Cost of Industrial Baking Oven in Nigeria (June 2024)

The industrial baking oven has recently become one of the most sought after industrial appliance. Deservedly so, the appliance has continually built its importance, especially to bakery owners. The industrial baking oven has solved many problems in the baking industry today, making it easier to bake bread and cakes in large quantities at the same time.

Industrial baking ovens are unique thermal insulated compartments used for baking all kinds of food items. They are used in baking bread, cakes, and snacks. Usually, such eatable items are baked in large numbers when the ovens are used. Industrial ovens are also used in making different kinds of fast food products. These ovens are mainly used by companies that produce baking products in large quantities.

Apart from baking processes, the ovens, whether industrial or portable, can also be used for drying products. This is used in companies that manufacture earthenware products in large quantities. Industrial ovens are available in various types and classes. These types also vary in mode of operation. Typically, an industrial baking oven is usually powered by either electricity or gas.

cost of industrial baking oven in nigeria

Some are also built with unique burners and other essential parts. It is available in various versions and models. With each model boasting unique features and benefits. Each of them also requires specific methods of baking different kinds of food items. In most cases, expert bakers and technicians use the ovens in realizing their set goals.

Her, we will take a look at the various types of Industrial oven available today and also consider how much these types go for in the current market. Let’s get started.

Prices of Various Types of Industrial Oven in Nigeria

The baking industry requires specific equipment for their baked goods. Most of the bigger bakeries cannot operate without proper industrial baking ovens. They need these as there is always the specific need for the diverse types of baking. While the world has embraced the introduction of Industrial baking ovens, it is important to understand the various types available today and consider how much they go for in the market. Also, it is essential to know the exact type that fits your need and go for it.

Convection Ovens & Prices in Nigeria

These industrial ovens are specifically designed for baking loaves of bread and cakes. These ovens function with fans on the inside that circulate the temperature for even baking. They are seen as cost-effective options, as they are regarded among the cheapest and most common ovens used in small bakeries.  They are also much easier to use as they are similar to a normal oven.

If you buy an electric oven, you might not need to add a cooker hood as you would with the gas oven. The convection oven is among the most common ovens in the market and can be gotten in various oven stores or online shops. Conventional ovens vary in their number of trays. You can get one as low as N280,000 for a two-tray oven and as much as N900,000 for up to five to six tray oven depending on the type, quality, and brand.

Deck Ovens & Prices in Nigeria

Deck Ovens are available in two major types – the single deck and double –deck. The single deck ovens are very common and are mostly available in commercial kitchens. These two-door stand-alone convection ovens offer the highest quality convection baking for a wide range of operations that need stable convection baking. The major advantage of using this type is that you do not need to alter the temperature of the ovens regularly. The double deck ovens are large sized and are usually seen in big restaurants and food service companies.

Buying the double deck convections will prove to be a good investment, especially if you are looking at a large scale baking operation. It boasts two convection ovens that are mounted one over the other. It saves space and you would not need to install separate convection ovens. You can get the single deck industrial oven for between N450, 000 and N800, 000 and the double deck ovens are available between N900, 000 and N3 million depending on the type, quality, class, number of trays and brand.

Revolution Industrial Ovens & Prices in Nigeria

This is perhaps among the most expensive types of oven available today. Deservedly so, this machine is one of the easiest to use and deliver the perfect baking process. It is also very large and automatically controls the temperature. It also allows for more bakes as it revolves for an even bake. It is loaded in front as it rotates. It is especially popular for bagel batches. On average, be ready to cough out between N4 million and N7 million to land this type of industrial oven.

Please note that the prices above are gotten from various sources to confirm authenticity and reliability. However, it is still important to confirm these prices in the market before totally relying on it. The variation in prices is as a result is various factors which include place and period of purchase, currency exchange rate, and other similar factors.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Industrial Oven

When you want to buy an industrial oven, there are several options available for you. To streamline your options, it is important to consider some factors to also enable you to pick the right industrial oven for you. Some of these factors include:

  • Consider the Size: Ovens vary in sizes and the first factor to consider is what size do you want – small, medium or large?
  • Consider the Type You Need: There are different types of industrial oven as stated above. Go for the type that suits your operation.
  • Consider the reliability: This is where brands come in. Before you buy an industrial oven, ask around for the most reliable brand and go for it.
  • Consider the Cooking Speed: It is always advisable to inquire about how fast or slow an oven is before you purchase them.
  • Consider the Ease of Use: Ovens vary in their modes of operation. It is important to consider ones that are easy to use, especially if they wouldn’t be used by professionals.


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