Ntel Unlimited Data Plans, Prices & Codes (September 2023)

NTel is one of the less popular telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Even though many people don’t know this company, the few that patronize it agree that it offers top-notch data services. NTel prides itself in delivering high-quality, super-fast 4G LTE internet to its customers at affordable prices.

Over the last few years, NTel has reviewed its data offers to ensure that its customers can access superfast internet at affordable prices. While most people still think that their data costs are rather high, the quality of the service delivered seems to be worth every kobo.

It is no secret that data costs are on the high side in this part of the world. As such, people that consume a lot of data prefer to subscribe to unlimited data plans. Such plans give users access to data without a cap for a specified period. Of course, not all these data plans are actually unlimited because they come with FUP (fair usage policy).

Ntel Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

NTel Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, & Codes

NTel understands the needs of its consumers. We are not all in the same class of society and do not consume data at the same rate. This is why the company has come up with different unlimited data plans for different people. It doesn’t matter how much data you consume, there is an NTel unlimited data plan for you. This section will show you the different unlimited data plans from NTel, their prices, and validity periods.

Data PlanPriceValidity Period
Unlimited DailyN1,5002 days
Unlimited WeeklyN5,2007 days
Unlimited FamilyN18,50030 days
Unlimited ExclusiveN25,00030 days
Unlimited Night (Monthly)N10,00030 days
Unlimited 90N51,00090 days
Unlimited 180N100,000180 days
Unlimited 365N195,000365 days
Unlimited PlusN25,00030 days
Unlimited XtraN40,00030 days
Unlimited PrimeN60,00030 days


You can subscribe to any of these plans by visiting the official NTel website or any of their partners nationwide. Note that NTel reserves the right to change the prices of any of these offerings or the data offerings altogether. We will be on the lookout for such reviews and will adjust this post accordingly when we notice any.

NTel Unlimited Data Plans Explained

This section will look at the different data plans stated above. We will explain each offering and what you stand to get from your subscription.

Unlimited Daily

This is the cheapest of all the unlimited data plans from NTel. It costs just N1,500 and you have access to unlimited data for 2 days. This plan is perfect for individuals that have an urgent online task and don’t want to make a huge data commitment. It has a fair usage policy of 10GB so after consuming this amount of data, the browsing speed drops to 512kbps.

Unlimited Weekly

If you want to make a short-term data commitment so that can access the internet for about a week, this plan is just perfect. It allows you to enjoy unlimited data for a week at N5,200. Within this period, you can download whatever you like but have in mind that it has a fair usage policy of 40GB. After you use up this amount of data, the browsing speed drops to 512kbps.

Unlimited Family

Would you like to share your unlimited data with your family members or friends? Do you need an unlimited data plan for multiple users? The NTel Unlimited Family Data Plan is what you need. It costs N18,500 and allows you and your loved ones to browse the internet with unlimited data for 30 days. This data plan has a fair usage policy of 150GB so you might want to be careful with your consumption rate.

Unlimited Exclusive

Do you consume a lot of data on downloads? NTel created the Unlimited Exclusive data plan just for you. With this plan, you can download as much as you want for a whole month for just N25,000. This data plan doesn’t have a cap or any fair usage policy, just browse as you like for 30 days.

Unlimited Night (Monthly)

Some people prefer to browse at night especially students because of the serenity during this period. If you fall into this category, you might want to take advantage of the NTel Unlimited Night plan. This plan is valid for one month and allows you to browse between 12 am and 7 am every day. Just like the Unlimited Exclusive data plan, this data plan doesn’t have a fair usage policy. This means that you can do whatever you want with your data between the specified browsing period.

Unlimited 90

Not everyone wants to shell out money to pay for data every month. They prefer a long-term arrangement and NTel understands this. The company has created a data plan that allows you to pay for data just once in 90 days. It calls this data plan the Unlimited 90 data plan. As the name implies, you pay once and have access to the internet for 90 days. It costs N51,000 and has a fair usage policy of 450GB.

Unlimited 180

This plan is very similar to the Unlimited 90 data plan. The only difference is that the Unlimited 180 plan is for a longer period, 180 days. You get to pay N100,000 to enjoy data for 6 months with a fair usage policy of 900GB. That’s a lot of data and you will continue to enjoy internet access until the validity period elapses.

Unlimited 365

This is the largest plan of all the unlimited plans from NTel. It costs N195,000 and offers you data for a whole year. The fair usage policy for this plan is 1.8TB after which data speed drops to 512kbps.

Unlimited Plus

This data plan was designed for business owners, celebrities, and other heavy data consumers. It costs N25,000 and has a validity period of 30 days. The data plan also has a fair usage policy of 200GB after which data speed drops as explained above.

Unlimited Xtra

This data plan is perfect for online gaming, 4K movie streaming, and downloading large files. All you need to do is subscribe with N40,000 and you can enjoy a whole month of data. There is a fair usage policy of 350GB on this plan.

Unlimited Prime

This data plan suffices for SMEs as it allows you to share data with multiple users. It costs N60,000 and is valid for 30 days. There is a fair usage policy on this plan that caps data usage at 600GB.


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