Cost of Painting a House or Room in Nigeria (2024)

Painting brings out the real beauty in your home or room. If you’re building your own house from scratch, painting crowns your “finishing” efforts and speaks volumes of your taste and class. And if you’re just moving into a rented apartment, painting allows you to customize the look of your room(s) to reflect your own small world of ideas and creativity.

In this article, we’d be looking at the cost of painting a house or room in Nigeria as well as other vital information you need to know about painting a building.

cost of painting nigeria

Cost of Painting a Room in Nigeria

How much you’d spend on painting a room in Nigeria depends on the size of the room as well as the type and quality of paint you opt for. Painting a standard-size (12ft x 12ft) room in Nigeria costs at least N25,000. If you’re using emulsion paint type, you’d be paying the lowest price obtainable. But if you’re using gloss, satin, stucco, and so on, expect to pay a lot more.

Cost of Painting a House in Nigeria

Since there are different types of houses in the country, it’s quite expectable that the cost of painting a house in Nigeria would vary across a wide range. The cost of painting your cost would depend on the size of the house in terms of the number of rooms, individual room size, paint quality, painter’s experience, and your taste.

If you’re looking to paint a 3-bedroom house, for example, be ready to part with at least N300,000. That’s if you’re settling for the cheapest paint obtainable on the market. If you’re going for high-grade paint options or your house has larger rooms than the standard, then you should be ready to pay a lot more.

Cost of Painting a Duplex in Nigeria

Duplexes are usually massive houses whose beauty can only be appreciated when they are fully painted. Most of the time, owners opt for top-quality paints that really reek of class and prestige.

If you’re looking to paint a duplex in Nigeria, your budget should start from N1,000,000. You could pay less only if you decide to cut costs by choosing low-quality paints for certain sections in the duplex, such as some rooms.

Cost of Painting per Square Meter in  Nigeria

This varies by paint type as well as the complexity of the application. Single-color emulsion paintings are cheaper than their satin or gloss equivalent. Each paint type costs more if you’re opting for a design that involves multiple colors or complex drawings. Stucco and trowel paints are applied in different ways, so they cost more per square meter than the regular paint types.

All these explain why it would be difficult to state a specific price for the cost of painting per square meter in Nigeria. To get a reliable quote, contact a seasoned painter and explain your preferences and aims to him, so you can get accurate quotes.

Painting a House in Nigeria: Quantity Estimation

To avoid unnecessary arguments with your painter when you receive your house painting quote from him, we have decided to give you some ideas on how to do a rough estimate of the quantity of paint you need when painting your house in Nigeria.

Here, we’d be using a 3-bedroom flat as a typical example here, as it’s one of the commonest residential building types in Nigeria. To paint a 3-bedroom apartment in Nigeria, you would need the following:

  • 4-6 buckets of paint for the exterior walls
  • 2-4 buckets of paint for the living room (depending on its size)
  • 1 bucket of paint for each of the 3 rooms
  • 1 bucket of paint for the passage/lobby
  • 4-6 buckets of paint for the POP or ceiling (if you’re looking to cut off this, you can opt for PVC or suspended ceilings)
  • 1-2 buckets of paint for other aspects of the house

So, in total, you would need 16 to 20 buckets of paint for a 3-bedroom apartment in Nigeria (note that each bucket of paint = 20 liters).

Note that the above estimation is for just the main building. If you have a complete fence or additional structure such as a security house or generator house, you will need to consider those separately.

Also, note that the kitchen and toilets have not been factored into the above estimation because they are expected to be tiles from the top to the bottom, which means they would require no paint.

Factors That Determine The Cost of Painting in Nigeria

Before you crucify your painter for giving you what you think is an outrageous quote, bear in mind that the cost of paint hinges largely on the following factors, among others:

  • The quantity of the paint (number of liters in the bucket)
  • The quality of the paint (brand, type)
  • The complexity of your preferred painting (drawings or complex designs cost more)
  • The need for extra accessories such as special painting tools
  • The experience of the painter, (determines the cost of labor/workmanship)
  • Your location (painters charge more in places like Lagos and Abuja).

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