Business Schools in Nigeria & Their Fees (June 2024)

A business school is an institution where you gather knowledge in business administration or business management. It is also known as a school of business administration or school of management.

At a business school, you get to study topics such as administration, entrepreneurship, economics, finance, etc. People attend business schools to gain business knowledge professionally.

Nigeria is blessed with several top-notch business schools that can compete with the best around the globe. If you will like to attend a business school in Nigeria, you need to know which ones exist and their fees. Continue reading to find out.

Business Schools in Nigeria

Fees of the Best Business Schools in Nigeria

Attending a business school is very important if you want to advance your knowledge in business administration. Many universities offer degrees in business management and administration. However, what they offer may not be as specialized as what you get from business schools. Before we discuss the top business schools in Nigeria, let’s show you their fees.

  • Lagos Business School (Full-time MBA): N10.2 million in total
  • West Africa Business School: Doesn’t advertise its fees (but you can reach the school to find out)
  • International School of Management: From N4.8 million
  • African Business School: Doesn’t advertise its fees (but you can reach the school to find out)


The fees of these institutions hardly change. However, when they do, they are a result of several factors such as organizational policies and government policies. When we notice a change in the fees of any of these institutions, we will update this post. With this out of the way, let’s discuss the institutions above in more detail.

Best Business Schools in Nigeria

Nigeria has a plethora of business schools. For a business school to be listed among the best in the country, it must satisfy several requirements. Some of these requirements include:

  • The quality of its faculty members.
  • The results of its students in international examinations.
  • Collaborations with other institutions around the world.
  • The performances of its alumni, etc.

All the schools on our list have performed excellently when weighed against these requirements. Without further ado, here are some extra pieces of information regarding these institutions.

Lagos Business School

If you run a search for business schools in Nigeria, the Lagos Business School is likely to be the first result. This prestigious institution has cemented its place among the best, not just in Nigeria, but in Africa. The Lagos Business School is located in the Lekki axis of Lagos State, Nigeria.

It is the graduate business school of the institution known as the Pan-Atlantic University. The school was established in 1991 and has grown to have over 226 staff. For the last 14 years, the Lagos Business School has been ranked among the top open enrolment business schools in the world. In Africa, the Financial Times ranked the Lagos Business School as the number one for 2020.

This school offers full-time MBA Programs and Executive MBA Programs. It also offers Doctoral Programs in Business management. You can also study online at this business school.

West Africa Business School

The West Africa Business School was established as a response to the need for top-notch professional development as well as corporate training. This institution was established in Nigeria in May 2002. It has grown over the years to become one of the best on the continent. Today, the West Africa Business School has campuses in Nigeria, Ghana, and The Gambia.

This institution has a mission to create and nurture intellectual assets to support and sustain the African economy. It hopes to achieve this through the impartation of superior knowledge on business managers, company executives, public administrators, and private entrepreneurs. The institution also seeks to expand the knowledge base of its students while helping them to develop new skills. This way, it hopes to add value to both private and public organizations on the African continent.

The West Africa Business School adopts a different approach to learning than most educational institutions. It also allows online studies as well as entrepreneurship development centres for both secondary and primary school students. For now, the institution is still running online short courses.

International School of Management

The International School of Management is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. This institution represents a body of knowledge, not just a brick and mortar structure. It prides itself in being a departure from the norm among business schools. This institution makes use of dynamic skills and capabilities to translate knowledge into more profitable action.

It is made up of visionary educators, specialists in different business niches, and leaders in finance, human resources, social research, etc. Many of the members of directors and academic board are local and foreign professionals. These individuals have made immense contributions to the development of professional and academic skills in the students of this institution.

The International School of Management also prides itself in its alumni who form a huge part of its community. These individuals are ambassadors of the school all over the world. It offers all kinds of certificates both online and in physical classrooms.

African Business School

The African Business School is one of the best in Nigeria and Africa. If you are keen on affiliations then this school should be one of the top on your list. It is affiliated with Magner Carter College, a school in the United Kingdom. Asides from this, the African Business School is also affiliated with other top universities and business schools around the globe.

The African Business School is situated in Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja. This institution was established in the year 2000. Since then, it has grown in delivery and popularity. Most people regard the African Business School as the second-best in Nigeria, after the Lagos Business School.

You have access to a wide range of courses at the African Business School. Some of these courses include finance, marketing, risk management, business management, banking, administration, and accounting. Its motto is “Excellence in Wisdom and Understanding.”

Other business schools in Nigeria include:

  • Metropolitan School of Business
  • Delta School of Business and Technology
  • Unicaribbean Business School
  • GPE Business School
  • Bowell Business School

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