5 Cheapest Courier Services in Nigeria (June 2024)

The importance of courier services and delivery agents has drastically increased over the years. With thousands of packages being shipped across the country each day, these agents and services have come handy, saving people costs, time and energy. All you need do is contact a delivery service to help you move your package from your destination to a preferred area or to a specific person.

With a lot of delivery agents and courier service now available in Nigeria, this post takes a look at five of the cheapest courier services available today.

cheapest courier services in nigeria

Cheapest Courier Services in Nigeria

There are many courier services available in Nigeria today. They vary in delivery patterns, processes and prices. With the fees among the most important factors customers consider when choosing a courier service, here are five of the cheapest courier services currently running in Nigeria.

1. EMS Speed Post

EMS Speed Post is one of the oldest courier services in Nigeria. Its consistency since it was established in 1986 has been outstanding. The brand has been appreciated for its top-notch services both in terms of customer relationship and quality delivery.

Apart from the fact that they rate among the reliable courier services, they are also among the cheapest. They are also largely reliable and transparent. You can in fact check how much your delivery will cost via their online calculator. On the average, you can expect to be charged about N4,000 to deliver a package of 2 kg within the country.

2. AB Logistics

This is another popular courier service in Nigeria. It also rates among the very reliable ones. You can expect smooth shipping and delivery without necessarily punching a hole in your pocket. They are among the cheapest in Nigeria run services for as low as 800 naira. On average though, they help ship packages of 2 kg for about N3,000 within the country.

3. GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics is perhaps, the most popular courier service in Nigeria today. They are among those that cover the most range in terms of shipping and delivery. The brand combines quality services with affordability and easy accessibility, which has rated them among the best. For any 2 kg package, the courier charges N3, 000 without insurance and charges between N4, 500 and N5, 000 for 2 kg packages with insurance.

4. ABC Cargo

ABC Cargo is another old courier service that has been in the industry since the ‘90s. They are among the highly rated and cheapest. Like most other courier services on the list, ABC Cargo has its own terminal and covers various states and cities across Nigeria. As it stands, they charge an average N4, 700 per 2 kg package from Lagos to Abuja and vice versa.

5. UPS

UPS is one of the most popular courier services in Nigeria today. While they barely make the list of the cheapest courier services in Nigeria, the charge an average of N6, 400 per 2 kg package form Lagos to Abuja and vice versa.

The great news is, in terms of delivery time, they rank among the very best as they almost guarantee delivery from Lagos to Abuja within 2 to 3 days. They are also among the most reliable and consistent brands in terms of package delivery and timing. Their customer management is also top-notch and has been widely applauded

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Courier Service

Speed: This is the most important factor to consider when picking a courier service to use. You need to consider how long they can deliver the package to the predetermined destination. Consider the average speed of delivery for each courier service you are considering and decide which meets your needs at the time.

Areas covered: various courier services cover varying areas when within and outside the country. To pick the one that matches your needs, consider the areas covered by the courier. If the areas covered are within where you are looking to send the package to, then consider the other factors on the list to make your decision.

Flexibility: This is one factor that needs to be considered. You need to know whether the brand is flexible enough to accommodate partnership with you, fine-tuning their convenience to meet your needs. There are cases you will need to deliver products as a matter of emergency. Be sure if the courier service can accommodate these adjustments for you.

Tracking capability: This is one factor many people overlook when picking a courier service. This factor is as important as other factors on this list. You wouldn’t know the importance of this factor until your package gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. It is always important to know how to track your packages until it gets to its predetermined destination.  You need to be sure if the courier service has a detailed tracking process and is working very effectively.

Price: This perhaps is the main reason you are reading this post anyway. There are loads of courier services today and they all vary in prices. It is essential to consider the price before picking one to settle for. It is very essential to note that the most expensive might not necessarily be the best for you in certain situations. Consider how much you have to spend n the shipping and look for a quality courier service provider that suits the price. It is also worth noting that it is always advisable to go for the best option, not necessarily the cheapest.


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