Treadmill Prices in Nigeria (Updated June)

With the world paying special attention to exercise and healthy living in recent times, the popularity and sale of treadmills have drastically increased. Deservedly so, the treadmill is seen as a core part of workout and a should-have machine for gyms and even homes of people who look to stay fit. With various brands and types available today, this post considers the prices of the most common and in-demand treadmills in Nigeria today.

treadmill price in nigeria

Prices of Treadmills in Nigeria

The demand for treadmills has increased in the market of late and it is essential to know how much they go for. Below are some of the common treadmill brands and how much their equipment goes for in the current market.

American Fitness Treadmills

  • American Fitness 2 HP Treadmill With Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up & MP3 – From N656,000
  • American Fitness 2 HP Treadmill Without Massager – From N475,000
  • American Fitness 2.5 HP Treadmill With Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up & MP3 – From N450,000
  • American Fitness 3 HP Treadmill With Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up & MP3 – From N685,000
  • American Fitness commercial 4 HP Treadmill With Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up & MP3 – From N1,800,000
  • 3HP American Fitness Prolite Treadmill– From N800, 000

Body Fit Treadmills

  • 4hp DC POWER 4685 TREADMILL SEMI-COMMERCIAL – From N1,690,000
  • BF1900 Home- Use Treadmill 3hp – From N585,000
  • Manual Treadmill With Stepper – From N225,000
  • Electrical Treadmill 1.5HP BF1025S Motorized Power Running Home Fitness Machine – From N535,000
  • Body Fit Sup 1 USA Treadmill 2.5 HP – N186, 000 – N200, 000
  • Body Fit BF 5000B Treadmill With Massager and BlueTooth – From N663,000
  • Body Fit Commercial Treadmill 6 HP BF 4895 – From N2,700,000

De Young Treadmills

  • De Young 2.5 HP Commercial Treadmill With MP3, Incline And Massager – From N720, 000
  • De Young 3 HP Commercial Treadmill With MP3, Incline And Massager – From N800, 000
  • De Young 3.5 HP Commercial Treadmill With MP3, Incline And Massager – From N850, 000
  • De Young Universal Manual Treadmill with Sit-up– From N135,000

House Fit Treadmills

  • Housefit 3 HP MOTORIZED TREADMILL 130 KG – From N825,000
  • Housefit 2.5 HP MOTORIZED TREADMILL  – From N530,000
  • Housefit 4 HP MOTORIZED TREADMILL 150 KG – From N980,000
  • Housefit 7 HP Commercial TREADMILL– From N4.99 million

Sole Treadmills

  • Sole S9800 Commercial Treadmill – From N2.575 million
  • Sole F85 SOLE Treadmill (2016 Model) – From N1.6 million
  • Sole S9900 Commercial Treadmill – From N2.781 million

Nordic Track Treadmills

  • Nordic Track NordicTrack T10.0 Treadmill – 3CHP (4.5HP) Motor With Tablet Holder – From N750, 000

Nashua Treadmills

  • Nashua 3 HP Treadmill With Massager – From N410,000
  • Nashua 2.5 HP Treadmill With Massage, Music, Twister JX-662SD – From N530,000


Prices of treadmills vary. Although they have been quite stable over the past few years, there are still variations in prices as a result of certain factors.

For instance, reports indicate that treadmills cost more in some periods of the year and they also vary in price from place to place.  A treadmill that costs N200,000 in Abuja or Lagos could cost far less in some other parts of the country.  Also, factors like the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase could affect the prices they go for.

Treadmills are readily available in the country. They can be found in various parts of the country. You just need to walk into a fitness store where treadmills are sold and purchase one. They can also be easily purchased online on e-commerce stores. Depending on the type you are going for, it is always advisable to do a second check on the prices before you decide to buy one.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Treadmill

Walking into a fitness store can be an overwhelming event. There’s typically a wide variety of equipment to view and consider buying for your home. But it doesn’t have to be a fearful experience. Armed with some sound advice, you can find the perfect treadmill to bring home and enjoy for years to come. Knowing a little in advance what you may be looking for will help your specialty fitness retailer provide suggestions on the treadmill for you. Here are seven tips to consider when purchasing a new treadmill.

Ensure You Test the Treadmill you are Buying on the Spot

This advice is not limited to just treadmills; it should be used for the purchase of any piece of fitness equipment. The way a treadmill fits you is possibly the single most ignored consideration and will have a great influence on whether or not you appreciate using it and whether or not you want to get on and use it over again. Reviews are very helpful but do not rely on appraisals alone. Even if you intend to get the equipment directly from the manufacturer, you can still find a store that has the machine you want to try.

Consider the Space and Placement

It is essential to know where you want to put the equipment and the size space before you go shopping. If you are considering a collapsible unit, you should know that they are more expensive ask yourself if it is a required feature, which would require you to fold it up when you are not using it.


This is one of the most important factors to consider. You need to ask yourself some questions, including whether controls for speed and incline are displayed and accessible in a way that is relaxed and convenient for you to use when walking or running on the treadmill when in use. Check whether you can easily regulate the speed when you are using it without jeopardizing your safety. As stated earlier, it is vital that you try the treadmill before you buy it. You should also consider the design of the side steps. Check whether they are wide enough and if they are slip-resistant.

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