Unifoam Mattress Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Nothing beats coming home to a very comfortable mattress after a long hectic day. Having a good mattress not only helps better night rest but research has shown it also aids healthier and longer life. The mattress industry has been one of the very successful markets in Nigeria, with loads of them boasting large sales and positive reviews. While some of these brands have established themselves among the very best, some others are not very well-known but are constantly delivering top-quality products.

Unifoam mattress prices in Nigeria

This post introduces one of the highly-rated mattress brands in Nigeria today – Unifoam Mattress. Here, we will take a look at some of their sought-after mattresses and how much they go for in the current market.

Unifoam mattress prices in Nigeria revealed

Like many other mattress brands, Unifoam mattresses come in different sizes, types, materials and styles. While Unifoam mattresses are not the most expensive mattresses in the market, they are also not the cheapest. Here are the prices of some of their sought-after mattresses in the current market in Nigeria.

  • Unifoam Emerald – From N78,200
  • Unifoam Flex – From N101,400
  • Unifoam Jade – From N79,600
  • Unifoam Onyx Plus – From N120,800
  • Unifoam Jade (Student Mattress) – From N27,400


The prices of the mattresses, as highlighted above, can be affected by some factors which mainly include the place and period of purchase. For instance, a Unifoam mattress that costs, say N10, 000 in Lagos or Abuja, could cost way less in other parts of the country.

Things you will like about Unifoam mattresses

Unifoam mattresses are among the very best in the market and it is easy to see why. While they may yet be as commanding as the likes of Mouka foam and Vita foam, they have surely created a niche for themselves in the market, thanks to their standout products. They are also gradually cementing their names in the heart of the market with an increasing customer base as the days roll by. Here are some of the things you will like about Unifoam mattresses.

  • Durability – This is one of the qualities you would want to see in a good mattress and Unifoam does not disappoint. Based on customer reviews, it is easy to infer that most of their foams are very durable and can be used for a very long time without losing their quality. This being said it is also important for users to maintain the mattresses properly.
  • Easy to Maintain – Unifoam mattresses are designed with materials and coverings that are relatively easy to maintain. For most of their mattresses, you will be able to clean stains easily. Most of the materials also easily absorb dirt and are easy to clean.
  • Variety – This is one feature that is peculiar to majority of the highly-rated mattress brand in Nigeria. Like many of these top-class brands, Unifoam mattresses come in different types, sizes, and designs. They manufacture normal mattresses as well as orthopedic mattresses for people with specific issues with their bodies, mostly their backs. They also come in different sizes –from as small as foam aby mattresses to family 6 by 6 mattresses and even bigger, you can decide to choose any size that suits you.
  • Comfortable to Sleep on – Unifoam mattresses are largely comfortable to sleep on and easy to move in. This is one of the issues faced with some mattresses today. Many have complained that those mattresses are not s comfortable to move in. They are either too hard or too soft, causing body aches. With Unifoam mattresses, however, this is not an issue and most of their products are neither too hard nor too soft.

What you may not like about Unifoam mattresses

Unifoam mattresses, like many other mattresses, tend to become smelly when not maintained properly. This happens more often when the mattress is not sundried when liquid pours on it, no matter how little.

Also, another downside is that the brand is not as popular as some other heavyweights in the market like Mouka and Vitafoam. While this does not take anything from their quality, their products are not as easy to get as the mentioned brands. Although they are readily available in popular cities in the country, they are not that popular in rural areas.

What you should know about Unifoam mattresses

Unifoam is one of the old mattress brands in the industry in Nigeria. The brand was registered in 1981, although it took another year for them to commence commercial activities. Their first factory was established in Ilorin around the same period under the name United Foam Products Nigeria Limited. They expanded to other parts of the country, notably Kaduna and Kano few years after the establishment of their first factory under the names JAFCO Industries Nigeria Limited and JAFA Foam Nigeria Limited respectively.

The company currently manufactures a wide range of products, including foam mattresses, cushions, sofa cum beds, polyurethane foam sheeting, carpet underlays, spring mattresses, and many other products. They are mostly known for their top-rated foam mattresses in the current market though.  While the brand has had to compete with more popular brands like Mouka and Vita foam, they have constantly manufactured a top-quality variety of products. Unifoam remains a great option when it comes to comfortable mattresses.

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