Meladerm Price in Nigeria (May 2024)

There are many skin-lightening creams out on the market today but only a few can be guaranteed to be very effective and, in the long term, safe.

Meladerm is one of the few examples of the latter and it is easy why it rates among the very best in the skin lightening cream in Nigeria today. Apart from the fact that the cream is one of the most sought-after, it is relatively effective and is considered safer than most other options available in the market today.

With the quality of Meladerm cream already established, this post takes a look at how much it goes for in Nigeria today and other basic things to note about the cream.

meladerm price in nigeria

Price of Meladerm Cream in Nigeria

Meladerm skin lightening cream is one of the relatively expensive creams in its category in Nigeria today. While it may not be the most costly, it sits among the most highly rated with quite limited availability across the cosmetic market. The cream is available in one major lotion pack

As it stands, Meladerm cream costs anything from N50,000 in the current market. It should be noted that the variation in prices is a result of some factors which could include the place and period of purchase and the currency exchange rate at the period. Please note that there are lots of counterfeit products in the Nigerian market today and customers have to be careful.

Although the cream is sold online, it can be purchased in registered modern cosmetic stores across the country, although its availability could be limited in remote areas. For convenience, the cream can also be purchased via the various eCommerce stores across the country. They can also be ordered from international e-commerce stores.


Meladerm Cream – What You Should Know About the Cream

Meladerm is one of the top-rated skin-lightening creams today. It is mainly used to take the pigment out of various types and kinds of skin imperfections, which usually include scars, sun spots, age spots, and basic hyperpigmentation.

Some use this as a way to get a completely lighter appearance to their skin. The most common use of this cream is for people who are suffering from spots and scars that have become dark or age spots that have happened over the years. The cream is not only used as a lightening cream but it is also used to clear scars and spots as a result of pimples and other skin defects.

A lot has been said about the product and one of the standout facts about this product is that it does not contain steroids, mercury, mineral oil, parabens, or any hydroquinone, which makes it safer than many other creams in its category.

The cream does not even contain synthetic hydroquinone, which is even more significant. This ensures that you can use the cream without the fear of loads of negative reactions. It is also not harsh on the skin and can be used by anyone.

The fact that Meladerm cream is very effective without necessarily containing harsh chemicals, proves the cream is one of the very best today. It is made from natural products that have been proven to assist with hyperpigmentation, regardless of the cause.

When it comes to cost, skincare products are generally expensive. Skin-lightening creams are in high demand in recent times and to get one sold at a relatively good price is scarce. This is another advantage Meladerm cream holds over many others. Although it is not the cheapest of creams, it offers so much and even much more for the price it goes for. Its compositions also make it top-notch and various skin therapists recommend the product.

Things You Will Like About Meladerm Cream

Relatively Effective – You wouldn’t expect anything less from a cream that has commanded so much in terms of market movement. Apart from the fact that skin doctors recommend this cream, it has also gained positive reviews for its effectiveness. The cream is great for removing spots as a result of acne. It also serves as a standout lightening cream. If you want a cream that gives you that extra in terms of lightening and still maintains perfect skin colouration, then the Meladerm is one to consider.

Nice packaging – This is probably one of the first things you will notice about the cream. The packaging is attractive and categorically neat. The packing also means users will be able to easily slot it into their pockets and bags without subjugating space.

Things You May Not Like About Meladerm Cream

Relatively Pricey – Although lightening creams are generally expensive, many will argue that Meladerm cream is relatively more expensive than expected and there are cheaper alternatives. While this cannot be denied, the cream offers huge value for money, and you can rest assured you won’t regret going for the cream, especially if you are looking to clear spots on your face.


If you are quite reactive to soaps, and you don’t feel very comfortable with the spots on your face as a result of pimples and acne, then you will find the Meladerm cream very useful.  With this cream, you are getting a natural skin-lightening cream that is totally safe, relatively effective, and guaranteed to work as expected, which is imaginably the most vital. Be very sure the ream is way worth it.

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