Mega Chicken Price List (May 2024)

Mega Chicken Restaurants Limited was founded in 2008 to provide customers with all kinds of delicious delicacies. Since its establishment, this company has grown to become one of the leading restaurant chains in Lagos State. This company prides itself in its highly experienced staff and the high quality of its meals.

Asides from the food, Mega Chicken has also invested in the ambience of its restaurant spaces. Customers are assured of dining in a lovely atmosphere that keeps them relaxed all through their meals. How much does it cost to dine at Mega Chicken? Continue reading this post to find out.

Mega Chicken Price List

Mega Chicken Price List

Mega Chicken has a wide array of delicacies on its menu. Interestingly, it has not published all the prices of its meals except the meals from its Chinese Restaurant section. In this section, we will show you the prices of the meals as well as the meals from the other sections of Mega Chicken.

Chinese Restaurant Price List

Assorted Mixed Seafood HotN4,930N7,280
Beef in Tomato SauceN3,800N4,600
Beef with Oyster SauceN2,900N4,200
Braised Whole FishN6,100N7,200
Chicken Corn SoupN1,400N4,000N5,200
Chicken in Black BeansN3,900N4,500
Chicken in Hot Plate (boneless)N3,900N4,500
Chicken Mushroom SoupN1,600N4,000N5,200
Chicken Spring RollN400
Fried Chicken N Chilli SauceN2,800N4,100
Fried Diced Pork Chop in B&BN2,400N3,500
Fried Dried Beef SesameN2,900N4,200
Fried Fish CutletN3,990N6,100
Fried Mixed VegetableN2,600N3,900
Fried Noodle Shredded ChickenN2,400N3,500
Fried Noodle with BeefN2,800N4,000
Fried Noodle with Chi.Veg.N2,400N3,500
Fried Noodle with Mixed MeatN2,800N4,000
Fried Noodle with SeafoodN3,870N5,520
Fried Noodle with ShrimpN2,400N3,500
Fried Rice Noodle PorkN2,400N3,500
Chicken in wine sauceN2,500N4,400
Prawns with mixed fruits saladN5,200N6,400
Shrimps tomato soup with crispy soupN1,050N3,100N4,300
Mixed meat with crispy rice soupN1,050N3,100N4,300
Shrimps with crispy rice soupN1,050N3,100N4,300
Fish fillet with crispy rice soupN1,050N3,100N4,300
Crabmeat with crispy rice soupN1,050N3,100N4,300
Peking soup with crispy rice soupN1,050N3,100N4,300
Vegetable soup with crispy rice soupN1,050N3,100N4,300
Fried diced chicken in chilli sauceN2,100N3,300
Fried diced chicken with cashew nutN2,100N3,300
Fried chicken piece with dried chilliN2,100N3,300
Fried diced chicken in Chinese styleN2,100N3,300
Chicken in hot plateN2,100N3,300
Deiced chicken with black bean on hot plateN2,100N3,300
Deep-fried chicken wingsN2,100N3,300
Fried sliced chicken with vegetableN2,100N3,300
Sliced chicken with ox sauce in hot plateN2,100N3,300
Diced chicken curry sauceN2,100N3,300
Shredded chicken with garlic and chiliN2,100N3,300
Shreadded chicken in sweet and sour sauceN2,100N3,300
Diced chicken with green pepperN2,100N3,300
Honey chicken wingsN2,100N3,300
Chicken with broccoliN2,100N3,300
Shredded chicken in a basketN2,100N3,300
Sliced chicken with Szechuan styleN2,100N3,300
Fried sliced beef with broccoliN3,500N4,600
Diced beef with black pepperN2,000N3,100
Intestine in chilli sauceN4,600
Spicy beefN4,400
Fried dried beef with sesameN2,000N3,100
Shredded beef with green pepperN2,900N3,500
Fried sliced beef with spring onion in hot potN2,000N3,100
Fried beef with curry sauceN2,000N3,100
Beef in tomato sauceN2,900N3,500
Fried sliced beef in chilli sauceN2,000N3,100
Fried beef with black bean sauceN3,500N4,100
Fried sliced beef with satay sauce hot potN2,000N3,100
Beef with oyster sauceN2,000N3,100
Prawns with green vegetable sauceN4,100N5,600
Fried prawns with cashew nutN4,100N5,600
Fried dried king prawns reg chilliN4,100N5,600
Fried prawns in chilli sauceN4,100N5,600
Fried prawns in hot potN4,100N5,600
Spicy shrimpsN3,500N4,100
Tooth-pick prawnsN5,600
Fried prawns with broccoli sauceN4,100N5,600
Prawns in sweet and sour sauceN4,100N5,600
Shrimps ox sauceN2,700N3,800
Shrimps with sweet and sour sauceN2,700N3,800
Shrimps with vegetableN3,300N4,100
Fried pork ribN3,100N4,100
Shredded pork with GreenN3,000N3,500
Shredded Pork with GarlicN2,400N3,500
Fried sliced pork with chilli bean and sauceN2,000N3,100
Shredded Chicken in BasketN2,500N3,700
Seafood with VegetablesN4,930N6,200
Prawns Spring RollN600
Prawns in Sweet and Sour SauceN5,950N8,650
Peking SoupN1,400N4,000N5,200
Mega Chicken Special RiceN2,800N3,500N4,800
King PrawnsN2,800N3,500
Honey Pork RibsN3,900N5,000


African Dishes

  • Yellow garri, bitter leaf soup with ponmo, beef and saki.
  • Boiled yam with stick gizzard and corn beef egg sauce.
  • Mega family loaf bread, plain beans with fried fish and sauce
  • Moi moi, stewed turkey, white rice and rice sauce
  • Fufu, afang, boiled croaker and fried goat meat
  • Oat meal swallow with okro titus and snail
  • Ofada rice with assorted ofada sauce and diced plantain
  • Stewed beans, saki, ponmo with fried plantain
  • Yellow garri, edika ikong, local stewed chicken and stocked fish
  • Wheat, efo riro, mega farm and ponmo

Fast Food

  • Whole grilled croaker and chips
  • Whole barbecue fish, moi moi, and cole’s law
  • Vegetable oil, yam porridge, and onion chicken
  • Fried rice with vegetable salad and roasted chicken
  • Mega yam with egg corn beef sauce
  • Spaghetti Jollof with stewed chicken


  • Mega bread
  • Chocolate cake
  • Mega pastries
  • Mega cookies
  • Rich fruit cake
  • Queen’s cake
  • Sponge cake
  • Raisin loaf
  • Chicken cheeseburger
  • Meatpie
  • Mega roll and barbecue chicken
  • Scotch egg
  • Beef burger
  • Beef roll
  • Chicken pie
  • Doughnut


  • Chicken barbecue pizza
  • Vegetarian pizza
  • Beef pizza


  • Full English breakfast with sunny side eggs
  • Full English breakfast with scrambled eggs
  • Full English breakfast with omelette
  • Omelet
  • Boiled egg
  • Club sandwich

Mega Chicken Locations in Lagos

There are three Mega Chicken Outlets in Lagos State. Check their addresses below:

Lekki Outlet

Address: First Gate Ikota Estate, Lekki-Epe Express, Opposite Ascon Gas Station, Aja, Lekki.

Phone number: 09134444900

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday (7 am to 10 pm), Sunday (8 am to 10 pm)

Ikeja Outlet

Address: First Gate, Agidingbi 101233, Ikeja.

Phone numbers: 09067779460, 09067736744, 09051767738

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday (7 am to 10 pm), Sunday (8 am to 10 pm)

Festac Outlet

Phone numbers: 08150903543, 08085077606, 08150903544

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday (7 am to 10 pm), Sunday (8 am to 10 pm)

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