Cake Mixer Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Cake mixers are becoming increasingly common in the market today. With the usefulness of the kitchen appliance growing every day, a lot of brands have pumped different types and classes of cake mixers into the market.

This post takes a look at the prices of some of the most common cake mixers available today and where they can be purchased.

cake mixer price in nigeria

Prices of Cake Mixers in Nigeria (Updated)

Cake mixers are available in different sizes, designs and types. Although there are only few brands that manufacture the products in Nigeria, it is still essential to consider the prices of the various brands and types available in the market today.

Eurosonic Cake Mixers

  • Eurosonic 5 Speed Hand Cake Mixer With Rotating Bowl-4L – From N22, 000
  • Eurosonic Electric Cake Mixer– From N11, 000
  • Eurosonic 2L Cake Mixer Machine– From N12, 000
  • Eurosonic Cake Mixer With 5 Speed Rotating Plastic Bowl Speed-4L– From N20, 000
  • Eurosonic Cake Mixer And Chin-Chin Cutter– From N32, 000

Master Chef Cake Mixers

  • Master Chef Hand Mixer With Stainless Bowl-Cake/Barter Mixer– From N12, 000
  • Master Chef Powerful Cake Mixer With 4L Stainless Bowl – From N30, 000
  • Master Chef 5 Speed Setting Electric Cake Mixer– From N28, 000
  • Master Chef Stainless Steel Hand Mixer With Rotating Bowl– From N25, 000

Murphy Richards Cake Mixers

  • Murphy Richards 5 Litres cake Mixer 800W – From N190, 000
  • Murphy Richards Orbital Cake Mixer – From N159, 000
  • Murphy Richards Total Control Stand Cake Mixer Pro – From N155, 000

Linkrich Cake Mixers

  • 7 Litres Linkrich Planetary Mixer – From N190, 000
  • 30 Liters Linkrich Planetary Mixer –  From N490, 000
  • 20Kg Linkrich Industrial Mixer, Commercial Mixer, Cake Mixer, Bread Mixer – From N275, 000
  • 20 Liters Linkrich Planetary Mixer – From N405, 000
  • 15 Liters Linkrich Planetary Mixer– From N290, 000
  • 10Kg Linkrich Industrial Mixer, Commercial Mixer, Cake Mixer, Bread Mixer– From N185, 000
  • 10 Liters Linkrich Planetary Mixer – From N253, 000
  • Linkrich 60kg Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer– From N610, 000
  • Linkrich 30 Liters Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer– From N400, 000
  • Linkrich 200 Liters Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer– From N4,000, 000
  • Linkrich 130 Liters Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer– From N2,050, 000

Sonik Cake Mixers

  • Sonik Cake Mixer 1.5 Litres – From N19, 000
  • Sonik Cake Mixer 2.5 Litres – From N25, 000

Other Cake Mixer Brands

  • Andrew James 5.2-Litre Stand Mixer – Red – From N136, 000
  • Nulek Stand Mixer – With Rotating Bowl –From N27,550
  • Breville 3.5L Flow Hand/Stand Mixer With Beaters & Dough Hooks – From N85, 000


Cake mixers can be purchased directly from manufacturers or from distributors across the country. They can also be bought in contemporary stores and e-commerce websites.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cake Mixer

The market for cake mixers has expanded over the past few years. Due to high demand of the appliance, there are now various types, brands, class and sizes of cake mixers in the market. The various options available in the market today as only made it more difficult for one to pick a particular cake mixer.

When you are buying a cake mixer, it is important to consider some basic factors. These factors help you simplify your options and pick the best mixer for you. Some of these factors include:

Consider what You Need a Mixer For

It is very important to have in mind what you need the mixer for – both in terms of the recipes you will be making and the amount of food you typically need. If you bake cake or make bread for all your friends and family, or you like to prepare big batches for parties, then it is advisable you go for a mixer that affords you the room to make a lot of dough or cake at once.

Consider Your Budget

This is another core factor you must consider. If you are going for hand mixers, you can find a lot of various options that are less than N10, 000. If you are looking to really invest in a stand mixer for bigger jobs, most models available will cost you somewhere between N12, 000 and N500, 000 depending on the size. Some commercial cake mixers get over N150, 000, but you would only need one of those if you will be constantly making large amount of cakes and doughs.

Consider the Weight

This is another factor you must pay attention to. If you are going for a hand mixer, you might want to go with an appliance that is quite light and easy to hold for a while as you use it. You should note that the more stuff you have to mix, the longer you will be holding the mixer. If you are going for a stand mixer, you might want to aim for the exact opposite. The heftier a stand mixer is, the stronger it will be as it works. You will want a very solid mixer to function properly and not shake when mixing.

Consider the Look and Overall design

Sometimes, simple is the answer. While colour might not necessarily matter, you might want to go for a simple white or black mixer, or you can decide to go for one that adds a wealth of colour to your kitchen. Whatever you prefer, you most likely wouldn’t have a problem getting a colour that fits your preference. There are various colourful choices around today.

Consider the Noise level

To a more essential factor now – considering the noise level of a cake mixer before buying is quite important. Cake mixers are most likely going to be loud no matter which model you pick. Rotary hand mixers however, wouldn’t be too bad, but expect all the electric models to make some noise. This being said, some models actually make more noise than some others. So, if you are very sensitive to noisy appliances, you might want to specially consider models that are quieter. Read about the model you are going for to give you an idea of how noisy the appliance can be.

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