Mercedes GLE 450 Prices in Nigeria (2024)

When it comes to a classy subcompact SUV that is both efficient and stylish, the GLE 450 answers questions you have not even asked. There is one reason why the world rates Mercedes vehicles among the very best in the automobile industry. While their vehicles’ efficiency, durability, and style rate them with the very top automobile brands, their style, design, and impeccable beauty make them among the very top choices in the market today.

Whether in terms of engine strength, body style, control, and handling, it is very difficult to pick a brand above the Mercedes brand. And just when the world thought they had seen it all, the automobile brand introduced yet another road magic – the GLE 450.

Whatever amazing thing you have heard of this SUV is most likely true. While most people buy compact SUVs for their larger passenger and cargo space compared to small vehicles or wagons, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe instead ranks style over utility.

gle 450 price in nigeria

Relative to the typical GLE-Class, the GLE 450 swoopy roofline decreases both rear seat headroom and upright storage space in the back. In terms of design, everything about this crossover is lovely. If you are a fan of sporty crossovers, then be sure to fall in love with this one at first sight.

Nigerians have fallen in love with Mercedes and it is easy to see why. For a brand that prioritizes efficiency and style over other features, the introduction of the GLE 450 only makes them rate higher and become more popular in the automobile industry.

While the world has talked so much about the beauty, class, and quality of the GLE 450, more attention has been paid to how much the lovely crossover goes for in the market. In this post, we will take a look at the prices of brand-new and used versions of the vehicle in Nigeria.

Prices of Brand New GLE 450 in Nigeria

When it comes to automobile availability, Mercedes vehicles are certainly at the very top of the list. Mercedes vehicles are readily available across Nigeria and are relatively easy to get. They can be bought directly from the manufacturer or from any supplier all over the world. The originality and exclusivity involved in designing the GLE 450 only attract more people to the vehicle.

GLE 450 is undoubtedly one of the most expensive crossover vehicles available in Nigeria today. Mercedes vehicles are known for their uniqueness both in terms of quality and price. You wouldn’t argue much with the price it goes for though, given its functionality and efficiency. The latest models of GLE 450 can be gotten for anything from 60 million Naira, depending on the trim. The price also depends on the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase.

The variation in the price could be because of changes in the automobile market or inconsistent currency exchange rates. Also, the place and period of purchase play a significant part in the variation of the prices. For example, vehicles are usually costlier during festal periods as there is a general increase in the demand for vehicles during these periods.

Prices of Used GLE 450 in Nigeria

There are many SUVs in the market that are quite expensive and classy but what makes the Mercedes GLE 450 stand out is its exclusive design and attractive features. One thing is sure; this is an automobile that does not need to shout to be noticed.

Foreign Used GLE 450 in Nigeria

  • 2015 – 2016: From N20.5 million
  • 2017 – 2018: From N 40 million

Locally Used GLE 450 GLA-Class in Nigeria

  • 2015 – 2016: From N15 million
  • 2017 – 2018: From N30 million


Used vehicles have the market in Nigeria today and it is easy to see why the GLE 450 is among the leading SUVs in the used automobile market. There are factors that affect the basic prices of used cars. These factors include the car body state at that particular time, and the overall condition of the car which includes the engine capacity, fuel mileage, and other similar factors. Also, factors like currency exchange rate, clearance charges at the border, and other transport-related charges affect the eventual price of the used vehicle.

Mercedes GLE 450: Things You Should Know About the Vehicle

The 2018 Mercedes GLE 450 is a five-passenger midsize SUV. It is full of bombshells, the GLE 450. You are on cruise regulator, doing 60 mph in a 55 zone when the limit drops to 45 mph and the car just slows mechanically to regulate.

You get exhausted from looking at the heads-up display but sure which tab switches it off. It just soundlessly disappears. You put a destination in the navigation system and when you get to the first turn, the screen switches to a live camera feed with the turn arrow floating on the dashboard to point direction. That is Mercedes. That is GLE 450.

The four-wheel drive system seems like it would be dominated by the free-drive system, but it turns out the drivetrain has its own tricks. It boasts an electronically controlled clutch on the center differential for regulating power forefront and behind. It also can waddle power left and right by means of the brakes on each corner. It is very powerful and agile for its size, but you never overlook just how heavy this GLE model is.

Together, these systems make the GLE-Class far more adept off the road than it will appear when it is parked. The GLE 450 also boasts amazing features that aid its handling and on-road controls. Despite its size, you can easily maneuver your way in tight spaces and get an easy grip.

Also, the fuel economy, for a crossover SUV, is appreciable. If you get wedged in sand or mud, the GLE can rebound itself out. Also, if you are on a trajectory and need a little more clearance at one corner, you can manually raise or lower each wheel separately.

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