Where to Buy Stockfish Cheap in Nigeria (April 2024)

Where can you buy stockfish cheap in Nigeria? If you are about to start a stockfish business, then you need the answer to this question. The good news is that this post will provide you with the answer to this question.

Stockfish is a very important commodity in Nigeria. This is because we add it to many of our local dishes. Because of this, it is very popular in Nigeria, especially in the East. Stockfish is known locally as okporoko and we use it in making most local soups.

Do you want to know where to buy stockfish at very affordable prices in Nigeria? Continue reading this post as we will show you where to buy stockfish cheap in Nigeria. We will also tell you about the lucrative nature of the stockfish business and how to set up this business in Nigeria. Let’s dive straight in.

Where to Buy Stockfish Cheap in Nigeria

Where to Buy Stockfish Cheap in Nigeria

Stockfish business is a very lucrative one in this part of the world. Many people prefer to add stockfish to their soups instead of meat or other types of fish. If you want to start the stockfish business, it is important that you find where to buy the commodity at very affordable prices. Doing this gives you a chance to increase your profit potential while allowing you to save a huge part of your capital.

We understand the importance of this and have combed the Nigerian stockfish market to find out where to buy this commodity at affordable prices. Two markets stand out as having the best stockfish prices in Nigeria. They are:

  • Onitsha Relief Market
  • Aba Market

You can visit any of these markets to buy stockfish at very affordable prices. At Onitsha Relief Market, you have a wide variety of stockfish dealers. Because of this, many stockfish retailers from surrounding villages visit the market. They buy the commodity in bulk at affordable prices then go to their locations and sell to their customers. You can join the bandwagon of retailers that visit this market.

If you cannot make it to Onitsha Relief Market, you can visit Aba Market. This is another location where you can buy stockfish in bulk at affordable prices. Here, you have a huge concentration of stockfish importers. This means you can rest assured of the quality of the products you are purchasing. They usually import stockfish from Iceland, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

If you prefer to dive into the stockfish business with a lot of capital, you can consider importing a container. Bringing in a container of stockfish from Norway costs between N40 million and N50 million.

Aside from Onitsha Relief Market, Aba Market, and importing your stockfish, there are other ways to buy stockfish cheap in Nigeria. You may consider buying directly from some of the biggest stockfish importers in the country. Below is a list of some of the top stockfish importers in Nigeria:

  • Ekene Ventures Ltd.

Location: 149, Kirikiri Road, Olodi Apapa, Lagos

  • FoodHub Africa

Location: Online

  • Franceo Investment Limited

Location: 6, Enu-Owa Street, Idumota, Lagos State

  • Nolly Fysh Limited

Location: SF16, Eziukwu Market, Aba, Abia State

  • Stockfish Warehouse

Location: 50 Suez Crescent, Wuse, Zone 4, Abuja

  • Success Adventures Limited

Location: Nos. 1248, Azikiwe Road, Aba, Abia State

Types of Stockfish

There are different types of stockfish on the market. It is essential to know the different types before buying. This knowledge will help you know what your target audience needs most so you don’t buy the wrong commodities. That being said, here are the different types of stockfish on the Nigerian market:

  • Cut body parts
  • Cut-cut
  • Fins
  • Head and bone {Akpama)
  • Head and ears (Akpama)
  • Stockfish cod
  • Stockfish head
  • White bone
  • Whole

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Stockfish in Nigeria?

One of the most important things to consider when starting a business is pricing. How much will you be spending to buy stockfish if you are planning to start a stockfish business in Nigeria? The price depends on the scale at which you want to operate.

It is important to note that stockfish prices vary across the nation. While it is cheaper in places like Onitsha, Aba, and Lagos, it is costlier in the Northern part of the country. Below is a list showing how much stockfish costs depending on the type of stockfish you are buying:

  • One bag of cut-cut stockfish: From N100,000
  • One bag of stockfish with ears and heads: From N80,000
  • One bag of stockfish with head alone (no ears): From N60,000


Starting a Stockfish Business in Nigeria

Would you like to start a stockfish business in Nigeria? There are a few things you should put in place before you get started. We will discuss some of them in this section.

Write a business plan

The first thing you should do is to prepare a business plan. Whether you plan to run the business on a large scale or not, a business is essential. It acts as a map for your business and also helps you to raise capital. You will need to run a feasibility study before writing your stockfish business plan.

Raise capital

Capital is the funds you need to start the business. The amount of funds you need will be determined by the scale at which you want to run the business. This will range from a few thousand to several millions of Naira. You can raise capital from your savings, the bank, or investors.

Get a shop

Third on the list is a shop from where you will operate your business. The location of your shop goes a long way to determine how successful the business will be. We suggest that you site your shop close to your target audience so that it will be easier for them to find you. You should also consider other factors such as good road network, accessibility, cost, and competition when choosing your business location.

Find a trusted supplier

Another thing you should sort out before starting this business is finding a supplier. Don’t just pick any supplier, but one that you can trust. We suggest that you sort this out during your feasibility study. A good way to find a trusted supplier is to speak to other operators of the business who have prior experience.


There you have it for where to buy stockfish cheap in Nigeria. We have also shown you the different types of stockfish as well as how much stockfish costs and how to start a stockfish business in Nigeria.