently released ones, the older Philips blender in the market still battle with the same issue. The bigger the blender, the noisier it is. Some users also complained about the disturbing vibration when it is in use. Some few others are not satisfied with the consistent overheating of some types of Philips blender.

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