Hand Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

Clothing is one of the basic needs of man. Without clothes, our bodies will suffer adverse effects from the elements. Asides from protecting our bodies, clothes also make us look and feel good. To make clothes, we have to work with sewing machines.

Once upon a time, all we knew were manual sewing machines. Today, we have a wide array of sewing machine categories. One category that is fast gaining popularity is the hand sewing machine. This category of sewing machine is designed to be operated by hand and easily moved around for better control.

Are you a tailor or interested in becoming one and need to purchase a hand sewing machine in Nigeria? Then you should continue reading this post as we will show you the latest hand sewing machine prices in Nigeria.

Hand Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Hand Sewing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Hand sewing machines are also known as handheld sewing machines. These machines are operated while the tailor holds them with their hand instead of being placed on a solid surface. This category of sewing machine was designed to take the place of hand stitching, not the regular style of garment production.

When you are in the market for a new piece of equipment like a hand sewing machine, you need to first survey the latest prices. We understand that you may find it difficult to handle this process so we have done it on your behalf. Check below for the latest hand sewing machine prices in Nigeria:

  • 1 Pc Colorful Mini Sewing Machine Patchwork Over Lock DIY Portable Pocket Manual Stitch Accessories Hand-held Needlework Tool: ₦17,550 – ₦30,271
  • 12 Pcs Threader, Threader for Hand Sewing/Sewing: ₦1,329 – ₦2,394
  • 1 Pc Mini Sewing Machines Work Cordless Hand-Held Clothes Useful Portable Manual Sewing Machines: ₦18,677 – ₦32,203
  • Booksew Sewing Machine Portable Cutter Light Foot Pedal Straight Line Hand Table Two Thread Mini: ₦37,812 – ₦65,193
  • Brother Main Motor # XD1151051: ₦45,000 – ₦55,200
  • CTDSGW000264 Multifunctional Household Mini Manual Sewing Machine Portable Small Pocket Stitch Clothes Handheld Quick (Red): ₦17,550 – ₦30,271
  • Electric Mini Sewing Machine For Home Hand Machine To Sew AC110-240V Speed Adjustment With Light Handheld Sewing Machine: ₦47,470 – ₦81,847
  • Hand Sewing Machine Affordable Mini Pocket Stitch Hand Sewing Machine Manual Sewing Machine for Home Travel Use: ₦2,536 – ₦6,424
  • Hand Sewing Machine Affordable Mini Pocket Stitch Hand: ₦2,605 – ₦5,210
  • Handheld Portable Mini Electric Sewing Machine Household Cordless Quick Stitch Tool For Fabric Clothing Toy Crafts: ₦17,550 – ₦30,271
  • Handheld Sewing Machine Battery Powered Electric USB Quick: ₦41,433 – ₦58,007
  • Handy Stitch NEW UNIQUE Portable Hand-Held Sewing Machine With Sewing Kit: ₦6,500 – ₦8,500
  • Handy Stitch Portable Cordless Hand Sewing Machine: ₦4,900 – ₦5,000
  • Handy Stitch Portable Hand-Held Sewing Machine With Sewing Kit: ₦6,950 – ₦9,000
  • Handy Stitch Portable Hand-Held Sewing Machine: ₦7,800 – ₦19,000
  • Household Tailor Clothes Stitch Mini Handheld Sewing Machine: ₦2,710 – ₦4,919
  • Industrial Grommet Button Machine Maker Eyelet Hand Press: ₦32,000 – ₦50,000
  • Lightweight Handheld Electric Mini Sewing Machine Household Manual Knitting Thread Bag Single Speed: ₦17,550 – ₦30,271
  • Manual Tabletop Hand Press Hole Punch Machine Sewing Tools For Black: ₦72,652 – ₦101,713
  • Mini Electric Handheld Sewing Machine Dual Speed Adjustment With Light Foot AC100-240V Double Threads Pedal Sewing Machine (Cotton Fabric): ₦38,780 – ₦66,872
  • Mini Electric Sewing Machine Handheld Portable Knitting Machine Household Cordless Quick Stitch Tool For Fabric Clothing Crafts (Sewing Threads): ₦17,550 – ₦30,271
  • Mini Handheld Manual Sewing Machine Mini Portable Handy Home Sewing Quick Hand-Held Single Stitch: ₦24,462 – ₦42,176
  • Mini Handheld Sewing Machine Dual Speed Double Thread With Light Multi-function Electric Automatic Tread Rewind Sewing Tools (Only Extension Table): ₦30,600 – ₦52,759
  • Mini Portable Cordless Hand-held Clothes Sewing Machine Home & Travel Use: ₦4,750
  • Mini Portable Electric Hand Sewing Machine + FREE Threads.: ₦5,600 – ₦12,800
  • Mini Portable Electric Hand Sewing Machine: ₦9,899 – ₦15,193
  • Mini Portable Hand Sewing Machine + Free Sewing Kit: ₦10,000 – ₦14,500
  • New Mini Handheld Sewing Machines Dual Speed Double Thread Multifunction Electric Mini Automatic Tread Rewind Sewing Machine (AU And Table): ₦32,240 – ₦55,591
  • Portable Cordless Hand-held Clothes Sewing Machine: ₦2,250 – ₦3,375
  • Portable Hand-Held Electric Sewing Machine: ₦10,000 – ₦12,193
  • Portable Hand Pressure Sliding Lid Sealer-green-85*45*42mm: ₦5,360 – ₦7,950
  • Professional Leather Craft Tools Kit Hand Sewing Stitching: ₦17,889 – ₦23,255
  • Sewing Machine Clothes Portable Hand Tool Desktop Handheld Multifunction Travel Household Small Battery Powered Electric Mini Sewing Machine: ₦21,210 – ₦36,576
  • Singer Portable Stitch Sew Quick Hand Held Sewing Machine H: ₦13,574 – ₦17,645
  • Useful Mini Clothes Handheld Battery Powered Desktop Household Sewing Machine Small Multifunction Travel Portable Electric: ₦19,880 – ₦34,286


Kindly note that you are likely going to experience slight disparities in prices depending on where you reside or the vendor you purchase the machine from.

Benefits of Using a Hand Sewing Machine

As mentioned earlier, hand sewing machines are designed to replace the regular hand stitching process. They are perfect if you are looking for proper control over the hand-stitching process and more efficiency. Here are a few benefits of using a hand sewing machine:

Perfect for beginners

This is one of the most profound benefits of using hand sewing machines. Not many people are able to properly handle needles and threads as beginners. Because of this, they may not attain the best results with their sewing or hand stitching. All of these issues are eliminated with the use of hand sewing machines. Now, you can be confident to produce quality stitches with the help of a hand sewing machine.


This is probably the most important benefit you will get with a hand sewing machine. It is very difficult to move around with a regular sewing machine. These machines are usually placed on a solid surface and weigh a lot. Hand sewing machines, on the other hand, can be operated using just one hand. They don’t weigh so much and you can place most of them in your bag or pocket. This means you can sew on the go with this machine.


Using a hand sewing machine gives you unbelievable control over the sewing process. This is why most people consider using these machines for small and intricate projects like repairs and decorative sewing. These machines allow you to choose stitch length, how to attach fabrics, and the direction of your stitches.