Tarpaulin Prices in Nigeria (May 2024)

Tarpaulin is a thin waterproof that is made from plastic material. It is usually laminated and can be used for several important purposes including covering cargo and vehicles. This helps to protect them from sun rays and weather.

There are different sizes of tarpaulin on the market to suit different purposes. The question that needs an answer at this point is, how much do tarpaulins cost in Nigeria? Continue reading this post to find out.

Tarpaulin Prices in Nigeria

Cost of Tarpaulin in Nigeria

Tarpaulins are manufactured all over the world, and they are used for several different purposes. It is impossible to peg a specific price on tarpaulins because several factors affect the prices of tarpaulins. Some of these factors include the location, vendor, purpose of the tarpaulin, base material, size, and accessories. We have helped you to check for the prices of tarpaulins in Nigeria and have put them and their prices on a list. Check the list below:

  • Nylon Transparent Tarpaulin Dust Cover, Rain Shield Cover: From N8,000
  • Black Nylon Big Tarpaulin Dust Cover and Rain Shield: From N7,900
  • Swimming Pool PE Woven Tarpaulin Waterproof (295 x 206 cm): From N20,690
  • Thick Opaque Nylon Black Big Tarpaulin Dust Cover and Rain Shield: From N7,990
  • Extra Heavy Duty Waterproof PE Canopy Cloth Tent Tarpaulin Sheet With Eyelets: From N45,490
  • Large SUVs Car Body Cover for Jeeps (Jeep Tarpaulin Protector): N8,500 – N10,000
  • Super-Size Automobile Car Body Covers (Protector Tarpaulin for Large Vehicles): From N17,890
  • 400/260/300 cm Swimming Pool Cloth PE Tarpaulin La 260 x 170 cm: From N22,300
  • Swimming Pool PE Woven Tarpaulin Waterproof Rain 338 x 239 cm: From N20,600
  • 8 Sizes Waterproof Tarpaulin Ground Sheet Camping Cover Lightweight: From N65,000
  • Herschel Alexander Tote Bag Peacoat Tarpaulin: From N33,000
  • 2x Durable PVC Tarpaulin Cover For Outdoor Children’s Pool 260x160CM: From N35,200
  • Rain Trekking Tarp Beach Tent Tarpaulin Cover for Camping (Blue): From N14,500
  • Car Body Cover/Auto Body Cover – For Saloon Cars: From N9,000
  • Swimming Pool PE Woven Tarpaulin Waterproof Rain Cloth : From N20,690
  • Outdoor Camping Rain Protection Tent Tarpaulin Protection (Orange): From N18,700
  • Waterproof Canvas D Tarp Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Sun Rain Resistance: From N180,000
  • Plain Sandbox Sandpit Cover Tarpaulin with Drawstring: From N16,450
  • 600D Garden D Trolley Cart Liner Bag Tarpaulin 4 Wheelbarrow:From N21,300
  • Waterproof Rain Fly Tent Tarp Camping Hammock Tarpaulin (Blue): From N13,300
  • Ripstop Tent Tarp Strong Fly Tarpaulin Hiking Awning Travel (Black): From N9,540
  • 5 x 9 meters Heavy Duty Poly Tarps PE Tarpaulin Sheet Floor Cover UV Water resistance: From N254,400
  • 9 x 6 meters 80GM D Tarp Tarpaulin Canopy Tent Shelter Sheet Water-Resistant: From N102,789
  • Tent Tarp Large Hammock Rain Tarpaulin Shelter Ground Cloth Ropes: From N113,000


These prices are subject to change depending on the factors that we mentioned above. We will update this post once we notice that there is a price change in any of the products listed above. Meanwhile, let’s discuss a few important uses of tarpaulins.

Uses of Tarpaulins

One of the reasons why tarpaulins are so popular is their versatility. You can use them for so many purposes which makes them highly cost-effective. Tarpaulins come in different forms including polyester, vinyl, untreated and treated canvas, PVC, and Iron Horse. We also have water-resistant, drain, waterproof, fire retardant, and mesh tarpaulins. In this section, we will take a close look at some of the most important uses of tarpaulins.

Tent cover

You can use a waterproof tarpaulin to cover your tent. Doing this ensures that rainwater doesn’t seep through during a downpour. Drain tarps are also very useful in this regard as you can drain the water from the tent using a hose after the rainfall. These tent covers are very useful on campsites and in tents used for special gatherings like wedding receptions and other kinds of parties.

Cover for camping supplies

This is another important use of tarpaulins on a campsite. When you go camping, you should go along with several supplies such as chairs, cooking supplies, and firewood. How do you protect these supplies from rainfall and other weather elements? One of the safest ways is to cover them using tarpaulins. Treated canvas tarpaulins will do a great job since they are water-resistant and very light to move around. If you are expecting heavy rains, then you should make use of waterproof vinyl tarps.

Flooring campsites

Before we move on from campsites, you can use tarpaulins to floor your campsites. Simply set the tarps to create the flooring for the tents before you set up the rest of the tent. The tarps will make the floor cosy and soft, especially if it was originally made of padded tiles. Also, the tarps will ensure that the floors remain clean and you spend very little time cleaning up after the camp.

Covering sports fields

One of the ways to protect your sporting fields from heavy downpours is by covering them with tarpaulins. Usually, the tarpaulins help during a match and you have to quickly protect the playing surface. Doing this ensures that the playing field remains dry until after the downpour and the game can commence immediately after the rains. Your best bet is vinyl-laminated polyester tarpaulins because of their lightweight and waterproof nature.

Vehicle covers

When you leave your vehicles without any protection under the elements, they tend to lose their colour very quickly. This means that you have to paint them over and over especially if you live in the tropics where the sunshine is very high. To avoid this, you can cover your vehicles with a tarpaulin. A good option is the Iron Horse tarpaulin because it is breathable, heavy-duty, and waterproof.

Temporary roof coverings

Roof shingles are great but they don’t hold for too long. Leaving them exposed to weather elements reduces their longevity drastically. Soon, there will be leaks and cracks in your roofs. When this happens, you need the help of a contractor to fix the problem. While you await their arrival, you can use waterproof tarpaulins or vinyl-coated polyester tarps to cover the roof temporarily.

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