Glo Unlimited Data Plans, Prices & Codes (June 2024)

Glo is an indigenous mobile data provider and is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Since its establishment, Glo has always presented its customers with different data plans. Over the years, this company has adjusted its data plans to suit the needs of its customers.

Recently, Glo decided to present a new class of data plans called Glo Unlimited Data Plans. The plans in this category are quite affordable and have a specific validity period. This post will show you the different Glo Unlimited Data Plans, their prices, and the different activation codes. Let’s dive straight in.

Glo Unlimited Data Plans

Glo Unlimited Data Plans, Prices & Codes

As we mentioned earlier, Glo had always presented its customers with a variety of data plans since its inception. Many people argue that this company has the most affordable data rates in Nigeria today. While this post is not about comparing Glo’s data to the networks, it will show you one of the best offers from the company. This offer is the Unlimited Data Plan. There are a variety of data plans under this category to ensure that the company’s prepaid customers have access to affordable data.

By unlimited, it means that the subscriber has access to data without a cap for a specific period. However, it is not exactly this way since the data plans in this category have a fair usage policy attached. What this means is that after you exhaust a specific amount of data, the browsing speed drops considerably.

Now that you understand what the Glo Unlimited Plan is, let’s look at the different offerings. The table below shows the different data bundles under the Glo Unlimited Plan, their prices, validity periods, and the different activation codes.



Note that Glo reserves the right to make adjustments to this price list depending on its company policies and instructions from the NCC. The next section of this post will explain each of these data plans and their different offerings.

Explaining Glo Unlimited Data Plans

Would you like to know more about the different data bundles under Glo Unlimited Data Plans? Continue reading to find out.

Glo Unlimited N1000 Plan

If you don’t consume so much data or you aren’t so buoyant, you can subscribe to the N1,000. This plan gives you 3.9 GB upon subscription. However, new customers get to enjoy a lot more from this plan in terms of bonuses. This plan has a validity period of 30 days so within this period you can enjoy using the internet unhindered. There’s a catch and that is after using up the 3.9 GB, your browsing speed slows down almost to a halt. To activate this plan on your line, dial *777#.

Glo Unlimited N1500 Plan

If you want an affordable data plan but are not satisfied with the N1000 plan, you can go for the N1500 plan. As the name states, it costs N1,500 and it gives you access to 7.5 GB. This is quite huge considering the cost in relation to offers from other networks. The N1500 has a validity period of 30 days and activating it is pretty easy. Dial *777# from your phone dialer to get the data into your account. Note that you have loaded your line with the corresponding amount before dialling this code.

Glo Unlimited N2000 Plan

You can choose this data plan if you think the previous two don’t meet up your data demands. This data plan costs just N2,000 and you get 9.2 GB of data. It has a validity period of 30 days, just like the other data plans above. You can activate this plan by dialling *777#.

Glo Unlimited N2500 Plan

This data bundle falls under the mid-range category of Glo Unlimited Data Plans. It costs N2,500 and gives you 10.8 GB of data. You can use this plan on all your devices and it is valid for 30 days. Dial *777# to activate this plan on your line. Make sure that you have sufficient airtime on your line to activate this plan before you dial the code.

Glo Unlimited N3000 Plan

This is another data plan in the mid-range of the unlimited plans from Glo. As you will expect, the benefit of subscribing to this data plan is quite huge. After subscribing, you get 14 GB of data on your line that you can use for the next 30 days. To activate this plan, dial *777#on your phone dialer and you will receive the data in your account.

Glo Unlimited N4000 Plan

Large investments always yield immense results and this data plan buttresses this point perfectly. It costs N4,000 and gives you 18 GB of data. Now, that is a huge amount of data especially since it will last for 30 days. You can activate this plan by dialling *777# but ensure that you have at least N4,000 airtime on your line first.

Glo Unlimited N5000 Plan

Before you try to subscribe to this plan, we suggest that you first check if you are eligible for it. To check your eligibility, dial *777#. You will know if you are eligible if you get this message:

“Operation failed due to insufficient balance.”

Now that you know that you are eligible, the next thing is to load your line with N5,000. After doing this, dial *777# once again to activate the plan and you will get 24 GB that is valid for 30 days.

What is the best Glo Unlimited Data Plan?

The truth is that there is no data bundle under the Glo Unlimited Data Plans that isn’t great. Each one comes with its advantages but what matters is which one you can afford. However, it is certain that the higher plans offer the best benefits so if you can, go for the costlier plans.

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