Cold Stone Ice Cream Price List in Nigeria (December 2023)

Tired of having regular ice cream mix? Maybe it is time to up your taste with the Cold Stone Ice cream. Whatever great thing you have heard about cold stone ice cream is probably true. From their scintillating taste to the all-refreshing mix of various flavours, it is easy to see why they rate among the very best in the country today.

This post takes a look at their common ice cream flavours and mixes, highlighting their contents and most importantly, how much they go for in the current market today.

cold stone icre cream price list in nigeria

Prices of Cold Stone Ice Cream in Nigeria

Cold stone is one of the most highly-rated and popular ice cream brands in Nigeria. They also rate among the most available in the country as they currently boast over 40 branches across the country. While their ice cream’s quality has never been in doubt, there have been questions about the prices their ice creams go for. It should be noted that all Cold Stone branches maintain the same price list and are not expected to vary in price.

The list below shows the various kinds of Cold stone Ice cream mixes available in Nigeria today and how much, at the least, they go for in various branches.


  • All Lovin’ No Oven == N1,900- N9,500
  • Apple Pie A La Coldstone == N1,900- N9,500
  • Banana Caramel Punch == N1,900- N9,500
  • Berry Berry Berry Good == N1,900- N9,500
  • Birthday Cake Remix == N1,900- N9,500
  • Cheesecake Fantasy == N1,900- N9,500
  • Chocolate Devotion == N1,900- N9,500
  • Coffee Lovers Only == N1,900- N9,500
  • Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some == N1,900- N9,500
  • Cookie Mintster == N1,900- N9,500
  • Founder’s Favorite == N1,900- N9,500
  • Germanchokolatekake == N1,900- N9,500
  • Mint Mint Chocolate Chip == N1,900- N9,500
  • Mud Pie Mojo == N1,900- N9,500
  • Oreo Overload == N1,900- N9,500
  • Our Strawberry Blonde == N1,900- N9,500
  • Peanut Butter Cup Perfection == N1,900- N9,500
  • Strawberry Banana Rendezvous == N1,900- N9,500
  • That’s How I Roll == N1,900- N9,500
  • The Pie Who Loved Me == N1,900- N9,500

Plain Flavours

  • Cake Batter Ice Cream == N1000 – N7,800
  • Cheesecake Ice Cream == N1000 – N7,800
  • Chocolate Ice Cream == N1000 – N7,800
  • Coffee Ice Cream == N1000 – N7,800
  • French Vanilla Ice Cream == N1000 – N7,800
  • Mint Ice Cream == N1000 – N7,800
  • Strawberry Ice Cream == N1000 – N7,800
  • Sweet Cream Ice Cream == N1000 – N7,800

Ice Cream Cake

  • Birthday Cake == N11,000 – N40,200
  • Cookies and Creamery Cake == N11,000 – N40,200
  • Midnight Delight Cake == N11,000 – N40,200
  • Pinacolada Cake == N11,000 – N40,200
  • Strawberry Passion Cake == N11,000 – N40,200

Belgian Waffle

  • Bites with Pie Crust == N900
  • Bites with Sprinkles == N900
  • Bites with White Chocolate == N900


  • Coated Waffle == N700
  • Dipped Waffle == N600
  • Plain Waffle == N500


  • Almond == N500
  • Apple pie == N500
  • Blueberry == N500
  • Brown Coconut Shavings == N500
  • Brownie == N500
  • Caramel == N500
  • Cashew Nut == N500
  • Cinnamon == N500
  • Cookie Dough == N500
  • Dark Chocolate Chips == N500
  • Fudge == N500
  • Gummy Bear == N500
  • M&M == N500
  • Oreo Cookies == N500
  • Peanut Butter == N500
  • Pecan == N500
  • Pie Crust == N500
  • Rainbow Sprinkles == N500
  • Raspberry == N500
  • Snickers == N500
  • Strawberry == N500
  • Twix == N500
  • White Chocolate Chips == N500
  • White Coconut Shavings == N500
  • Yellow Cake == N500

More Love Menu

  • American == N1,900 – N9,500
  • Brownie Smash == N1,900 – N9,500
  • Coconut Creamy Fudge == N1,900 – N9,500
  • Creamy Double Choc == N1,900 – N9,500
  • Mal-Tease-Me == N1,900 – N9,500
  • Nutty Honey == N1,900 – N9,500
  • Peanut Butter == N1,900 – N9,500
  • Strawberry Cheesecake == N1,900 – N9,500
  • Strawberry Lemon Vodka == N1,900 – N9,500


  • Cake Batter n’ Shake == N2,600 – N2,800
  • Creme de Mente == N2,600- N2,800
  • Milk and Cookies == N2,600- N2,800
  • Oh Fudge == N2,600- N2,800
  • Savory Strawberry == N2,600- N2,800


It should be noted that in certain cases where delivery is involved, the prices stated above do not include delivery charges as it varies depending on the location and proximity to the nearest Cold stone store.

What You Should Know About Cold Stone

Cold stone is one of the very best ice cream brands in Nigeria. Having been in the ice cream scene in Nigeria for over 25 years, it is easy to see why they are among the leading brands in the industry and does not look like falling behind the pecking order anytime soon. Their top-quality recipes and ingredients for their ice creams have been widely appreciated by impressed customers all over the country.

Cold Stone Creamery is an American ice cream company. With its international head office in Scottsdale, Arizona, the establishment is owned and run by Kahala Brands. While the company’s main product is premium ice cream made with about 12 to 14 percent butterfat, it has expanded its menu with other ice cream-related products, which include ice cream cakes, pies, cookie sandwiches, smoothies, shakes and, in some very civilized environment,  iced or blended coffee drinks. Since 2008, the business has been co-branding its sites with other chains in an effort to not only raise its presence outside the United States but transmute its commercial model from periodic to year-round.

Cold Stone Creamery stone in the local scene in Nigeria now serves in over 40 locations across the country. They have various outlets in Lagos, Akure, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and many other locations across the country. You can easily get the locations and contact addresses of their various stores on their website to highlight which is closest to you.

When it comes to quality and tasty ice cream mixes, it is difficult to look beyond cold stone ice cream in Nigeria today. They offer an appreciable variety of creamery products and have earned positive reviews.

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