MTN Night Data Plans, Prices & Codes (June 2024)

MTN is arguably the biggest mobile network provider in Nigeria. It has the highest number of customers and has an array of services that you can enjoy. While many people argue that MTN’s products are quite costly, it is not entirely the case. The company has fair prices compared to what is obtainable from other networks.

Buying data in Nigeria is quite costly. Because of this, many Nigerians have resorted to using night data plans because they are considerably cheaper. MTN has some interesting night data offers that users can enjoy. Want to know the different MTN night data plans, their prices, and how to activate them? Continue reading this post to find out.

MTN Night Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

MTN Night Data Plans, Prices & Codes

MTN previously had two different night plans. To access these night plans, you had to switch to MTN Pulse. Doing this gave you access to the 250 MB and 500 MB of data from the previous data plans.

Let’s look at the different night data plans from MTN and their prices below:

 MTN Night Data Plans and Prices

  • 250 MB of data: N25
  • 500 MB of data: N50

Note that both plans were valid between 12 am and 4 am. However, you could subscribe multiple times for a plan up to four times per night.


Migrating to MTN Pulse

Many people that love to browse at night when MTN first introduced its nightlife bundles had to migrate to MTN Pulse. This was the only way to enjoy the immense benefits of the nightlife bundles. There are several other advantages of the MTN Pulse tariff bundle asides from the nightlife data plans. In this section, we will look at what MTN Pulse is, the advantages, and how to migrate to this tariff plan.

Pulse is one of the prepaid tariff plans from MTN and it allows subscribers to enjoy flat call rates across all local mobile networks. As such, you get to call any local network at 11.26 kobo per second after your first one-minute call of the day that costs 25.6 kobo per second. According to MTN, you get to talk, laugh, and love more on this tariff plan.

As we mentioned above, migrating to MTN Pulse offers you an array of benefits asides from access to the night data plans. Some of these benefits include:

  • Flat call rates to every mobile network in Nigeria.
  • Cheaper special data bundles including the N300 plan that offers 750 MB for 3 days and the N500 plan that offers 1.5 GB per week.
  • Special TikTok and Instagram bundles including 1 GB for both at N200 and 350 MB at N100 for both social media platforms.
  • Activating certain data bundles gives you Pulse points that you can exchange for free data.
  • Free monthly data bonus of 10 MB upon your first call or recharge for the month.
  • Pulse Tuesday that allows you to purchase discounted data plans on Tuesdays alone.
  • Campus Zone offers that allow you access to a 100% data bonus for every 200 MB, 150 MB, and 100 MB used on any of the higher institutions within the country.

These are just some of the benefits of migrating to this plan. By now, you must be wondering what to do to get on MTN Pulse. The good news is that any prepaid MTN customer can migrate to this tariff plan. All you need to do is take any of the steps below:

  • Send 406 to 312 as a text message.
  • Dial *406*1#.
  • Dial *123*2*2#.
  • Visit
  • Via the myMTN mobile app.

Any of these five steps will help you to subscribe to MTN Pulse and then you can enjoy the nightlife bundles along with all the other benefits. please note that the first migration is free of cost. However, MTN will charge you for your next migration if it is not after 30 days. The charge is just N102.

Subscribing to the MTN Night Data Plans

Would you like to know how to subscribe to the MTN night data plans? The good news is that subscribing is pretty easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your text message app on your device.
  • Text NT1 to 312 to activate the 250 MB night data plan for N25.

If you want to opt for the larger plan,

  • Open the text message app on your device.
  • Text NT2 to 312 to activate the 500 MB night data plan at just N50.

If you prefer to go through your dialer, then you can take the following steps:

  • Launch your dialer and dial *406#.
  • You will see a list of options including Nightlife Bundles at number 4. Type 4 and tap “Send.”
  • You will see a popup notification asking you to choose the nightlife plan you want. Reply 1 to select the 250 MB bundle or 2 to select the 500 MB bundle.

Congratulations! You have just subscribed to the nightlife data plan of your choice. Now, let’s show you how to check your Night data plan balance.

Checking MTN Night Data Plan Balance

How do you know how much data you have left on your nightlife data bundle? There are two ways to do this. Check them below:

  • Dial *406*4*3#.
  • Dial *559*96#.

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