Cornflakes Prices in Nigeria (December 2023)

Cereals have become a major part of our breakfast diet. The interesting thing with cereals is that most people eat them as snacks or in between meals. One cereal that has grown in popularity over the years in this part of the world is cornflakes. There are different brands of cornflakes on the market. In this post, we will show you the prices of different types of cornflakes on the market. Let’s dive straight in.

Cornflakes Prices in Nigeria

Price of Cornflakes in Nigeria

Cornflakes present us with a wide array of nutrients. This means that aside from enjoying this crunchy cereal meal, you also improve your health because of the nutrients that you consume. As mentioned earlier, there are several brands of cornflakes on the market. These different brands of cornflakes come in different sizes.

We have surveyed the market for the latest cornflakes prices in Nigeria. Check below for the different brands and sizes of cornflakes in Nigeria and their current prices.

  • Cornflake Cornflakes 350g Combo: From ₦14,600
  • Cornflake Cornflakes, Ovaltine, 3 Crown Milk, Blue Band, Sugar: From ₦10,800
  • Cornflake Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes 1.56kg: From ₦19,900
  • Cornflakes Ovaltine Brkfast Combo: From ₦15,999
  • Infinity Cornflakes 350g: From ₦4,999
  • Infinity CornFlakes Combo: From ₦13,600
  • Kellogg’s Cornflake Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes 1.56kg: From ₦17,000
  • Kellogg’s Cornflakes ×2: From ₦6,600
  • Kellogg’s Cornflakes 900g: From ₦3,400
  • Kellogg’s Cornflakes X 1: From ₦4,500
  • Kellogg’s Cornflakes X 2: From ₦6,500
  • Kellogg’s Crunchy Cornflakes X 1: From ₦6,300
  • Kellogg’s Crunchy Cornflakes X 2: From ₦6,500
  • N Cornflakes F 2 In 1 350g: From ₦7,999
  • Nasco Cornflakes 350g X 2: From ₦9,999
  • Nasco Cornflakes 350g: From ₦6,499
  • Nasco Cornflakes 500g: From ₦5,000
  • Nasco Cornflakes Ovaltine Yummy Combo: From ₦13,699
  • Nasco Cornflakes Sachet 30g X 24 pcs(3 rolls): From ₦6,000
  • Nasco Cornflakes Yummies Brk Combination: From ₦14,499
  • Nasco Nasco. Cornflakes 350g X 2: From ₦9,599
  • Super Cornflakes Breakfast Combo: From ₦14,500
  • Harvest Morn Corn Flakes: From ₦4,000
  • Golden Morn, Coco Pops, and Corn Flakes: From ₦2,900
  • Crownfield Corn Flakes, 850g: From ₦2,000
  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 750g – Imported: From ₦4,350
  • Nasco Cornflakes: From ₦9,500
  • Frosted Flakes Breakfast Cereal 2 in 1 Pack: From ₦13,000


We will keep checking the market to find out the prices of these items and update this post when we notice any new prices. Continue reading to find out some reasons why you should eat cornflakes.

Why You Should Eat Cornflakes

Cornflakes are golden, crunchy flakes have been a breakfast staple for decades, and it is obvious why. Not only are they delicious, but they also offer a multitude of health benefits that make them a great addition to your morning diet. In this section, we will show you six exciting reasons why you should consider adding cornflakes to your breakfast repertoire.

Nutrient-Rich Goodness

Cornflakes may seem like a simple cereal, but they are packed with essential nutrients that your body craves to kickstart the day. They are a good source of carbohydrates, which provide the energy you need to power through your morning activities. Additionally, cornflakes contain vitamins such as B vitamins (including folate and thiamine) and minerals like iron and zinc, which play crucial roles in various bodily functions.

Weight Management Buddy

If you are looking to maintain or shed a few pounds, cornflakes can be your best friend. They are typically low in calories and fat, making them a guilt-free breakfast option. Moreover, they are often consumed with skimmed or low-fat milk, which adds creaminess without the extra calories. The fiber content in cornflakes can also help you feel full and satisfied, reducing the chances of mindless snacking later in the day.

Heart-Healthy Choice

Your heart deserves some love, and cornflakes can contribute to a heart-healthy diet. They are naturally cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat. When paired with low-fat milk, they become an excellent choice for those concerned about heart health. The whole grains in cornflakes contain soluble fiber, which may help lower your risk of heart disease by reducing levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Convenient Breakfast Solution

In our fast-paced world, convenience is key. Cornflakes offer a quick and easy breakfast solution for those busy mornings when you’re rushing to get out the door. All you need to do is pour them into a bowl, add milk, and you’re good to go. No cooking, no stress, and minimal cleanup. Isn’t this just so convenient?

Versatile Canvas for Creativity

While cornflakes are delightful on their own, they also serve as a versatile canvas for culinary creativity. Spice up your morning diet by adding fresh fruits like sliced bananas, berries, or chopped nuts for extra flavor and nutrition. You can even use cornflakes as a crunchy topping for yogurt or a base for homemade granola bars. The possibilities are endless, and experimenting with different combinations can turn your breakfast into a delicious adventure.

Promotes Digestive Health

Finally, cornflakes are a friend to your digestive system. They contain dietary fiber, which aids in regular bowel movements and keeps your gut happy. A healthy digestive system is essential for nutrient absorption and overall well-being. When combined with milk, you get a winning duo that provides both fiber and probiotics, helping to maintain a balanced gut microbiome.


Cornflakes are exciting, delicious, and very healthy. This post has shown you the latest cornflakes prices in Nigeria. It has also shown you some reasons why you should eat cornflakes.