Best Job Sites in Nigeria (June 2024)

Are you looking for the best job sites in Nigeria? This post will show you some of the best websites to find jobs in Nigeria.

It is no secret that the labor market is highly competitive these days. Before now, people used to visit newspaper stands or buy the latest dailies just to check for job vacancies. These days, we are more inclined to check for job vacancies on websites.

Job sites are beneficial to both job seekers and employers. For job seekers, they visit these websites to find the latest jobs in different fields. They can check the job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, benefits, as well as how to apply. On the other side of the spectrum, employers make use of these websites to find talents to fill openings at their firms.

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, we have put together the best job sites in Nigeria to help you out in this post. Grab a seat and let’s go on this journey together.

Best Job Sites in Nigeria

Best Job Sites in Nigeria

A job site is also known as a recruitment website. These websites publish job opportunities across several fields on behalf of employers. With this, the employers can find the right talent to fill up the openings at their organizations. There are several job sites in Nigeria so it is difficult to choose the best of the lot. We understand this and have put together a list showing the best job sites in Nigeria. Our choices are based on several factors such as track record, number of users, and testimonials from both employers and job seekers.

That being said, here are the best job sites in Nigeria:


Jobberman is one of the most popular job sites in Nigeria. This platform was established by three students of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University in 2009. These students set up the website in their hostel, and soon, it became one of the best sites for finding jobs in the whole of Nigeria.

One Africa Media (OAM), a firm that has now formed a merger with Ringier Africa, acquired Jobberman in 2015. Between then and now, the platform has grown in leaps and bounds, presenting a wider range of opportunities to both employers and job hunters.

Using this platform presents you with a wide array of advantages. One of them is that you can search for jobs by location or industry. This platform also allows you to review salaries before submitting your job application. Currently, more than 2.5 million applicants are signed up to the platform while there are more than 60,000 employers posting job ads here.

Key features of Jobberman:

  • Ability to report spam jobs.
  • Apply on-site.
  • Free to use for applicants.
  • Search for jobs by industry.
  • Search for jobs by location.
  • View salary before applying.


This is another very popular platform for finding jobs in Nigeria. MyJobMag was founded only two years after Jobberman, precisely in 2011. This platform has since grown to take its place among the best job sites in Nigeria.

Like Jobberman, MyJobMag allows you to search for jobs using a wide array of criteria. Some of these criteria include industry, location, qualifications, salaries, and so on. One of the biggest advantages of using MyJobMag is that it has dedicated archives for jobs in certain locations in Nigeria. Examples include jobs in Rivers, Abuja, Lagos, Delta, Enugu, etc.

This platform has more than 1 million signed-up job seekers and over 10,000 employees. Here are some of the key features of MyJobMag:

  • Apply on the website.
  • Search for jobs by education qualification.
  • Search for jobs by industry.
  • Search for jobs by State.
  • Search for jobs by title.

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is a very popular social media platform that is used globally for business-minded individuals. Asides from connecting to other professional and business-oriented individuals, LinkedIn presents you with one of the best platforms to find jobs anywhere in the world, including Nigeria.

Some years back, LinkedIn introduced its job search function. With this feature, users can now search for jobs by skill, title, location, and so on. One of the biggest advantages of using this platform to search for jobs is that employers can view your information easily. Aside from being able to upload your CV or resume here, the platform also allows you to take certification tests and upload the results and certificates to your profile. This way, employers can view your certifications and achievements to discover if you are fit for their opening or not.

Currently, more than 700 million people make use of LinkedIn. Did we forget to tell you that you can find a remote on this platform as well? Yes, you can, which makes it one of the best job sites in Nigeria, and globally. Some of the key features of LinkedIn Jobs include:

  • Search for jobs by location.
  • Search for jobs by title.
  • Upload resume or CV.
  • Upload certifications and achievements.
  • Review salaries.
  • Build professional profiles.
  • Connect with other professionals within your field.


Indeed is another global job search platform, similar to LinkedIn. However, this platform prides itself as the biggest and most-used job site globally. You can find jobs from any country using this platform. If you are in Nigeria, we have some good news for you. Indeed has created a dedicated page for Nigerian users. On this platform, employers can publish job vacancies within the country, and job seekers can find these jobs, review them, and submit applications with ease.

One of the main benefits of using Indeed is that you can create a profile and publish your CV or resume for potential employers to review. While this is quite similar to LinkedIn, it offers you a unique advantage, you can create a job-specific CV right there on the platform. The platform has more than 250 million users each month. Every second, there are 10 new jobs, and 170 new CVs being published on the platform.

Here are some of the key features of Indeed:

  • Create your CV via the platform.
  • Publish your CV.
  • Search for jobs by company name.
  • Search for jobs by title.
  • Search for jobs by location.


There you have it for the best job sites in Nigeria. Do you know any others? Please drop their names in the comments section below.