Best Engineering Courses in Nigeria (June 2024)

What are the best engineering courses in Nigeria? If you are looking to study an engineering course in Nigeria, you may have this question. This post will provide you with some helpful information in this area.

Engineering is an exciting area of study; globally, engineers are treated with much respect. The reason for this is the innovation that comes with this field and how much engineers contribute to the quality of our lives.

This field of study involves the fabrication of different machines and the building of infrastructure to meet human needs. After a degree in an engineering course, you can earn a substantial income monthly. The challenge most people face is that they are still determining what engineering course to study. Continue reading to learn about the best engineering courses in Nigeria.

Best Engineering Courses in Nigeria

Best Engineering Courses in Nigeria

If you take some time to read through the JAMB brochure, you will notice that several engineering courses are available for study in Nigeria. The course you pick will determine what kind of engineer you will be. This is why you must be sure of the course before enrolling.

Here are the best engineering courses in Nigeria:

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering focuses on the design, manufacture, analysis, and maintenance of aircraft. It is also known as aerospace engineering, and it is a dynamic career path as there are several types and sizes of airplanes, helicopters, and so on.

This course is not too popular in Nigeria, but there are a few universities where you can study aeronautical engineering. Interestingly, with more airline carriers appearing on the scene in the country, there is a massive demand for this class of engineers.

You are almost guaranteed a job after you complete your studies with good grades. This field is quite tasking and requires you to put in a lot of work. With the high pay that comes at the end of the month, the workload is quite justifiable.

Chemical Engineering

If you are someone who would love to mix chemistry with engineering, then you should consider studying chemical engineering. This field of study deals with analyzing chemicals to produce them in commercial quantities and transporting them from the point of production to the location of use.

There is no denying that chemicals are part of our existence and daily living. This makes chemical engineering a very important course of study. This field teaches us how to properly harness chemicals to produce the energy we require for several tasks.

As a chemical engineer, you have the opportunity to work across several industries. The pay is quite juicy and mostly comes with several enticing benefits.

Computer Engineering

If you love the hardware aspect of computers, you should consider studying computer engineering. This engineering aspect is focused on designing, building, and maintaining computers and related devices. Interestingly, computer engineers don’t just work on the computer system’s hardware. These days, you also have computer engineers who work on software, known as software engineers.

This aspect of engineering is essential to our economy because of the fast pace at which the world is adopting technology. Most higher institutions in Nigeria offer computer engineering at different levels. You will make a decent income at the end of your training because computer engineers are in very high demand.

Petroleum Engineering

Crude oil is easily Nigeria’s most important export. This fact should tell you a lot about the demand for petroleum engineers in the country. With crude oil being the lifeblood of the country’s economy, it is a no-brainer that many people are tilting toward this field of study.

Petroleum engineering is highly lucrative and allows you to work in different aspects of the crude oil and petroleum manufacturing industry. While you will get to earn so much in income, you might be required to work offshore for months. This means you may not see your family as often as you intend to. But when one considers the income, it may be worth the absence.

Not all universities in Nigeria offer this course. Your best bet at studying petroleum engineering in Nigeria will be to apply to any of the universities in the Niger Delta region. Here, you will have theoretical and practical sector experience before you complete your education.

Structural Engineering

This branch of engineering focuses on planning, analyzing, and researching different structural systems and their components. Through this study, engineers are able to design and construct structures with enhanced durability, safety, and functionality.

Most people confuse structural engineering with civil engineering because they are quite similar. The difference is that structural engineering covers a more extensive scope than civil engineering. Part of a structural engineer’s role includes constructing complex infrastructure like stadiums, bridges, nuclear reactors, and dams.

Structural engineering may have been less prevalent in Nigeria in the past. However, with Nigeria gearing up for a new wave of infrastructural development to match the rest of the world, structural engineers are growing rapidly in demand. The pay in this sector is huge and it comes with a lot of juicy benefits.

Below is a table showing the best engineering courses in Nigeria in no particular order and their demand in the labor market:

Petroleum engineeringLimited availabilityHigh demand
Chemical engineeringAvailableHigh demand
Structural engineeringAvailableHigh demand
Aeronautical engineeringLimited availabilityHigh demand
Production engineeringAvailableHigh demand
Mechanical engineeringAvailableHigh demand
Engineering PhysicsAvailableHigh demand
Mining engineeringAvailableMid-range
Gas engineeringLimited availabilityHigh demand
Biomedical engineeringLimited availabilityMid-range
Metallurgical and material engineeringLimited availabilityMid-range
Mechatronics engineeringLimited availabilityMid-range
Food technologyAvailableMid-range
Civil engineeringAvailableMid-range
Agricultural engineeringAvailableMid-range
Marine engineeringLimited availabilityMid-range
Automobile engineeringAvailableHigh demand
Software engineeringAvailableMid-range
Computer engineeringAvailableMid-range


This post has shown you the best engineering courses in Nigeria. You can pick any of these courses depending on your passion and dream. Also, ensure that you find out more about these courses before picking one of them for further studies. Do you think we missed anyone? Drop them in the comments section below.