Best Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria (June 2024)

If you work remotely or purchase items online, you are likely going to need a virtual dollar card. This leads us to the question, what is the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria?

For a while, forex scarcity has been a major challenge in this part of the world. This issue has seen the rise in virtual dollar card providers on the market. In this post, we will show you the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

Best Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

What is a virtual dollar card?

This is a digital card that is denominated in dollars (USD). You can use this card on the Internet to carry out different kinds of transactions. One of the main advantages of having a virtual dollar card is that it is safe since it is not physical.

You can credit the card with money and make purchases online. The process of crediting the card with funds is similar to what you do with a physical debit or credit card. When you need to purchase items from foreign countries, pay for online apps, or subscribe to certain services, you will need to work with a virtual dollar card.

Best Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

Without mincing words, the forex availability challenge has affected several businesses adversely. Because of this, many people have had to switch to virtual dollar cards. What is the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria?

It is almost impossible to answer this question seeing that there are several providers on the market. However, we can suggest a list of the best cards based on reputation, customer reviews, and service offerings. That being said, here are the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria:

Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is a very popular virtual dollar card designed and owned by Critical Ideas Inc. This card presents you with the opportunity to make payments across borders. More than four million users make use of Chipper Cash to send and receive funds in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Uganda, Ghana, the United States, and Rwanda.

This app comes with a reloadable virtual Visa card. You can make use of this card to carry out transactions across different online platforms. For you to get this card, you will need to set up a Chipper Cash account. Once you do, you can access financial services similar to what your bank offers. There are more than five million downloads of Chipper Cash on Google Play Store.


Eversend is a virtual dollar card designed by a fintech company with the same name. This card facilitates payments across several countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

One of the biggest advantages of Eversend is that it presents you with a multi-currency wallet. What this means is that you can save funds and transact in different currencies such as Naira, Dollar, Euro, Pounds, GHS, RWF, KES, UGX, and ZAR. Additionally, the card presents you with a currency exchange that allows you to easily switch from one currency to another.

Finally, with Eversend’s virtual dollar card, you can complete several international transactions using an array of external platforms. Currently, Eversend is one of the most downloaded fintech apps in Africa. There are over a million downloads of this virtual dollar app on the Google Play Store.


ALAT is an app owned by Wema Bank. This digital card presents users with a variety of financial services. One of them is that you are able to set up a completely virtual bank account. This account presents you with an array of complete banking services.

Another advantage of ALAT is that you can access a physical debit card. This means that you can carry out transactions within and outside Nigeria using ALAT. Other services you can get through ALAT include accessing loans and saving money on the app. Through this virtual dollar card, you make online payments and also complete several subscriptions. Currently, ALAT by Wema Bank has amassed over 1 million downloads online.


Payday is a virtual dollar card designed by TalentMatch Inc. It presents users with a platform to send and receive cash in Africa and across other continents.

Through this app, a user can open a virtual account for US dollars, British Pounds, and Euros, depending on their currency needs. This presents a user with a convenient and highly secure way to move and manage funds globally.

Aside from sending and receiving money, you can also save funds in multiple currencies on the card. Users have access to a wide array of other financial services such as making payments and facilitating trade transactions. Payday has recorded more than 500,000 downloads on Google Play Store.


Last, but not least on this list is Bitnob. This virtual dollar card is designed to ease mobile transfer across countries. Through this money transfer app, users can receive and send funds across African countries as well as to and from other countries on the globe.

Aside from sending and receiving money, Bitnob allows you to autosave, buy, and sell Bitcoin. The app is also designed to handle cross-border transactions and facilitate remittance. It is capable of sending money across eight different African countries. These countries include Nigeria, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin Republic, Senegal, Kenya, and Ghana. One of the biggest benefits of Bitnob is that users have access to unlimited online payments using this app. So far, it has more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store.


There you have it for the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria. This post has shown you our top virtual dollar cards in the country. Drop a comment below to add yours to the list.