Cooking Pots Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

A kitchen, whether modern or traditional, is not complete with cooking pots. With the demand for cooking pots increasing by the day, many brands have dived into this market, manufacturing various types, classes, and sizes. With a lot of kitchen activities dependent on it, the importance of having good sets of pots cannot be overemphasized.

With many types of cooking pots available in the market today, this post takes a look at the prices of pots in the Nigerian market. We will also consider some core factors to note when buying cooking pots.

cooking pots prices in nigeria

Prices of Cooking Pots in Nigeria

Putting a round figure on how much cooking pots go for can be quite tricky. This is because pots come in different sizes, designs, brands, and types and these facts determine how much they go for. Generally, cooking pots are either sold in pieces or a combination of three, four, five, six, or even more. The most common is the 3-piece cooking pot and the 8-piece cooking pot.

Single-piece cooking pots sell for between N1, 000 – N7, 000 depending on the brand, the size, and the quality. Some specially designed single-piece cooking pots even cost way more. Here are some of the common cooking pot brands in the Nigerian market today and how much their pots go for.

Dessini Cooking Pots

  • Dessini 10 Pieces Non-stick Granite Stock Pot Set – From N70,000
  • Dessini 10 Pieces Die-Coat Pot– From N75,000
  • Dessini 23 Pieces Die-Coat Pot – From N95, 000
  • Dessini Non-Stick Granite Cookware Set 10-Piece– From N70,000

Tramontina Cooking Pots

  • Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven 2-pack Pot Set – From N155,000
  • Tramontina 3 Piece Induction Cooking Set –From N20,000
  • Tramontina Fabulous 10 Pieces Non-Stick Heavy-Guage Aluminum Cookware Set – From N88,200

Dzire Cooking Pots

  • Dzire 4 Large Set of Nonstick Cooking Pot – From N44,000
  • Dzire 8 Pieces Cookware Sets – From N47,000

Rite Chef Cooking Pots

  • Rite Chef Casserole – 6 Piece Set CW-206 – From N39,000

Master Chef Cooking Pots

  • Master Chef 3 Set of cooking Pot – From N50,000

Sumo Premium Cooking Pots

  • Sumo Premium 4 Pieces Luxury Non-Stick Pot Set – From N85,500
  • Sumo Premium 6 pieces Non-Stick Cookware Set S-7017 –From N78,000
  • Sumo Premium Aluminium Cookware Set – 7 Pieces – From N69,900

Other Common Cooking Pots

  • Kinelco 3 pieces Non-stick Pots – From N57,000
  • Hoffner 3 pieces Non-Stick – From N63,500
  • Le Decor 4 Piece Premium Non-Stick Cookware Pot Set – From N85,500


The prices listed above highlight the average prices of various types and brands of cooking pots in the country today. The prices are gathered from various sources in the current market and are largely reliable. However, it is still essential to confirm these prices in the market before you make a purchase as the prices could have significantly changed. The variation in prices is because of various factors, which usually include the place and period of purchase.

It should be noted that the number of pieces in a pack also determines how much they go for. For instance, you can expect a 3-piece cooking pot to be cheaper than a 7-piece cooking pot of the same brand.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cooking Pot

Choosing a cooking pot or a set of cooking pots is not as easy as it sounds. With the number of cooking pot brands increasing by the day and with the brands releasing various types and kinds of cooking pots, it has only become more difficult to choose. Cooking pots also come in different materials and sizes. To make your choice easier, it is essential to consider some core factors before buying one. Here are some of these factors;


This is the first thing you should consider before you decide on which cooking pot to buy. Cooking pots come in different ranges and vary in price. You need to set the amount you have to spend on cooking pots to effectively limit your options. In this case, the most expensive cooking pots might not even necessarily be the best for you at a given point in time. It is essential to look at the range of pots you can afford.

Heat Conductivity

Once you have fixed your budget, then you should consider the kind of material you want. Some cooking pots conduct heat better than others. You should decide whether you want to go for copper, stainless steel, or other materials. Copper, for instance, conducts heat better than stainless steel.

You should note that the better the heat conductivity of the cooking pot material, the more equally the food will cook. This means that you can expect food in a copper cooking pot to react a lot faster when you turn up the heat, compared to many other cooking pot materials, like stainless steel.


Some brands and types of cooking pots last longer than others. Stainless steel rate among the best cooking pot materials when it comes to durability.


If you are buying a single pot, for instance, one of the things you’d have to point out is the size you are going for. You need to consider the quantity of food you’d be looking to prepare with the cooking pot and go for a size that matches the quantity.

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