Spas in Abuja and Price List (April 2024)

Spas are gaining popularity at a very rapid rate in Nigeria. Interestingly, most people don’t consider spending time at the spa as a luxury. For them, it is one of the necessities of living in the modern age.

Visiting the spa is one way to take care of yourself and gives you relief from stress. The spa business provides an array of services that help to improve the beauty, health, and human relaxation. Many of the spas in Nigeria have beauty salons and fitness centres attached to ensure that clients receive a complete package.

Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory with a huge amount of human traffic. The people in this city love to relax after spending time working for the whole week. Spas are quite a big deal in Abuja because of this. In this post, we will discuss the spas in Abuja and how much their services cost.

Spas in Abuja and Price List

Cost of Spas in Abuja

There are over 25 spas scattered all over Abuja. It will be difficult to visit all these spas just to find out how much their services cost. We understand this and have surveyed the different spas in this city and compiled them into a list. Check the list below to see the different spas in Abuja.

  • Kelmasu Bridal Spa
  • B-Natural Medspa
  • The Nail Bar
  • Six Sense Spa and Body Center
  • Mediterranean Beauty Hammam (Ladies Only)
  • PET Body Solution and Spa
  • Ninads Luxury Spa
  • Spring day Spa
  • Havilah beauty and Spa
  • The Mane place
  • True U Spa
  • Unique Spa
  • Tangles Unisex Spa and Salon
  • Plush Beauty Lounge
  • Skin101 Clinic
  • Flawless by Abby Medspa
  • Zahara Spa and Salon
  • Priscilla’s Pride
  • Luxor Salon and Spa
  • Signature Nigeria
  • B-Natural Spa
  • Sueno Wellness Centre
  • Topaz house of beauty
  • Bold and Beautiful Saloon/Spa
  • Life hospital and medical spa
  • Beauty Addict
  • Tangles Salon and Spa

So how much do these spas offer their services? It is difficult to put a peg on how much it costs to enjoy spa services in Abuja. The reason is that while the prices are very similar across these spas they are quite flexible. Their services are based on what you will like to enjoy at these spas. To enjoy spa services in Abuja you should be ready to shell out from N8000 upward depending on the services you want to enjoy.

Popular Spas in Abuja

B-Natural Medspa

Address: 30 Mediterranean Street Imani Estate Maitama Abuja.

B-Natural Medspa was founded by the late Pamela Ndidi Bello. It is one of the first medical spas in Abuja and it offers advanced skincare and cosmetics laser treatments. This spa is furnished with all the latest pieces of equipment in the spa industry to ensure that clients enjoy the best services. The staff at B-Natural Medspa are also well-trained to provide high-class services to every client that visits the spa.

B-Natural Medspa collaborates with several international body care and beauty centres scattered all over the world. One of these centres is Germaine De Capuccini and the aim is to provide clients with international standard services.

This spa boasts of a celebrity and affluent clientele such as Dolapo Oni Sijuwade and Tiwa Savage. They provide facial treatment manicures cosmetic laser treatments pedicures and massage therapy. Clients can also have their make-up done at this spa’s beauty parlour. There is always a lot of patronage on weekends so we advise that you visit on a weekday instead.

Six Sense Spa and Body Center

Address: Plot 1272 Amazon Street Maitama.

Six Sense Spa and Body Center was established in 2011 by Frida Cabansag. Since then this spa has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the most popular in Abuja and its environs. One of the best things about this spa is its location. It is strategically located to ensure that clients enjoy tranquillity while they undergo their spa experience.

The staff of Six Sense Spa and Body Center is highly trained to ensure that they provide guests with top-notch services. Match this with the state-of-the-art equipment at this spa and you have a complete spa experience.

Six Sense Spa and Body Center presents you with a total wellness environment. Because of this, visiting this spa gives you the benefit of body and mind rejuvenation. Clients can choose from any of the different healing services and products available at this spa. Each of the treatments at this spa is tailored to suit each client. The staff makes use of the highest quality plant extracts vitamins minerals and essential oils. More than anything else the location where Six Sense Spa and Body Center is set is highly secure to avoid any eventualities.

The Mane Place

Address: 41A Libreville Street Wuse II Abuja.

The Mane Place is one of the notable spas scattered around Abuja. When this spa was established there was one aim in mind to ensure that clients get refreshed in their minds and bodies. The spa is located in the heart of Wuse II away from the stress and noise of the Abuja hustle and bustle.

The Mane Place boasts of a plethora of services and modern spa facilities. Little wonder this spa has grown to become one of the most popular in the whole of Abuja. This spa doesn’t just offer spa services. You can also get a full body massage as well as a body scrub. One thing is sure when you visit this spa you don’t come out remaining the same.

Skin101 Clinic

Address: 2665C Orange Close Off Volta Street Maitama Abuja.

If your skin has been affected by the hot Nigerian sun and you need to rejuvenate it visit Skin101 Clinic. This spa is one of the very few medical spa service providers in Nigeria. They focus on diagnosing and treating both cosmetic and non-cosmetic skin conditions.

A visit to Skin101 Clinic will help to improve the glow of your skin. This spa focuses on the overall wellness and health of patients by making use of healthy products. We also suggest that you visit this spa on a weekday instead of a weekend because of the high patronage on weekends.

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