Hair Straightener Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Hair straighteners are popular tools that can transform your hair from curly, wavy, or frizzy to sleek, smooth, and shiny. These tools can also be used to create different styles, such as flips, waves, or curls. It is no secret that Nigerian women are very stylish and always put in effort to sharpen their looks. Hair straighteners fall into the category of items that will help them achieve this goal. In this post, we will show you some of the popular hair straighteners on the market and their current prices.

Hair Straightener Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Hair Straighteners in Nigeria

Hair Straighteners are very important as they help to make your hair look sleeker and more attractive. One of the factors you must consider before buying a hair straightener is cost. There are different products on the market today and they come at different prices. In this section, we will show you the latest hair straightener prices in Nigeria. Check the list below:

  • Nova 2 In 1 Hair Straightener And Curler With Hand Dryer – Pink: ₦4,795 – ₦6,000
  • Nova 2 IN 1 HAIR STRAIGHTENER AND CURLER: ₦2,890 – ₦3,900
  • Nova 3 In One Hair Straightener And Comb With Hair Dryer- Pink:₦4,975 – ₦5,900
  • Mini Portable Hair Straightener: ₦1,995 – ₦5,000
  • Hot Comb Hair Straightener: ₦5,100 – ₦7,000
  • Sonar Hair Straightener 2 IN 1 HAIR STRAIGHTENER AND CURLER: ₦4,300 – ₦6,000
  • Mini Portable Hair Straightener: ₦1,999 – ₦5,000
  • HOT HAIR STRAIGHTENER COMB: ₦4,999 – ₦8,000
  • Professional Cloud Nine Flat Iron Hair Straightener: ₦11,900
  • Electric Hot Hair Straightener/Comb: ₦5,388 – ₦8,000
  • Nova Quality Hair Straightener For Home And Salon Use: ₦5,499 – ₦8,000
  • Mini Portable Hair Straightener: ₦1,999 – ₦5,000
  • HAN RIVER Hair Straightener 2 IN 1 HAIR STRAIGHTENER AND CURLER: ₦4,448 – ₦6,472
  • Mini Portable Hair Straightener: ₦1,999 – ₦5,000
  • Nova 3 In 1 Hair Straightener, Curler And Comb: ₦3,200 – ₦5,000
  • Nova HAIR STRAIGHTENER: ₦5,599 – ₦15,000
  • Professional Four-gear Steam Hair Straightener: ₦6,999 – ₦9,500
  • 2- In-One Hair Curler And Straightener With Hand Dryer- Pink: ₦4,899 -₦4,900
  • Mini Splint Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Curler & Straightener: ₦3,000 – ₦6,000
  • Kemei Premium Quality Professional Hair Straightener For All Hair: ₦7,999 – ₦9,000
  • 2 In 1 Electric Hot Comb Hair Straightener: ₦6,999 – ₦15,000
  • Cloud Professional Cloud Nine Flat Iron Hair Straightener: ₦11,890
  • Simply Hair Straightener Brush: ₦4,800 – ₦5,000
  • New Hair Curler Mini Hair Straightener: ₦2,499 – ₦5,500
  • Electric Hair Straightening Comb: ₦5,700
  • Nova Mini Foldable Hand Hair Dryer: ₦2,899 – ₦4,000
  • Electric Hair Straightening Comb: ₦5,700
  • Nova 3 In 1 Hair Curler, Straightener Set + Foldable Hair Dryer: ₦4,980 – ₦5,900
  • Ubeator Professional Intelligent System Ceramic Coating Hair Straightener Flat Iron-672-Blue: ₦22,650 – ₦45,300
  • Nova Foldable Hair Dryer & Universal Hair Curler/Straightener: ₦8,500
  • HAN RIVER Hair Straightener 2 IN 1 HAIR STRAIGHTENER AND CURLER: ₦4,448 – ₦6,472
  • Hot Hair Straightener Comb: ₦5,399 – ₦8,000
  • Mini Splint Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Curler & Straightener: ₦3,000 – ₦6,000


The prices of these items are not stable on the market due to the action of several factors such as exchange rates and customs duty. Other factors that affect the prices of Hair straighteners in Nigeria include the material used in its design, the heating element, and the brand name.

How do hair straighteners work?

Hair straighteners work by applying heat to the hair, which breaks down the hydrogen bonds that hold the hair’s shape. This allows the hair to be reshaped into a straighter form. There are different types of hair straighteners, such as:

  • Flat irons: These are the most common type of hair straighteners. They have two heated plates that clamp the hair between them and glide along the hair shaft. Flat irons can have different plate sizes, materials, and temperatures, depending on your hair type and preference.
  • Hot combs: These are heated metal combs that run through the hair from the roots to the ends. Hot combs can be electric or stove-heated, and they are often used for coarse or thick hair.
  • Hot air brushes: These are brushes that blow hot air through the bristles while rotating or gliding through the hair. Hot air brushes can dry and straighten the hair at the same time, and they are suitable for fine or thin hair.
  • Chemical straightening: This is a permanent method of hair straightening that involves applying a chemical solution to the hair, followed by a neutralizer. The chemicals break down the disulfide bonds that give the hair its curl pattern and then reform them into a straighter shape. Chemical straightening can last for several months, but it can also damage the hair and scalp.

Benefits of using hair straighteners

Using hair straighteners presents you with some exciting advantages. Some of them include:

  • Enhancing your appearance: Straightening your hair can give you a sleek and polished look that can boost your confidence and self-esteem. You can also experiment with different styles and accessories to suit your mood and occasion.
  • Saving time and money: Straightening your hair at home can save you time and money that you would otherwise spend on going to a salon or using other styling products. You can also use your hair straightener to touch up your hair throughout the day or week, depending on how long your hair stays straight.
  • Reducing frizz and tangles: Straightening your hair can make it easier to manage and maintain. This is because it reduces frizz and tangles that can cause breakage and split ends. You can also use a heat protectant spray or serum to smooth out any rough patches or static.

Demerits of using hair straighteners

Using hair straighteners can also have some disadvantages. We have outlined some of them below:

  • Damaging your hair: Applying heat to your hair can dry out and weaken your hair cuticles, which can lead to brittleness, dullness, and loss of moisture. You can also burn your hair or scalp if you use a too high temperature or leave the iron on your hair for too long. To prevent heat damage, you should use a low to medium heat setting, limit the number of passes on each section of hair, and avoid using a hair straightener every day.
  • Limiting your natural texture: Straightening your hair can alter or damage your natural curl pattern, which can affect how your hair grows and behaves. You may also lose some of the volume and bounce that your natural texture provides. To preserve your natural texture, you should use a gentle shampoo and conditioner, deep condition your hair regularly, and take breaks from using a hair straightener.
  • Causing health risks: Using a hair straightener can expose you to harmful chemicals or substances that may affect your health. For example, some flat irons may release formaldehyde gas when heated, which can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. Some chemical straightening products may contain lye or other harsh ingredients that can cause burns, blisters, or allergic reactions. To avoid health risks, you should read the labels and instructions carefully before using any product or tool on your hair.


Hair straighteners are versatile tools that can help you achieve different looks and styles with your hair. In this post, we have shown you the latest hair straightener prices in Nigeria. We have also discussed how hair straighteners work, and their advantages and disadvantages.