All MTN Data Plans, Prices & Codes (June 2023)

MTN is arguably the largest mobile network service provider in Nigeria. The company has the highest number of subscribers according to reports by the NCC. Over the last few years, MTN has reviewed its data plans by adjusting the names and prices of existing plans and adding new plans.

One of the benefits of subscribing to any of the MTN data plans is that MTN has the widest coverage in the country. As such, you are almost sure that you will find MTN network anywhere you are. No wonder the company has the slogan, “Everywhere you go.”

Purchasing data in Nigeria is a major challenge for most people because of the high cost of data. MTN understands this challenge and has come up with plans for everybody regardless of their class in society. Overall, data plans from MTN are quite affordable when you consider the benefits that you will enjoy.

All MTN Data Plans

All MTN Data Plans, Prices & Codes

As we mentioned above, MTN has a variety of data plans. The company has split its data plans into different categories. These categories include daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly data plans. There are also social media bundles and night browsing plans to make life easy for their subscribers. We have helped you to collate all the major data plans provided by MTN in this post. The table below will show you the data plans, their prices, and the activation codes.

40MB₦501 day (24 hrs.).*131*114#
100MB₦1001 day (24 hrs.).*131*104#
1GB₦3001 day (24 hrs.).*131*155#
250MB₦2002 days (48 hrs.).Available on the MTN app.
2GB₦5002 days (48 hrs.).*131*154#
2.5GB₦5002 days (48 hrs.).Available on the MTN app.
200MB₦2003 days (72 hrs.).*131*113#
750MB₦3003 days (72 hrs.).MTN Pulse subscribers only: *406#
350MB + 350MB for YouTube.₦3001 wk (7 days).*131*102#
1GB + 1GB for YouTube.₦5001 wk (7 days).*131*142#
2GB + 2GB for YouTube.₦1,0001 wk (7 days).*131*105#
6GB₦1,5001 wks (7 days).*131*143#
750MB + 1GB for YouTube.₦5002 wks (14 days).*131*103#
1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube₦1,0001 month (30 days).*131*106#
2GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦1.2001 month (30 days).*131*130#
3GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦1,5001 month (30 days).*131*131#
4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦2,0001 month (30 days).*131*110#
6GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦2,5001 month (30 days).*131*147#
10GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦3,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app.
12GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦3,5001 month (30 days)*131*107#
14GB₦4,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app.
20GB + 4GB for YouTube.₦5,0001 month (30 days).*131*116#
25GB₦6,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app.
30GB₦6,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app.
40GB₦10,0001 month (30 days).*131*117#
75GB₦15,0001 month (30 days).*131*150#
120GB₦20,0001 month (30 days).*131*149#
200GB₦30,0001 month (30 days).Available on the MTN app.
30GB₦8,0002 months (60 days).*131*119#
35GB₦8,0002 months (60 days).Available on the MTN app.
100GB₦20,0002 months (60 days).*131*118#
160GB₦30,0002 months (60 days).*131*138#
400GB₦50,0003 months (90 days).*131*133#
600GB₦75,0003 months (90 days).*131*134#
800GB₦90,0006 months (180 days).*131*115#
1TB₦100,0001 year (365 days)*131*136#
2.5TB₦250,0001 year (365 days)Available on the MTN app.
4.5TB₦450,0001 year (365 days)*131*137#

How to Activate Internet Browsing on Your MTN Line

Do you have a new MTN SIM or a new phone and you just inserted your MTN SIM but you cannot access the internet? It might be because you have not properly activated your MTN SIM to browse on your device. Note that you can make use of the MTN network to access the internet on any internet-enabled mobile device. Also, you can make use of an internet router or internet modem to connect to the internet via MTN.

Usually, your smartphone should activate browsing once you insert your MTN SIM. You will first get a message from MTN that provides the recommended internet settings. Simply, save this message and your device will install the settings automatically. What if you don’t get the message?

Not to worry, you can get it manually from MTN by texting SETTINGS to 3888 on your device. After you do, MTN will reply with the required settings and you can save and install them. If you prefer to activate internet browsing manually, it is possible. Check the settings below:

Account name: MTN GPRS

Access point name (APN):

IP Address:

Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)

Username: web

Password: web

Note that you should always configure Port as “8080” except if your device only supports “WAP.” Usually, when you purchase your browsing device (smartphone, tablet, router, or modem) from any of the MTN service centres, they come preconfigured.

You can purchase a 3.5G FastLink MTN USB modem for about N5,000 from any of the MTN service centres. This device is compatible with GPRS/EDGE/3G as well. One of the benefits of purchasing this device is that you will enjoy an amount of free data from MTN for the first 6 months of use.

Another device that you can use to access the internet from MTN is the portable Wi-Fi router. This device comes in handy if you need to share the internet with more than one device at a time. You can share your internet with about five devices with the router as long as they are within a 10-meter range. MTN calls this device the MTN Mi-Fi and you can purchase one for N21,000. It comes with 3GB of free data upon your first subscription. You can activate browsing on this device by texting MIFI to 131.

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