Where to Buy Resin in Nigeria (June 2024)

Would you like to know where to buy resin in Nigeria? Continue reading this post as we will show you where to buy resin as well as explain what it is and share some other important facts.

There are different types of resins, but in this post, we will focus on epoxy resins. This is because they are the most used in our society. Epoxy resins are polymers or prepolymers that form durable, strong substances when reacted with curing agents or hardeners. Because of this, resins are used in building and construction as well as in engineering and other structural processes.

Are you planning to dive into the resin business in Nigeria? If your answer is yes, then you need to find where to buy resin in Nigeria. We understand the dilemma that you are in, seeing that resin is not exactly a common substance. This is why we have put this post together to help you.

Where to Buy Resin in Nigeria

What is Epoxy Resin?

Before we dive into where to buy resin in Nigeria, let’s first discuss what epoxy resin is. Epoxy resin is a complex and extensive family of polymers used for its high tensile and excellent adhesive properties. Resins are also known for their thermal and chemical stability as well as compressive strength.

Because of the amazing properties of epoxy resins, they are used in several applications. Some of the most popular applications of resin in society include construction, automotive, industrial, and aerospace. Resins are largely used as sealants, coatings, and adhesives. They are great at bonding, unlike materials such as plastics, wood, metal, and stone.

Where to Buy Resin in Nigeria

Now that you know what resin is, let’s show you where to buy resin in Nigeria. While you get resin from different parts of the country, there are a few dealers that have stood out. In this section, we will show you some of the best epoxy resin dealers in Nigeria.

Juneng Nigeria Ltd

Juneng Nigeria Ltd is a reputable fiberglass composite company in Nigeria. This company also engages in building and construction operations and services. One of the major operations of this brand is stocking, selling, and distributing all kinds of chemicals used in the construction industry. Two of these chemicals include polyester resin and epoxy resin. You can find this company at Alao bus stop, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos State. Despite being in Lagos State, this company takes orders from all over the country. So, it does not matter your location, you can reach out to the company and get your resins delivered to your location.

Epoxy Oilserv Nigeria Ltd

As the name implies, this company focuses on the sale and distribution of several chemicals, including epoxy resins. Epoxy Oilserv also deals in the sales of different types of lubricants and industrial gases. The company has representatives and distributors all over the country. You just need to check online for the location of the Epoxy Oilserv distributor or representative in your State. Once you reach out to them, you can place your order, and get your products. This company has a very good reputation on the market so you can trust their products. However, in searching for their representatives, you should be wary of imposters.

Future Gas Ltd

Future Gas focuses on providing industrial supplies of epoxy resins, moringa seeds, and several other types of chemicals. While the company was established in Kano and has its headquarters here, it has several branches and outlets scattered all over the nation. You can reach out to the company representatives online to place an order. If you will like to visit the physical location, check the details below.

Location: 1 R/Zaki Gaba Gwarzo Road, NNPC Filling Station Kano.

GZ Industrial Supplies

GZ is a company that focuses its efforts on supply and distribution. Currently, this company is one of the top suppliers of resins as well as other chemicals used in construction and industry in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos State, the commercial capital of Nigeria. From here, this company delivers products to different parts of the country. Check below for the precise location of GZ Industrial Suppliers.

Location: 8 Adeshina Street, Behind Holy Trinity Hospital Ikeja, off Obafemi Awolowo Way Ikeja. Lagos State.

Apout Integrated Services Ltd

This is a Nigerian-based engineering company that focuses on delivering a wide array of engineering services. Some of these services include the installation and management of telecommunications masts, sales of internet services, and real estate construction. One of the standout services of this company is completing concrete finishes such as epoxy flooring, stamped concrete design, and concrete flooring for warehouses and automobile centers. You can reach out to Apout Integrated Services Ltd for your epoxy resin supplies, and they will deliver to your location.

Sabi Recycle Nigeria Ltd

Sabi Recycle Nigeria Ltd, as the name implies, if focused on creating several items from recycling pre-existing items. Some of their major products include plastic materials, resin, cartons, and shredded paper. The company recycles industrial waste materials to produce items that are of very high quality and free from contaminants. This company is located in Port Harcourt but delivers products to different parts of the country. All you need to do is reach out to their contact person, place your order, make your payment, and your products will be delivered to your location.

Wale Recycling Company

Wale Recycling Company focuses on the manufacture and sale of polyvinylchloride materials. These materials are used in the production of PVC materials such as plumbing pipes and ceiling materials. This brand also deals in epoxy resin and several other chemicals.

Location: 2, Walter Andem Street, U-turn bus-stop Abule-Egba Lagos.

Contact person: Mr. Adewale Surakat

Phone number: +234-8176-141029


That’s it for our list of places to buy resin in Nigeria. We have also told you what epoxy resin is as well as what it is used for. Do you know other places where one can buy resin in Nigeria? Share them with us in the comments section.