Prices of Steel Rods (Reinforcements) in Nigeria (2024)

Steel rods, also known as reinforcements, are very important components used in the construction of buildings. They are mostly used to receive load and transfer it across different points of the building. Understanding the types and uses of different steel rods is paramount in the construction business.

How much do steel rods or reinforcements cost in Nigeria today? You should continue reading this post if you want to know the answer to this question. We will also discuss some other important pieces of information about steel rods later in this post.

Prices of Steel Rods

Cost of Steel Rods (Reinforcements) in Nigeria

There are different kinds of steel rods on the market. We can categorize the steel bars used into four categories. They include:

  • Pre-stressing steel
  • Mild steel plain bars
  • Cold-worked steel
  • Hot-rolled deformed bars

While they are known as steel rods or reinforcements professionally, traders refer to them as iron rods. Asides from helping to transfer load across different points, they also help to enhance the concrete in columns and beams. This is where they get the name “reinforcements.”

Steel rods are priced according to their sizes in millimeters. In the market, these rods are mostly sold per ton. After our research, we have come up with the unit prices for these rods as well as their prices per ton. Check the list below to find out the cost of steel rods or reinforcements in Nigeria.

  • 6 mm steel rods

Price per unit: N1,200 – N1,300

Price per ton (376 pieces): N451,200 – N488,800

  • 8 mm steel rods

Price per unit: N2,100 – N2,200

Price per ton (210 pieces): N441,000 – N462,000

  • 10 mm steel rods

Price per unit: N3,300 – N3,500

Price per ton (134 pieces): N442,200 – N469,000

  • 12 mm steel rods

Price per unit: N4,800 – N5,000

Price per ton (93 pieces): N446,400 – N465,000

  • 16 mm steel rods

Price per unit: N8,500 – N8,700

Price per ton (52 pieces): N442,000 – N452,400

  • 20 mm steel rods

Price per unit: N13,000 – N14,000

Price per ton (34 pieces): N442,000 – N476,000

  • 25 mm steel rods

Price per unit: N21,000 – N22,000

Price per ton (21 pieces): N441,000 – N462,000

  • 30 mm steel rods

Price per unit: N30,500 – N31,500

Price per ton (15 pieces): N457,500 – N472,500

Note that these prices may change depending on several factors. Some of them include your location, the vendor that you patronize, and the current market forces. With these out of the way, let’s look at some important information about steel rods or reinforcements.

Factors affecting the prices of steel rods (reinforcements) in Nigeria

As we have mentioned above, steel rods are very important in the construction industry. These items are multifunctional so it is almost impossible to construct in Nigeria today without these rods. If you are conversant with the market, you must have noticed that incessant changes in the prices of these materials.

Why do the prices of steel rods change so frequently? Several factors influence the frequent changes in the prices of these rods. We will discuss some of them in this section.

Product quality

The quality of the rods is highly dependent on the kind of materials used and the efficiency of the manufacturing process. If high-quality materials are used and they are passed to a costly process, the steel rods are likely to be costly. However, the higher the quality of the product, the better for the user. This is not to say that cheaper materials are not qualitative or the costliest products are the most qualitative. You still need to carry out due diligence to be sure.

Import duties

Steel rods or reinforcements can be manufactured in Nigeria or imported from overseas. The source of the rods goes a long way to determine their rods. Steel rods produced in Nigeria will always be cheaper because they don’t have to pass through the ports. As such, there is no import duty on these rods. On the other hand, importers of rods must pay import duties on their goods. This increases the prices of the rods.


Your location will determine how much you will pay for steel rods in Nigeria. If you stay in a State that has a high standard of living like Rivers or Lagos, the rods are likely to be costly.  You will find cheaper steel rods in locations with lower standards of living like Ogun or Kwara.

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