MTN MiFi Prices in Nigeria (April 2024)

MTN is the telecoms company with the highest subscribers in Nigeria today. Asides from making calls and sending text messages, MTN also allows users to gain access to the internet in different ways. One such method is via the use of its MiFi.

In this post, we will explore the cost of the MTN MiFi full package and its different data bundles. We will also answer some FAQs regarding MTN MiFi and touch on several other important topics. Without further ado, let’s get to the crux of this post.

MTN MiFi Prices in Nigeria

MTN MiFi Prices in Nigeria

The MTN MiFi is also known as the MTN LTE MiFi, and it allows the connection of a maximum of 10 devices at once. These devices include laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and game consoles to mention a few. This product comes in handy for both homes and small businesses. The question that begs an answer at this point is, “How much does it cost to purchase an MTN MiFi?”

The MiFi and a New SIM cost N7,500, and you can purchase one at any of the MTN stores scattered all over the nation. Note that this offer is only available while stock lasts. After buying the MiFi, you will need to subscribe to a plan to enjoy using it. Below is a list of the different plans available:

MiFi Super Plan Offer
S/NProduct namePrice (N)Free Data (Daily)
1.40GB Monthly Plan10000300MB
2.75GB Monthly Plan15000500MB
3.110GB Monthly Plan200001GB

There are MTN MiFi data bundles that come with a 100% bonus. See the list in the table below:

100% MiFi Bonus Data Plans
s/nProduct namePrice (N)
1.12GB Monthly Plan3500
2.20GB Monthly Plan5000
3.25GB Monthly Plan6000
4.40GB Monthly Plan10000
5.75GB Monthly Plan15000
6.120GB Monthly Plan20000

With this out of the way, we will look at what the MTN LTE MiFi offers in the next section.

What does the MTN MiFi Offer?

As we mentioned above, the MTN MiFi is perfect for both homes and small businesses. We have also shown you how many devices you can connect to the MiFi at once. Beyond these, what else does the MiFi offer? Continue reading to find out:

  • When you purchase and activate the MiFi, you get 30GB of data for free. This data is valid for 30 days.
  • One hundred percent bonus of each of the data bundles between N3500 and N20000 for six months on a new SIM after activation.
  • You have a top-up option on an active monthly data plan. The top-up bundle provides 3GB of data, and it costs just N1000.
  • Subscribers get free daily data from the seventh month of subscription on any of the Super Plans. These plans include 40GB, 75GB, and 120GB.



Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the MTN MiFi:

Who can enjoy the offer?

It is only customers that purchase the MiFi devices that come with the New SIM bundles that can enjoy this offer. You have to purchase the package from any of the MTN stores or the company’s partner shops. Customers that own the old MiFi device can also enjoy the Super Plan or Top Up bundle offers.

How can I activate the MiFi device along with the SIM card?

To activate the MiFi offer, take the steps below:

  • Purchase the MiFi package that comes with the new SIM as described above.
  • Register the SIM card.
  • Insert the new SIM card into the MiFi then switch it on.
  • Once you do, you will get several notifications. The first will tell you of the successful SIM registration. You will also get a notification of a 100% bonus offer via the MTN Portal meaning that you have 30GB of free data. If you don’t get this message, you need to send a message via SMS. Simply send “Activate” to “131.”
  • Visit to partake in the 100% bonus. You can also activate any of the data plans between N3500 and N20000 via the MiFi portal.
  • To link your MiFi number to activate any of the plans, dial *131*500#.

Note that you don’t need to call a sales representative or the MTN contact centre to activate the 30GB free data offer. Simply follow the steps above to activate the SIM and you will get the bonus offer.

How can I activate the offer on an old MiFi device?

If you own an old MiFi device, you can still enjoy any of the MTN MiFi data plans. These plans include the Super Plan and Top-Up bundle offers. All you need to do is to send the MiFi’s serial number along with the IMEI to 131.

Here’s an example,

Send “012345678912 + 987654321098765” to 131.

You should note that you can only enjoy the Super Plan after the first six months of activating the device.

Will I enjoy the bonus offer if I insert the SIM into another device?

No, you can’t. The bonus was designed specifically for the MTN MiFi. If you take out the SIM and place it in another device like a smartphone or tablet, you wouldn’t access the bonus.

How can I purchase the MiFi Top-Up Bundle?

As we mentioned above, the top-up bundle allows you to purchase 3GB of data after you exhaust the monthly data bundle. This bundle costs N1000 and you can purchase it via any of the channels below:

  • MiFi portal
  • myMTNweb
  • myMTN app
  • USSD by dialling *131*1*5*3# from a phone number that is linked to the MiFi.

Note that you can purchase the Top-Up bundle as many times as you desire. However, it must be after you have exhausted the initial data plan that you subscribed to for the month. Also, you cannot purchase multiple top-up bundles at once. You must exhaust one first before you purchase another. Also, you can roll over any remaining or unused data from the top-up bundle to the next month.

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