Best Relaxer for Virgin Hair in Nigeria (June 2024)

What is the best relaxer for virgin hair in Nigeria? There are several relaxers that fit this bill on the Nigerian market. This post will present you with the answer to this question so let’s get started.

Relaxers help to make the hair look great and attractive. Virgin hair is one that is still natural and has not been enhanced or processed artificially. Taking care of this kind of hair can be quite difficult. However, you can make it easier by applying a relaxer for virgin hair.

This brings us to the question, what is the best relaxer for virgin hair in Nigeria? There are several products in this category so choosing the best can be quite tricky. That being said, continue reading to find out the best relaxer for virgin hair in Nigeria.

Best Relaxer for Virgin Hair in Nigeria

Best Relaxer for Virgin Hair in Nigeria

Virgin hair is unprocessed, completely intact, and undamaged hair. This kind of hair is usually very healthy, even though not every healthy hair fall into this category. Many times, people with virgin hair struggle to care for their hair because it can be quite stressful to comb and style. If you fall into this category, then you may need to apply some relaxer to make the hair softer and easier to style.

With the market saturated with several products for this purpose, it is imperative that you find the best relaxer for virgin hair in Nigeria. We understand the difficulty of this task and have done the hard part on your behalf. After combing the market and checking reviews, here are the best relaxers for virgin hair in Nigeria:

Ozone Conditioning Crème Relaxer

Ozone is one of the most popular haircare brands in this part of the world. It has presented us with a wide array of haircare products ranging from relaxers to hair creams, shampoos, and hair conditioners. One of its products is designed to meet the needs of individuals with virgin hair, Ozone Conditioning Crème Relaxer.

This product is a No-Lye relaxer and is designed to match international standards. It contains ingredients that enhance hair growth and health. This relaxer can be applied easily at home by following the instructions provided.

Motions Silken Shine Relaxer

Motions Silken Shine Relaxer, like all the other products on this list, is designed to make your hair straight, smooth, soft, and easy to style. It contains an array of ingredients that provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to look better and stay attractive for extended periods.

If you need a relaxer that will help enhance hair growth, consider adding Motions Silken Shine Relaxer to your haircare routine. It comes with a cationic formula containing coconut oil as its chief ingredient. This formula helps to protect your virgin hair while ensuring that it stays clean, healthy, and moisturized.

Linange Relaxer

If you need a relaxer designed for washing, straightening, and softening virgin hair in this part of the world, one product you should consider is Linange Relaxer. This product is designed to meet the needs of very stubborn hair.

The good news is that you can work this product into your hair without any professional help. As such, you don’t have to go to the salon to apply Linange Relaxer. Simply read through the instructions provided and you can handle the process by yourself.

One of the top benefits of this relaxer is that it does not change hair color. Instead, it makes your hair straight and allows it to shine. Little wonder why it is ranked among the best relaxers for virgin hair in Nigeria.

Originals Relaxer

One of the stand out features of Originals Relaxer is that it contains a healthy amount of olive oil. Because of this, Originals is largely regarded as the number one olive oil relaxer and conditioning product on the African market.

If you have virgin hair and need a relaxer to improve the styling of your hair, you should consider adding Originals to your haircare routine. It is made up of extra-virgin olive oil and several ingredients that act as hydrating and moisturizing agents to improve the quality of your hair.

This product also comes with several other benefits. One such benefit is its ability to repair the hair. So even if your virgin hair experienced some damage due to exposure to weather elements or other factors, this product is equipped with the nutrients to fix the hair. It also helps to restore damaged hair while making your hair straight, soft, and shine.

Argan Oil Relaxer

Last on our list is Argan Oil Relaxer. This product is one of the top-performing relaxers for virgin hair in this part of the world. Using this product makes styling and combing your virgin hair a lot easier. There are several reasons why this product ranks among the best on the market.

It contains ingredients that are designed to protect you from hair loss. The product is also filled with argan oil, its chief ingredient. This ingredient possesses very strong hydrating properties and several nutrients that the hair needs to be nourished. Like most relaxers, this product comes in two variants, the Regular Argan Oil Relaxer and Super Strength Argan Oil Relaxer. The latter is perfect for individuals who have very stubborn hair. As such, if your virgin hair does not respond to regular relaxers, you may consider switching to the Super Strength variant.

Other Top Relaxers for Virgin Hair in Nigeria

Aside from the list above, there are several other top relaxers that you can use for virgin hair in Nigeria. Here are some of them:

  • Mega Growth Relaxer
  • TCB Relaxer
  • Crème of Nature Advanced Straightening Relaxer
  • Soft Sheen Carson Optimum Care Salon Relaxer
  • Phyto Specific Beauty Phyto Relaxer
  • Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer
  • ElastaQP Conditioning Crème Relaxer
  • Dark and Lovely Healthy Gloss Relaxer
  • Mircale’s Renewal Relaxer
  • Hot Drip Relaxer


That’s it for the best relaxer for virgin hair in Nigeria. This post has provided you with a list of the top five in our opinion. We have also provided a list of some of the top relaxer products that you can apply to virgin hair in the country.