Kenwood Cake Mixer Prices in Nigeria (May 2024)

Cake mixers are very important in the kitchen. They are not just used for mixing cakes, instead, they perform several other important functions. One of the most prominent manufacturers of cake mixers the world over is Kenwood.

How much does a Kenwood cake mixer cost in Nigeria? We will answer this question in this post. Along with this, we will also discuss some other important information about cake mixers. Want to find out? Read to the end.

Kenwood Cake Mixer Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Kenwood Cake Mixers in Nigeria

Kenwood cake mixers are recognized for their high quality and affordability. So how much do they cost in Nigeria? It depends on several factors including the size of the mixer and the accessories it comes with. We have checked the market on your behalf to find out the different Kenwood cake mixers and their prices. Check them out below:

  • KENWOOD HAND MIXER 2.5L 250W WHITE HM430 – From N50,000
  • Kenwood 5 Litres Stainless Steel Stand Mixer/Kitchen Machine  1000W– From N110,000
  • Kenwood Chef Original Stand Mixer, 5litres Stainless Bowl – From N120,000
  • 380watts Kenwood Hand Mixer – From N27,000
  • 2-liter Kenwood Cake Mixer – From N20,000
  • Kenwood Hand Mixer Kw-7710 1000 Watts 7 Speed – From N27,000
  • Original Kenwood Stand Mixer/Kitchen Machine, 5 Liters Bowl – From N70,000
  • Kenwood Industrial Mixer Kenwood Mixer 7 litres – From N150,000
  • Kenwood Prospero Multi-Functional Mixer Km240 – From N300,000
  • Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer With Bowl – From N167,200
  • Kenwood Industrial Standing Mixer 6.7 liters – From N600,000
  • Kenwood Stainless Cake Mixer With Rotating Bowl – 2.5 Liters – From N25,000
  • Kenwood Chef Stand Mixer 5 Litres Stainless Bowl,3 Springles – From N150,000
  • Kenwood HM430 Cake Mixer with Bowl – From N45,600


Please note that these prices may vary depending on your location and the vendor. With these out of the way, let’s look at some factors to consider when choosing cake mixers.

How to Choose a Cake Mixer

Cake mixers, as we mentioned above, do a lot more than just mix cakes. It is possible to do without them, however, when you have them, they make your cooking or baking far more interesting. If you haven’t owned one, you may never know what you are missing. However, once you do, you don’t want to cook or bake without it.

Choosing a cake mixer can be a challenge, especially if this is your first time. There are so many products on the market that you are likely to get confused. To save you from this, we have come up with a list of factors to consider when choosing a cake mixer.

Your cooking needs

This is always the first thing to consider when choosing a piece of equipment for your kitchen. So here’s the question that you must answer, “what do you need the mixer for?” The kind of food you cook and the recipes that you use will determine your answer to this question.

There are two different kinds of mixers. They are,

  • Standing mixers
  • Hand mixers

The first does a lot more than mix desserts and pastries. All you need is to have the right accessories or attachments. With this mixer, you can make meatballs, pasta, butter, tamales, ravioli, etc. This mixer makes those complex recipes a lot easier to prepare.

If all you need to prepare are simple desserts and pastries, then a hand mixer is what you need. Determine your cooking needs first and then you will know the kind of mixer that you should buy.


If you prefer to invest in a hand mixer, then you should consider one that isn’t too heavy. Remember, you’d be holding it in your hand throughout the mixing process. If it isn’t light, then you’d get tired before long. This is a major reason why most people prefer standing mixers to hand mixers in the first place.

If you have chosen a standing mixer, then you want it to be heavy. Yes, the direct opposite. Why should it be heavy? The vibrations while mixing will cause the mixer to move around if it isn’t heavy. This lack of sturdiness could affect the result of the process or even throw your mix away before you are done.

Another consideration when it comes to the weight of the mixer is the storage of the mixer. If you are moving it in and out of storage, then it shouldn’t be too heavy. However, if you’d leave it on your counter where you’d use it most times, it can be as heavy as you want.

Speed settings

Different recipes and foods require different mixing speeds. Usually, cake mixers come with different speed-level options. Ensure that the mixer you choose has between 3 and 12-speed options.

There should always be a “slow” setting that allows you to add ingredients while you mix. This is necessary so that you don’t make a huge mess during the process. There should also be a breakneck speed level that allows you to make a meringue. This setting is perfect for bakers, especially those that seek to achieve precision.


There are two major considerations under size.

  • What is the amount of space you have to house your cake mixer?
  • How much food do you plan to mix at a time?

If you can answer both questions, then you can easily decide on the size of the cake mixer that you need. While some people sacrifice space for food, you can always create a balance between both.

The market is filled with different sizes of cake mixers. Of course, the prices of the mixers are largely dependent on the sizes of the mixers. This means that you must also consider the price in relation to how much you have to spend.


We cannot discuss factors to consider when buying cake mixers without mentioning accessories. These accessories give you the opportunity to do more with your cake mixer. Some of the important accessories include:

  • Dough hook
  • Flat beater
  • Food grinder
  • Fruit and vegetable strainer
  • Grain Mill
  • Ice cream maker
  • Juicer attachment
  • Pasta roller
  • Ravioli maker
  • Sausage stuffer
  • Slicer/shredder
  • Wire whip

You may not need all these attachments. However, you should ensure that the mixer that you choose has the attachments that you need.

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