Farm City Lekki Price List (May 2024)

Eating good food is great but when you eat in a place with an amazing ambience, it just feels better. This is exactly what Farm City Restaurant Lekki provides you. The restaurant is set to provide clients with a magnificent view of the sea. Asides from this, it has an alluring ambience that matches the delicious delicacies that are available at this restaurant.

If you are a food lover, then you must be wondering what it takes to dine at the popular Farm City Lekki. We put this post together to provide the answer to your question. Continue reading to find out the cost of the different meals on the menu at this restaurant as well as their other services.

Farm City Lekki Price List

Farm City Lekki Price List

Farm City prides itself in the fact that they have some of the best-cooked meals in the whole of Lagos State. Several customers have provided reviews to support this claim with special reference to the quality of staff service. The menu at Farm City is quite robust so customers are assured that they will find something that they want. Check the list below to find something that you may like and how much it costs:

Mixed Menu

  • Ogbono Soup: N6,300
  • Jollof Rice: N1,100
  • Cat Fish Pepper Soup (Half): N4,100
  • Special Quatro Pizza: N4,500
  • Mashed Beans (Ewa Agoyin): N900
  • Pandora Box: N15,000
  • Buffalo Wings: N2,600
  • Afang Soup: N6,900

Breakfast Menu

  • Egg Sauce and Boiled Yam: N4,200
  • English Breakfast: N7,500

Starter Menu

  • Buffalo Wings: N3,300
  • Chicken nuggets: N2,200
  • Peppered Croaker Fish: N4,500
  • Peppered Gizzard: N3,700
  • Peppered Snail: N10,100
  • Samosa and Minced Beef: N1,800
  • Skewered Prawns: N8,300
  • Yam Balls with Chilli Sauce: N2,100

Naija Village Kitchen Menu

  • Afang Soup : N8,400
  • Buffalo Wings: N3,300
  • Edikan Ikong Soup: N8,300
  • Egusi Soup: N8,000
  • Egusi Soup (2.5 litres): N14,800
  • Fisherman Soup: N9,450
  • Farmcity Combo: N3,300
  • Grilled Catfish with Sauteed Irish Potatoes: N10,300
  • Isi Ewu: N8,200
  • Moi Moi: N900
  • Native Rice with Dryfish: N2,400
  • Nkwobi: N5,100
  • Ofada rice and Ofada Sauce: N7,400
  • Ogbono Soup: N7,500
  • Okro Soup: N7,500
  • Pandora Box: N30,000
  • Peppered Assorted Meat: N2,900
  • Plantain Porridge: N3,000
  • Pot of Egusi Soup for the Family (2.5 liters): N9,600
  • Poundo Yam: N1,300
  • Seafood Okro: N5,900
  • Steamed White Rice: N1,300
  • Wheat: N800

Soups Menu

  • Afang Soup (2.5 liters): N10,200
  • Catfish Pepper Soup (Half): N4,500
  • Cow Leg and Cow Tail Pepper soup: N4,500
  • Crab Soup: N3,600
  • Full Croaker Fish Pepper Soup: N10,200
  • Goat Meat Pepper Soup: N5,500
  • Point and Kill Catfish Pepper Soup : N9,200

Grills Menu

  • BBQ Chicken and chips(Quarter): N4,300
  • Chicken Shawarma (Single Sausage): N3,500
  • Chicken Shawarma (Double Sausage): N3,600
  • Chicken Shawarma (No Veg): N4,600
  • Grilled Catfish with Sauteed Irish Potatoes: N10,300
  • Grilled Croaker Fish with Chips: N9,300
  • Platter of BBQ Whole Chicken with Chips: N13,200

Continental Dishes

  • Carbonara Pasta: N4,500
  • Cesco Pasta: N5,800
  • Mexican Pizza: N8,000
  • Pasta Bolognese: N4,650
  • Quartro Pizza: N9,000
  • Yam Porridge: N4,500

Salads Menu

  • Ceaser Salad: N2,900
  • Chicken Salad: N4,900
  • Farm City Special Salad: N6,400
  • Prawn and Avocado Salad: N7,900

Sandwiches/Burgers Menu

  • Beef Burger and Chips: N3,700

Extras Menu

  • Asun: N7,000
  • Avocado: N1,200
  • Boiled Plantain: N1,400
  • Boiled Sweet Potatoes: N1,400
  • Boiled Yam: N1,800
  • Chinese Rice: N2,200
  • Chips: N1000
  • Fried Plantain: N1,040
  • Jollof Rice: N1,700
  • Mexican Pizza: N8,000
  • Mexican Rice: N2,400
  • Pasta Alio Alio: N2,250
  • White Salad: N800


Note that these prices were drawn from the official website of Farm City. We will be on the lookout for any price changes. Once we find any, we will update this post so that you will be the first to know. With this out of the way, let’s learn a little more about Farm City.

More About Farm City

Farm City is beyond a restaurant where you come to eat delicious delicacies. It is more of a relaxation center that has a nice ambiance making it perfect for fun hangouts with friends and family members. The company has in its employ staff that have gathered several years’ experience in both preparation and serving of all kinds of dishes.

Farm City was established with the vision of delivering the best possible dining services at the most affordable prices possible. Because of this, it has grown to become one of the top providers of hospitality services in Nigeria today. It offers all kinds of services including:

  • Restaurant
  • Café
  • Bakery
  • Lounge
  • Bar
  • Night Club
  • Events and Outdoor Services

Farm City Restaurant in Lekki has an outdoor sitting area that overlooks the Lagoon along with amazing scenery. Here, guests can enjoy the quiet and cool sea breeze while listening to live music from highly skilled musical bands. One of the major selling points of Farm City Restaurant is that it is open every day of the week, all day and all night long. The staff here provide excellent customer service to ensure that each guest enjoys a memorable and remarkable dining experience.

Farm City has two branches in Lagos. This article focuses on Farm City Lekki, but there is also another branch on Lagos Mainland. Check below to find the addresses and contact numbers of both branches:

Farm City Lekki

Address: Admiralty way, beside Post Office, Lekki phase 1, Lagos

Phone number: +2347001000700


Farm city Ogudu

Address: 36, Ogudu Road, Ogudu, Lagos.

Phone number: +2347002000700


You can always make a reservation by calling any of the numbers above or emailing them. An easier way to make a reservation is to click here.

Why You Should Eat Out

In concluding this post, we will show you a few reasons why you should consider eating out.

Try something new

There are some times when you are just tired of eating regular meals. You need to eat something different, but you can’t cook it because you don’t know how, or you don’t have the time. Visiting a restaurant is the perfect option when this happens.

Romantic dates

One way to keep the romance alive is to go out on food dates. You can take your spouse or someone you intend to go into a relationship with on a date to a restaurant. Doing this allows you to share a discussion over your meal.

Saves time

If you are a very busy person and don’t have time to cook, then you can eat out. Restaurants like Farm City provide you with all kinds of options from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Eating out makes your life easier and also provides you with several discounts from becoming a regular customer.

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