Water Storage Tank Price List in Nigeria (2024)

The importance of having constant water supply cannot be overemphasized. While the importance of water has been clearly highlighted, storing water is equally important. The easiest way to store up water in recent times is the use of a water storage tank. These tanks not only help preserve water, they also allow for easy distribution of water to various channels.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the common water storage tanks in Nigeria today and how much various sizes and types go for.

price of water storage tank in nigeria

Prices of Water Storage Tanks in Nigeria

Water storage tanks come in different forms and sizes. They also vary in designs and sometimes, shapes. As it stands, the plastic water storage tank is the most common in Nigeria. This type of storage tank is seen to be easier to install, durable and in many cases, cheaper.

Plastic water storage tanks vary in prices. Given their different sizes, designs, and functionalities, this should be expected. This section takes a look at prices of various sizes of water storage tanks available in Nigeria today.

  • 500 Litres Plastic Water Storage Tank – N12, 000 – N15, 000
  • 750 Litres Plastic Water Storage Tank – N16, 000 – N20, 000
  • 1000 Litres Plastic Water Storage Tank – N20, 000 – N25, 000
  • 1,200 Litres Plastic Water Storage Tank – N22, 000 – N29, 000
  • 1,500 Litres Plastic Water Storage Tank – N30, 000 – N35, 000
  • 2,000 Litres Plastic Water Storage Tank – N39, 000 – N47, 000
  • 2,500 Litres Plastic Water Storage Tank – N45, 000 – N55, 000

The prices listed above were gathered from various reliable sources in the current market and are largely reliable. However, it is still necessary to check these prices in the market before you make a purchase as the prices could have significantly changed.

The variation in prices is due to differences in the location and period of purchase. It should also be noted that the capacity of the water storage tank and type significantly affect the eventual prices they go for. For instance, you would expect a plastic water storage tank with a capacity of 1, 000 litres to be more expensive than one with 500 litres.

Where to Buy Water Storage Tanks in Nigeria

Water storage tanks can be purchased directly from the manufacturers or distributors across the country. Thanks to advanced technology, they can now be purchased online in various e-commerce stores. You can select the exact type and size you want, place your order and expect your package delivery in a few days depending on your location.

If you want to purchase Water storage tanks online, it is essential to trust the reliability and integrity of the e-commerce store and the buyer. Also, ensure you check the Water storage tank on delivery to confirm it is the exact type, quality, and size you ordered.

Water storage tanks can also be purchased in other conventional stores across the country. Depending on your location, you can walk down to various building material or plumbing stores and request for the type and size you require.

Things to Consider When Buying Water Storage Tank

One of the greatest concerns that most people have is trying to save money, and with all of the way that they can go about this, getting the right information about core things is vital. Water is one of the most vital substances for human survival and saving as much as possible is one of the greatest challenges people face.

The best way to save as much as possible water and ensure availability when needed is by having a water storage tank. With various types and sizes of water storage tank available in the market today, it is vital to consider some core factors to streamline your options. The following are a few things that you have to consider when buying Water storage tanks.

Consider the Material

The first thing that you need to consider when buying a water tank is the type of material you want it made from. The most cost-effective option will be plastic, but if you are looking for one that is a bit more heavy-duty, steel will be the best option.

However, the plastic option is one of the most popular in Nigeria and one we have been limited to in recent times. In addition, if you want to be sure the tank will last, you need to certify that it will not rust as it is open to various elements.

Consider Where to place the Tank

After you have decided on the kind of material you want for your water storage tank, you will need to decide where you want the property to be placed. You’d want to ensure that you have a spot selected out with partial shade or cover.

You should also consider how large the location is. This is one of the core factors that will decide how large your water tank will be. You can even discuss this with a professional in the business to get some advice on your best course of action.

Consider Which Supplier and Brand to use – The next thing that you need to agree on when attempting to buy the right water tank is where you will buy it from. There are some companies and brands that provide lovely designed water tanks, which can be helpful if you have a specific need, which includes purified water for your biological garden. In some other cases, you might need installation services and getting a corporation that offers them should be a top priority.

Consider the Number of Users

The capacity of a tank required should principally depend on the quantity of people living in a house. For instance, a 10, 000-liter water tank will do for a small community. Commercial buildings are probable to host many inhabitants and hence, you need a much bigger capacity to avoid running out often. You need to consider the number of people before you know the actual capacity of the water storage tank that would do.

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