List of Friesland Campina Products in Nigeria (2024)

Friesland Campina is an international dairy company that has a branch in Nigeria. This company has a wide array of brands and products under it. Many of these products have become very popular in Nigeria.

In this post, we will show you a list of Friesland Campina products in Nigeria. We will take it a step further by providing you with a short description of each of these products for better understanding. Without further ado, let’s get to the crux of this post.

List of Friesland Campina Products in Nigeria

List of Friesland Campina Products in Nigeria

Friesland Campina is also known as Friesland Campina WAMCO Nigeria. This company has a wide array of brands for its customers to choose from. As expected, the products from these brands are readily available for purchase in departmental stores, supermarkets, and roadside stores across the country. If you prefer to order these products online, you can buy them from Jumia, Konga, or any other online store that sells such products.

Below is a list of Friesland Campina Products in Nigeria:

  • Peak
  • Three Crowns
  • Coast
  • Nunu
  • Peak 4-5-6
  • Olympic
  • Peak Yoghurt
  • Peak Chocolate
  • Peak Milky Pap

Brief Description of Friesland Campina Brands and Products

Now that you know the different products and brands from Friesland Campina in Nigeria, let’s show you a brief description of each one.


Peak is probably the most popular milk product/brand in Nigeria. This iconic milk brand is committed to ensuring that Nigerians enjoy quality dairy nutrition. It is manufactured from pure cow milk. Because of this, Peak Milk contains the essential nutrients for consumers to reach their peak. Some of these nutrients include minerals like calcium, vitamins, and proteins. The milk is low in cholesterol while being very creamy and rich.

Three Crowns

Three Crowns is another very popular milk brand in Nigeria. Most people do not know that Three Crowns and Peak are manufactured by the same company, however, considering the quality both brands present, it is no surprise. This brand has been present on the Nigerian market for over three decades and promises consumers a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals along with protein upon consumption. Like Peak Milk, Three Crowns is also very low in cholesterol. This brand prides itself on being the first milk brand in the country to recognize mothers and show care and acknowledgment for the role they play in family development.


For several years, Coast was one of the forerunners in the Nigerian milk and beverage industry. This milk brand promises consumers access to natural dairy goodness upon consumption. It comes loaded with vitamins, proteins, and minerals, which makes it very healthy for all ages. If you are a lover of natural-made products, then one brand you should consider purchasing is Coast Milk.


Nunu Milk is a milk brand that is designed to meet the dairy needs of the low and middle classes of society. This brand delivers healthy nutrients to consumers while being very affordable. As expected, Friesland Campina did not compromise the quality of the milk because of its affordable nature. It is just as loaded with nutrients as the other products mentioned before it in our list. If you are looking to upgrade your daily meals to ensure more nutrition, one product you can consider adding to your diet is Nunu Milk.

Peak 4-5-6

Investing in the health and nutrition of children is one of the key responsibilities of parents. As these children grow, they also develop the ability to learn and grow in knowledge. With your children moving through the different stages of life very quickly, it is important to ensure that they get the right nutrients to stay strong, smart, and healthy. This is where a product like Peak 4-5-6 comes in. It is a brand that aims to cater to your child’s nutrition needs required to help them develop into all-around healthy adults. It comes with vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other nutrients your children need. This product is targeted at children between ages 4 and 6 years old.


Adulthood comes with a variety of challenges. With each day comes new sets of responsibilities, challenges, and hurdles. To be very effective in your work and roles, it is important to eat healthily. Many Nigerian adults do not think milk is necessary for them to stay strong and healthy, however, research has shown how important milk is to an adult’s performance. One brand that has proven to be the perfect ally for adults is Olympic Milk. This milk brand contains the nutrients to cater to both your physical and social needs. Olympic Milk ensures that you have the nutrients to keep your energy at optimal levels so you can handle your daily activities efficiently and effectively.

Peak Yoghurt

If you are a lover of yoghurt, then you should try out Peak Yoghurt. This product is not only nourishing, it also keeps you refreshed. It is very tasty and contains loads of nutrients. Peak Yoghurt is made from natural, fresh, pure cow milk that is collected from Nigerian farmers. This product is enriched especially to ensure that you enjoy access to nutrients that will keep you energized and fresh all through the day.

Peak Chocolate

This product perfectly mixes cocoa, sugar, and milk. It contains up to 28 minerals and vitamins, and it is extra fortified. Some of the vitamins present in this product include B6, B1, C, D, and A. You can serve Peak Chocolate hot, warm, or cold and it can be taken at any time, morning, noon, evening, or night. Also, you can Peak Chocolate to your cake recipes as well as use it for milkshakes and smoothies.

Peak Milky Pap

This is the newest product from Friesland Campina on the market. It is a delicious and nutritious blend of pap, sugar, and milk. This product presents you with four times the protein that you get from your regular pap. The reason for this is that it is manufactured from multigrain. Peak Milky Pap is enriched with 14 minerals and vitamins to ensure that you keep going all day long.


There you have it for our list of Friesland Campina products in Nigeria. We have also described all the products on our list in the final section. Do you think we left any product out? Kindly drop them in the comments section below.