Prices of WC Seats in Nigeria (2024)

If you are looking to create a secure bathroom setting in your homes, offices, or any building project, toilet seats are among the core materials you should note. The importance of buying secure and safe toilet seats cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the fact that they allow for easy usage of the toilet, bad toilet seats are dangerous to users in lots of ways. Although there are some other materials expected to be installed in a standard bathroom, toilet seats remain key and for obvious reasons, are among the most delicate to buy.

Toilet seats are one of the inevitable building features of building, be it an office, personal house or any other structure. They go beyond the decorations and styles; the convenience of use is one of the primary factors to consider when it comes to toilet seats.

prices of wc seats in nigeria

Toilet seats come in different styles, designs, sizes and colours. They are available in different type and although are made from similar materials, they vary in quality, thereby varying in prices. Some are relatively affordable while some others can be expensive, depending on the size, designs and overall quality. Toilet seats come in different forms. They come in forms of padded and plastic seats, although the most common in this part of the world are the plastic ones. The plastic seats come with a round or elongated holes and have the shape of a shell or come in smooth edges.

Toilet made for commercial use tend to have a piece cut out of the front of the seat. They are almost always made of a durable, plastic material. These toilets can come in either a black or in a white colour.

In this post, we will take a look at prices of common brands of toilet seats in Nigeria.

Prices of WC Seats in Nigeria

The demand for WC seats is constantly on the rise and given the rate at which structures are being built in Nigeria, you expect the market to keep booming. Gone are the days when there was only a single type of WC seat. These days, there are various options manufactured by different brands. WC seats can be bought directly from manufacturers or from local distributors across the country. For convenience, they can also be purchased from online stores or building material stores around.

WC seats vary in prices. While some are relatively expensive, some others can be gotten at incredibly lower rate. This variation in prices is largely due to difference in quality and convenience.

Let us take a look at prices of some of the most popular brands of WC seats in Nigeria in 2018.

  • A & S WC Seats: N50, 000 – N60, 000
  • Nismad WC Seats: N50, 000 – N75, 000
  • Sweethome WC Seats: N50, 000 – N75, 000
  • Twyford WC Seats: N45, 000 – N80, 000
  • Virony WC Seats: N65, 000 – N85, 000

The variation in prices is as a result of certain factors. These factors include place and period of purchase, currency exchange rate, additional features and other related factors. It should be noted that some of these WC seats come with other additional features that might even include extra hand basin.

Things to Consider Before Buying a WC Seat  

The market for WC seats has expanded over the past few years. Due to high demand of the product, there are now various types, brands, class and sizes of WC seats in the market. The diverse options available in the market today has only made it more difficult for one to choose a particular orthopedic mattress. Choosing a WC seat is delicate and it is important to pick one that is safe and easy to use.

When you are buying a WC seat, it is important to consider some basic factors. These factors help you streamline your options and pick the best toilet seat for you. Some of these factors include:

  • Consider the height of the seat: The height of the toilet should be among the main factors you consider. Toilet seats vary in heights and you need to consider people that will be using the seat and how comfortable and easy to use it will be for them. If you have kids, you might need to consider going for a seat that is not too high.
  • Consider the flush options available: If the toilet seat is to be installed in a commercial area, it is always necessary to consider a dual flush option. Single flush options might not suffice in a situation where there are lots of users.
  • Consider your budget: WC seats are available in different grades and prices. The good news is you will always get a toilet within your reasonable budget.

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