QA-QC Certification Courses in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

The quality of goods or services is quite a relative issue that is determined based on customer preference. Because of this, it is quite difficult to attain quality since customer expectations and needs are constantly evolving. Regardless, there are certain requirements that every product manufacturer or service provider should meet. This is where QA-QC certification courses come in.

There is a wide array of QA-QC certification courses in Nigeria. Before you pick one, it is expedient that you first know what the course entails and the current cost. This post will introduce you to some of the most common QA-QC certification courses in Nigeria and their prices. Let’s dive straight in.

QA-QC Certification Courses in Nigeria & Prices

QA-QC Certification Courses in Nigeria

Every manufacturer or service provider is required to meet certain requirements to attain customer satisfaction. Taking a course in QA-QC helps to find out these deliverables and shows you how to attain them. These courses also help participants to gather the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed as quality assurance or control managers.

Here are some of the popular QA-QC certification courses in Nigeria:

BPM and Six Sigma Training Course

This QA-QC certification course is not only recognized in Nigeria, it is recognized the world over. It is perfect for professionals seeking an understanding of both Six Sigma and Business Process Management methodologies.

BPM introduces the participant to the best practices that are required to improve businesses and their processes from one end to the other. On the other hand, Six Sigma presents a methodology that helps to improve the efficiency of a business’s existing processes. Both methodologies are key for quality control and assurance to attain better results using repeatable processes to attain recurrent business success.

Below are the core areas of study under the BPM and Six Sigma Training course:

  • Applying the BPM methodology to link improvement and process design efforts directly to the management system and organizational strategy.
  • Deploying BPM to measure and monitor the performance of processes using measures determined by the Six Sigma methodology.
  • Deploying Six Sigma for measurements, statistical analysis, and a disciplined approach to resolving problems.
  • Developing better cross-departmental collaboration among the various teams in the organization.
  • How processes can be automated and managed with BPM.
  • Using Six Sigma to quantify the critical-to-quality issues within the organization.

Kindly note that these core areas of study are not arranged in any particular sequence. There aren’t any eligibility criteria for individuals who want to acquire this certification. Who should take the BPM and Six Sigma QA-QC training course? Here is a list of people that can consider taking this course:

  • Project managers
  • Students
  • Team leaders
  • Assistant managers
  • Career changers
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • People involved in quality control and management.

Training cost: N145,000 – N195,000

Minitab Essentials Training Course

This is another QA-QC course that is becoming very popular globally. It owes its popularity to the rapid rate of statistical data analysis that it uses to reduce waste while identifying key patterns in the production process.

Minitab is a software that was designed to help quality assurance and control professionals to analyse statistical data. They can then manipulate this data to identify key patterns and use the information to answer questions regarding current issues. Participants learn how to reduce the time required in analysing data and developing sound statistical approaches for exploring data. They will also learn how to use the software to create and interpret graphs and then export the results of their studies for organizational benefit.

Students will gain knowledge about the fundamentals of different statistical concepts including confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. They will also learn how to describe relationships between variables using statistical modelling tools. Here is a list of the core areas under the Minitab Essentials Training course:

  • Basic actions and tools required to effectively use Minitab
  • How to Create, Edit, and Annotate Graphs
  • How to input and manipulate data into a Minitab Worksheet
  • How to manipulate worksheets in Minitab
  • Several Data Analysis functions within Minitab

As with the BPM and Six Sigma training, there are no prerequisites for enrolling in the Minitab Essentials Training program. The list below shows who need to attend this training course and acquire this certification:

  • CMMI Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Professionals
  • Scientists
  • Six Sigma Consultants
  • Statisticians

Training cost: N160,000 – N210,000

Quality Function Deployment Training Course

This is another QA-QC certification course that presents participants with knowledge regarding the tools used in creating products that will fulfil customer requirements. The students also learn about how to design robust products or services as well as document the design processes and strategies. They also learn about creating and controlling different maintenance strategies in Nigeria.

Quality Function Deployment is a process that reveals a set of tools that help to define customer requirements and preferences and then convert them into detailed specifications. These specifications are used to create plans that will lead to the manufacture of products that will fulfil these requirements. Companies work with QFD to create measurable design targets from customer requirements. They used this information to drive the production process from bottom to top and vice-versa. Participants find out about the four phases of the QFD process and the necessary calculations involved. Upon completion of this program, students will receive a hard copy certificate that is accepted globally.

The list below shows the core areas of study under the Quality Function Deployment Training Course:

  • Calculating a phase, I QFD matrix
  • Defining quality function deployment
  • Defining the focus within each of the four phases of a QFD process
  • Evaluating an example of ‘Houses of Quality.
  • Identifying data necessary for every room in a four-phase QFD process
  • Identifying historical dates in QFD
  • Identifying the difference between a true customer need and a technical descriptor
  • Summarizing the benefits of QFD

Similar to the courses above, this course has no requirements for who can enrol. However, the list below shows the individuals that need to undergo this training course and acquire the certificate in Nigeria:

  • Design Product & Process Team
  • Manufacturing Engineers and Managers
  • Marketing and Sales Teams
  • Product Development Personnel
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Consultants
  • Quality Personnel
  • R&D Personnel
  • Service Teams

Training cost: N200,000 – N300,000