Berger Paints Nigeria Price List (June 2024)

Berger Paints is one of the most popular paint brands in the Nigerian market. This brand has been on the market for several years and it is growing stronger. There are several reasons why Berger Paints has lasted so long on the market including high quality and first-class finishing.

How much are products from Berger Paints Nigeria these days? We will answer this question along with several others in this post. Let’s get started.

Berger Paints Nigeria Price List

Berger Paints Nigeria Price List

Berger Paints Nigeria is synonymous with excellence and high quality. This company has provided us with top paint varieties for several decades. There are two major categories of Berger Paints Nigeria products. Each of these categories features different types of paints.

It isn’t exactly a simple task to find out the prices of these products. You will need to run a market survey which can be quite stressful. We understand the stress involved and have taken it upon ourselves to bail you out. In this section, we will look at the different categories of Berger Paints Nigeria products along with their prices.

PRICES LAST UPDATED ON: October 18, 2022

Special Architectural Finishes & Prices

  • Rufhide – White (20L) == from N22,584
  • Berger Clinstay – Satin Finish, White (4L) == from N14,653
  • Berger Clinstay – Satin Finish, White (20L) == from N73,265
  • Berger Clinstay – Satin Finish, Light Colours (20L) == from N71,322
  • Berger Clinstay – Satin Finish, Deep Colours (20L) == from N75,250
  • Berger Soft Sheen – White (20L) == from N63,874
  • Berger Soft Sheen – Light Colours == from N57,753
  • Berger Silk Finish – White (20L) == from 70,485
  • Berger Silk Finish – Light Colours (20L) == from N63,078
  • Berger Silk Finish – Deep Colours (20L) == from N63,252
  • Casaquartz – White (20L) == from N40,168
  • Casaquartz – Light Colours (20L) == from N33,138
  • Casaquartz – Deep Colours (20L) == from N33,138
  • Luxol Eggshell – White (4L) == from N12,740
  • Luxol Eggshell – Light Colours (4L) == from N10,979
  • Luxol Eggshell – Deep Colours (4L) == from N11,874
  • Luxol Acrylic Matt – White (20L) == from N50,693
  • Luxol Acrylic Matt – Light Colours (20L) == from N50,021
  • Luxol Acrylic Matt – Deep Colours (20L) == from N59,489
  • Luxol Acrylic Glaze (20L) == from N47,402
  • Luxol Emulsion – White (20L) == from N50,220
  • Luxol Emulsion – Light Colours (20L) == from N49,531
  • Luxol Emulsion – Deep Colours (20L) == from N58,351
  • Luxol Emulsion – White (10L) == from N26,232
  • Luxol Emulsion – Light Colours (10L) == from N25,284
  • Luxol Emulsion – Deep Colours (10L) == from N27,990

Luxol Gloss Prices

  • Luxol Gloss – White (4L) == from N19,078
  • Luxol Gloss – Light Colours (4L) == from N16,943
  • Luxol Gloss – Deep Colours (4L) == from N18,746

Super Star Emulsion Prices

  • Super Star Gloss – White (4L) == from N11,382
  • Super Star Gloss – Light Colours (4L) == from N12,711
  • Super Star Gloss – Deep Colours (4L) == from N12,795

Brite Emulsion Paint Prices

  • Brite Emulsion – White (20L) == from N17,444
  • Brite Emulsion – Light Colours (20L) == from N17,444

Primers & Prices

  • Luxol Undercoat White (4L) == from N10,664
  • Red Oxide Metal Primer (4L) == from N9,835
  • Alkali Resisting Primer (4L) == from N11,610
  • Cellulose Primer White (4L) == from N13,567
  • High Build Alkyd Phosphate Primer (4L) == from N12,312
  • Alkyd Zinc Chromate Primer 1180 – Yellow (4L) == from N9,649

Portable Water Tank Prices

  • Asphaltene (5050) (4L) == from N11,471

Epoxy Paints & Prices

  • Epoxy Primer Red (1L) == from N7,524
  • Epoxy Primer Grey (1L) == from N8,777
  • Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer (1L) == from N19,133
  • Epoxy Zinc Silicate Primer (1L) == from N20,797
  • Epoxy High Build White/Grey/Red/Black/Yellow (1L) == from N11,071
  • Epoxy High Build Shell Yellow (1L) == from N11,282
  • Epoxy High Build Shell Green (1L) == from N11,767
  • Epoxy MIO High Solid (1L) == from N17,419
  • Epoxy Finish Black (1L) == from N9,074
  • Epoxy Finish White (1L) == from N11,632
  • Epoxy Finish Grey (1L) == from N11,974
  • Epoxy Finish Shell Green (1L) == from N12,449
  • Epoxy Finish Shell Yellow (1L) == from N12,774
  • Epoxy Finish Shipside Grey (1L) == from N12,086
  • Epoxy Finish Signal Red (1L) == from N12,436
  • Epoxy Finish Other Colours (1L) == from N12,853
  • Epoxy Coaltar (1L) == from N9,406
  • Epoxymastic Aluminium (1L) == from N11,974
  • Epoxy Filler (1L) == from N18,279
  • Epoxy Splash Zone Compound (1L) == from N10,067
  • Self-levelling Epoxy Coating Grey (1KG) == from N7,387
  • Self-levelling Epoxy Coating Part B (1KG) == from N13,076
  • Self-levelling Epoxy Coating Part C (1KG) == from N1,453
  • Epoxy Floor Sealer Part A (1KG) == from N5,287
  • Epoxy Floor Sealer Part B (1KG) == from N8,960

Acrylic Polyurethane Paints & Prices

  • Acrylic Polyurethane White (1L) == from N13,503
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Grey/Dark Grey (1L) == from N12,153
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Black (1L) == from N10,607
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Yellow & Other Deep Colours (1L) == from N15,227
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Aluminium (1L) == from N12,761

Road Marking Coatings & Prices

  • Reflective Road Marking White (4L) == from N23,614
  • Reflective Road Marking Black (4L) == from N23,614
  • Reflective Road Marking Yellow (4L) == from N26,875
  • Non-Reflective Road Marking White (4L) == from N18,812
  • Non-Reflective Road Marking Black (4L) == from N18,812
  • Non-Reflective Road Marking Yellow (4L) == from N24,725
  • Reflective Road Marking Paint White/Black (200L) == from N1,180,711
  • Reflective Road Marking Paint Yellow (200L) == from N1,343,750
  • Non-Reflective Road Marking Paint White/Black (200L) == from N940,625
  • Non-Reflective Road Marking Paint Yellow (200L) == from N1,236,250

Sundries & Prices

  • Bright Aluminium Paint (4L) == from N11,717
  • Paint Remover (4L) == from N10,024
  • Sterilising Solution (4L) == from N4,114
  • Bituminous Black (4L) == from N10,256

Thinners & Prices

  • Thinner 2 – General Purpose Thinner (4L) == from N6,899
  • Thinner 5 – Road Marking Thinner (4L) == from N8,284
  • Thinner 6 – QD Thinner (4L) == from N7,998
  • Thinner 10 – Stoving Thinner (4L) == from N7,526
  • Thinner 11 – ANAMMCQ Thinner (4L) == from N7,986
  • Thinner 12 – Etch Primer Thinner (4L) == from N8,856
  • Thinner 14 – Cellulose Thinner (4L) == from N7,852
  • Thinner 14 – Cellulose Thinner (200L) == from N388,700
  • Thinner 37 – Cellulose Retarder (4L) == from N9,876
  • Thinner 52 (4L) == from N9,244
  • Thinner 52 (200L) == from N462,244
  • Thinner 76 – Autolux Thinner (4L) == from N8,196
  • Thinner 109 – Lignolac Polyurethane Thinner (4L) == from N7,829
  • Thinner 1950 – Alkyd Thinner (4L) == from N6,327
  • Thinner 2950 – Chlo-Rubber Thinner (4L) == from N7,646
  • Thinner 6950 – Epoxy Thinner (4L) == from N9,058
  • Thinner 7950 – Acrylic PU Thinner (4L) == from N13,379
  • Thinner 4700 – Acrylic PU Thinner (4L) == from N3,284

Marine Coatings & Prices

  • Marine Coating White (1L) == from N4,197
  • Marine Coating Red Oxide (1L) == from N2,133
  • Marine Coating Dove Grey (1L) == from N3,050
  • Marine Coating Non-skid Deck Grey (1L) == from N3,143
  • Marine Coating Signal Red (1L) == from N4,886
  • Marine Coating Shell Green (1L) == from N3,465
  • Marine Coating Golden Yellow (1L) == from N3,725
  • Marine Coating Shell Yellow (1L) == from N4,024
  • Marine Coating Black (1L) == from N2,782
  • Marine Coating Dark Grey (1L) == from N3,676
  • Marine Coating Navy Blue (1L) == from N4,491
  • Marine Coating Metal Primer (1L) == from N2,133
  • Marine Bright Aluminium (1L) == from N2,965

Alkyd Gloss Paints & Prices

  • Alkyd Zinc Chromate Primer (1L) == from N2,747
  • Alkyd Undercoat (1L) == from N2,355
  • Alkyd Gloss White (1L) == from N 4,412
  • Alkyd Gloss Yellow/Green (1L) == from N4,252

Other M&P Coatings & Prices

  • Heat Resisting Aluminium (1L) == from N3,754
  • Silicone Heat Resisting Zinc (1L) == from N12,525
  • Silicone Heat Resisting Aluminium (1L) == from N14,634
  • Bituminous Black (1L) == from N2,564
  • High Build Alkyd Phosphate Timer (1L) == from N3,280
  • Asphaltene (1L) == from N2,867
  • Super Tropical Anti-fouling (1L) == from N5,276
  • HTS Anti-fouling (1L) == from N8,607

PRICES LAST UPDATED ON: October 18, 2022

As you can see above, the prices of the products vary even though most of them are quite close. We should also let you know that their prices fluctuate a lot. This fluctuation is the result of several factors such as market forces, location, and vendor. Notwithstanding, once we notice any changes in prices, we will update this post so that you’d be the first to know.

What you will like about Berger Paint Nigeria Products

Antibacterial component

Many of the paint brands on the market provide us with attractive high-quality products. However, many of these products are potent breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganisms. What this implies is that while these paints are of high quality, they are not healthy. Microorganisms are pathogens and could cause different kinds of diseases. Let’s not forget that they could hurt the surfaces covered in paint.

Berger Paints Nigeria understands this and has infused its products with an antibacterial component. This process is a result of years of research into how to reduce the ability of paints to breed microorganisms.


A lot of factors determine whether a paint will be durable or not. Some of them include the raw materials used in production, the production process, and how the paint is maintained. The first two are dependent on the producer while the last is determined by the user.

Berger Paints Nigeria has done its homework regarding the quality of its paint to make it exceptional and durable. These paints are known to withstand adverse weather conditions and stand the test of time.

Easy to maintain

As we mentioned above, one of the factors that determine the durability of the paint is maintenance. Well, Berger Paints Nigeria has made it easy for users to maintain their paint on different surfaces. You don’t have to do anything special for Berger Paints’ products to last long. The company has put in a lot of effort to ensure that no extra effort is required to keep these paints looking great.

Outstanding opacity

Berger Paints hasn’t been on the market all these years for nothing. It has invested in research to ensure that its products are of outstanding quality. You require just a little of these paints to cover surfaces properly. What this implies is that you will be spending less to enjoy good value for money.

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