Bio-Oil Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Taking care of your skin is very important. The market is filled with all kinds of products these days. Many of these products are unsafe for human use even though their manufacturers market them using catchy phrases.

One skincare brand that has proven to be highly advantageous for the skin is Bio-Oil. This company has manufactured an array of skincare products that help to deal with several skin issues. How much do Bio-Oil products cost in Nigeria? This post will answer this question, tell you the uses of these products, and show you a few interesting advantages of Bio-Oil products.

Bio-Oil Prices in Nigeria

Bio-Oil Prices in Nigeria

Skincare products help to keep your skin in great shape. They also help to deal with several skin conditions like dry skin, stretch marks, oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, etc. Finding the perfect product is very important to protect your skin from unwanted damage.

Bio-Oil products promise to protect the skin and deal with several skin issues. You can find these products in different parts of the country, both online, and offline. How much do these Bio-Oil products cost? Finding out their prices can be quite difficult, so we have done all the hard work on your behalf. Check the list below to find out the Bio-Oil products available in Nigeria and their current prices.

  • Bio-Oil Body Oil (Scars & Stretch Marks): From ₦5,000
  • Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel (Dry to Very Dry Skin): From ₦5,625
  • Bio-Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) (Scars & Stretch Marks): From ₦5,446
  • GIFT SET: Bio-Oil Body Oil 200ml + Pregnancy Milestone Cards (Scars & Stretch Marks): From ₦16,071.70
  • Bio-Oil Body Oil 200ml + 60ml: From ₦20,000
  • Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel Coffret (Dry to Very Dry Skin): From ₦5,300


Note that the prices of these products are subject to change due to several factors. We will be on the lookout for price changes and update this post accordingly when we notice any. You can purchase Bio-Oil products from any of the online stores like Jumia and Konga. Also, you can visit a pharmacy or skincare store close to you to get one of these products.

About Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil is a UK-based company that specializes in the research and production of skincare products. This company makes use of natural oils to ensure superior product performance. It is known by the brand name, Bio-Oil, all over the world except in a few countries. These countries include the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Austria, and France. In these countries, it is referred to as Bi-Oil. The brand also bears a different name in Japan where it is called Bioil.

Bio-Oil was established in 1987 and it pioneered the use of natural oils to deal with skin issues in skincare products. At the time of establishing the company and introducing its products, almost all the products on the market were either lotions or creams. Because of this, Bio-Oil products were regarded as skeptical.

Over the last two decades, Bio-Oil has grown in popularity and is regarded as one of the top scars and stretch mark clearing products in the world. The company established a specialist laboratory in 2010 to research the use of natural oils in treating different skin conditions. It launched an oil-based gel designed for dry skin in 2018. By 2020, Bio-Oil launched a product designed to deal with stretch marks and scars. This product was made from 100% natural oils.

Bio-Oil completely focuses its efforts on the research and manufacture of products to deal with different skin conditions. Because of this, it licenses the sale and distribution of its products to different leading skincare companies scattered all over the world. The company introduced its first high-oil body lotion into the market in 2021 and this product has gained so much popularity since then.

Uses of Bio-Oil Products

As mentioned above, Bio-Oil has an array of products designed for different purposes. These products have one thing in common, they are made from natural oils. In this section we will answer the question, what are the uses of Bio-Oil products? Let’s dive straight in.

Stretch marks

Many people have stretch marks and would hardly ever want to take off their clothes in public. Because of these marks, they can hardly spend some time at the beach or go for a swim or pool party. Are you in the same shoes? Do you know that you can get rid of those stretch marks with a bottle of one of the Bio-Oil products? Simply apply the product as directed by the manufacturer or your pharmacist and the stretch marks will disappear with time.


There is hardly any human being without scars. Many of us grew up in rough conditions and suffered lots of injuries as children. These injuries may have healed but have turned into scars that we want to hide for the rest of our lives. Can you get rid of the scars? Yes, you can. However, to achieve this feat, you must use the right products. Bio-Oil has come up with a few products designed to get rid of scars easily. These products are manufactured from natural oils so they are safe for the skin. You can pick one up today from a skincare store near you and get started with ridding your skin of those unpleasant scars.

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, it is prone to breaks and injuries, especially in the dry season. How do you deal with dry skin, especially during harmattan? The best solution is to make use of a good moisturizing cream or lotion. Where the challenge lies is that there are so many creams and lotions on the market today that do more harm than good. Bio-Oil has an array of moisturizing lotions made from 100% natural oils to solve this problem. These products don’t change the colour of your skin or pose any other risks. Simply pick a bottle up and apply the product over your skin after a bath or when you feel your skin needs moisturizing.