The Cost of Decking in Nigeria (2024)

If you are looking to build storey building, decking should be one of the very important building stages in your planning. While there is no big deal about the decking as such, the main challenge builders and those looking to build storey buildings, including duplexes have, is estimating how much the decking process goes for.

cost of decking in Nigeria

This process does justice to this challenge. Here, we will take a look at the average estimate to budget for when planning a decking in Nigeria today.

What is the cost of decking in Nigeria?

As simple as this sounds, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer when planning construction of storey building, ask any builder or developer. This is because there is no fixed price as regards this topic. Factors that affect the cost of decking in Nigeria depends on many factors, some of which will be explained in subsequent sections.

Based on recent reviews and reports, you should expect to spend at least anything between N750, 000 – N1.5 million for the perfect decking of a house that is not more than 100 square meter floor, depending on some factors which majorly include the location of the building, the workforce and the period of the construction. These factors are explained better in the next section.

Factors that affect the cost of decking in Nigeria

As explained, there is no specific estimate of how much a builder will spend on decking. There are some certain factors that either shoot up the price or in some cases, significantly lessens the amount it goes for. Here, we will take a look at some of the factors that critically affect how much decking goes for in Nigeria today.

  • How Big is the House? : This, perhaps, is one of the most important factors to consider when drawing budget for decking the storey building. Whether you like it or not, the size of the structure you are constructing will impact the overall amount you spend on the decking. You wouldn’t expect to estimate the same amount you want to use for decking a simple duplex as the same you’d need for a mansion, for example. Generally, the bigger the house, the more expensive the decking will be. You will expect to use more building materials and it will take more time.
  • What Type of Storey are you looking to Design? : This is one other factor most people forget to consider when drafting budget for the decking of their building. There are different types of building and structures and in most cases, they involve different types of decking and even materials. If you are looking to construct a semi-high rise or high rise building for example, you should not expect to just have one layer of decking – in most cases, you are expected to have multiple layers which means you’d have to deck the house more than once, unlike some other type of storey buildings. This means you will require more building materials, and hence, more money. Generally, the more complex the building, the more you should budget for decking.
  • Prices of Materials: This is one of the major sources of confusion when it comes to decking and building a house generally. The price of building materials is too inconsistent to even fix a specific price for the materials. This has significantly reduced in recent times though, with the building material market now gaining some considerable consistency. When it comes to decking you should be majorly considering prices of rods and cements – as they are the major materials needed.
  • Period of the Construction – Another core factor that affects the overall cost of decking in Nigeria is the period of the construction. In this part of the world, things get cheaper when you initiate construction or building in certain months of the year. For instance, you can expect to spend less on decking your building in March – April. You can expect prices of materials, including workmanship to go up during the festive periods and towards the end of the year. During these periods, there are usually higher demand and more constructions being underway. This is not limited to decking though; it affects cost of the overall construction processes.
  • Location – This is another obvious reason for the inconsistency in the cost of decking in Nigeria. Costs of building a house usually depends on the location of the building. This also applies to decking. This means that you wouldn’t expect the cos of decking a building in Lagos or Abuja to be the same as the cost in other less developed towns. This is because prices of materials in these locations vary and the same can be said for cost of labour.
  • Workforce – Lastly, the workforce you decide on also have one or two things to do with the overall cost of decking. You can decide to contract individual ester developers or go with companies that manage building developments. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, they also vary significantly in overall amount you’d spend. Depending on the deal, you might spend lesser when you decide to go for individual contractors, although this could be at the expense of quality (in some cases). Corporate bodies that manage buildings might require extra forms and costs but in most cases, they guarantee top-notch decking with professional touch. But be ready as they usually command higher cost in the overall decking process.

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