Appeton Weight Gain Price in Nigeria (June 2024)

A lot of emphasis has been placed on losing weight and the dangerous effects of obesity. Just like in this case, being too slim has also been associated with different health challenges. Very skinny ladies, for instance, usually have problems when it comes to menstruation, pregnancy, and even in some cases, infertility and osteoporosis. Apart from these possible health hazards, some people just do not like to be too slim, hence the importance of weight gain supplements

Appeton nutrition weight gain is one of the most common and according to reports, one of the most effective weight gain supplements available today. With a lot being said about the product already, this post takes a look at how much it goes for in Nigeria today.

appeton weight gain price in nigeria

Cost of Appeton Weight Gain in Nigeria

Appeton Weight gain is one of the most common weight gain supplements in Nigeria today. It comes in various sizes and varies in price. They are readily available in Nigeria today and can be found in various nutrition and grocery stores across the country. For ease, they can also be obtained from various e-commerce stores.

As it stands, Appeton 450g can be purchased for anything from N23,000, while the 900g version sells for anything from N60,000, depending on where you are buying it from. The variation in prices is a result of various prices, which include the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase.


What You Should Know About Appeton Weight Gain

Appeton nutrition weight gain is a natural milk formula capsule weight gain supplement that was launched by French nutritionists and dieticians. The supplement boasts an excellent combination of antioxidants, energy and immune enhancing, general health sustaining, preserving and supporting super ingredients.

Thanks to its constituents, which include saccharose, maltodextrin, soy lecithin and vanilla flavour amongst others, Appeton weight gain is seen as a great supplement for weight gain and has been tested and approved in various medical spheres across the globe. It also helps boost and improve the overall body’s immune system and helps in effective weight gain.

Furthermore, the supplement contains an adequate amount of calories from carbohydrates that combine smoothly with minerals and high protein amongst others. You can then expect the product to be able to effectively increase the metabolic rate of the body, fuel the rapid growth of weights in adults healthily, and stimulate body bone, ligaments, tendons and joint and overall body growth.

Side Effects of Appeton Weight Gain

While the efficiency of Appeton Weight Gain has never been in doubt, one of the main questions customers and potential users ask is whether there is a side effect. Although this has not been categorically proven, some medical practitioners believe there is no specific side effect, especially because the supplement does not contain caffeine and other similar constituents.

However, some users have experienced side effects when they take the supplement. While there is no hundred percent assurance, the supplement is the cause of the effects.

Some more harsh effects are felt almost immediately. These include cramps, itching and swelling on and around the fact, tongue and throat and dizziness. In these cases, the patient must see the doctor immediately.

Here are some of the side effects users have reported in recent times.

  • Increased bowel movements
  • Nausea
  • Thirst
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Reduced appetite
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Stroke risk
  • Obesity

While some of these side effects are not serious and temporal, some others could be recurring and should be reported to doctors once noticed.

Things to Note Before Using the Supplement

Before using Appeton Weight Gain Powder, you need to inform your doctor about any current list of medications you are using, over-the-counter products and possible allergies you have. Also, it is important to discuss with your doctor if you have a history of pre-existing diseases and current health conditions which could include pregnancy, upcoming surgery and other similar conditions. This is because some health conditions may make the user more susceptible to some of the side effects of the supplement, as highlighted above. This is why it is very important to take the supplement as directed by your doctor. You can also follow the direction of usage as directed by the print in the pack. Dosages are based on individual health conditions. Inform your doctor if your health condition continues or worsens. Here are some of the core points to note

  • Prescription of folic acid alone is indecorous therapy for pernicious anaemia and other megaloblastic anaemias in which vitamin B12 is deficient
  • Avoid alcohol intake, especially if having alcoholic cirrhosis
  • Avoid alcohol consumption while treating with niacin
  • Avoid taking the supplement on an empty stomach
  • Blockage of intestine


The huge wealth of health profits of Appeton nutrition weight gain is, without a doubt, extremely tremendous. It supports effective weight gain, enhances the overall immune system of the body and according to recent reports, also impedes the growth and formation of cancerous cells and tumours.

To gain these vast health benefits, it is advisable for you to invest and often add it to your daily nutritional needs. While there are reports regarding the side effects of the supplement, it is regarded to be largely safe to use and has been recommended by various medical professionals and nutritionists all over the world.

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