Cost of Police Clearance in Nigeria (June 2024)

The rate at which people migrating from Nigeria to another country has significantly risen over the past few years. With most people traveling for greener pasture, one of the most important documents required for this process is the Police clearance report. This report, despite being overlooked in some cases, is one of the most important documents required for smooth immigration.

With the importance of the Police Clearance document increasing by the day, this post takes a look at the basic details about the process and how much the process costs.

cost of police clearance in nigeria

How Much is Police Clearance in Nigeria?

It is difficult to state the exact amount Police clearance goes for in Nigeria as there is no fixed price for the process nor the document. However, based on recent trends and reports, you should expect to spend anything between N3,500 – N10,000 to complete the whole process. In some cases, though, reports claim some applicants have even paid up to N30,000 for the process due to certain circumstances.

The amount you pay for the process and document depends on where you are getting the document from. For instance, you can expect to pay more than many others if you are getting the clearance document from the CID Registry Office in Lagos state. Strange, reports also claim people can be charged based on their financial status. This means that you could be required to pay more if you appear very stable financially. Although there are no evidence to back this claim up.

What is Police Clearance and What is it Used For?

A Police Clearance Certificate is an official document that is usually issued by the Nigerian Police Force as evidence of completion of background checks on the person looking to move from one country to another. This certificate is one of the core requirements by certain countries for those looking to immigrate to the country.

Although not all countries require the Police Clearance certificate, some European countries have made this a critical requirement and immigrants are expected to submit the certificate during the final stages of their immigration process.

This document is to guaranty the host country that you are not wanted by law in the country you are coming from. The certificate shows the intending immigrant is of a good character.

How to Apply for Police Clearance certificate

While some have complained that the process of applying for a Police Clearance Certificate in Nigeria is largely stressful, some others have gone through the process with ease and without so much to complain about. To enjoy a smooth process of application, there are already laid down processes to follow. You can apply three main ways to apply for the clearance form. This post takes a look at these processes.

Option 1: Applying in Person at Nigeria Police Force, Alagbon, Lagos State

This is one of the easiest and in most cases, the cheapest of the methods. In fact, this is a very advisable method to follow to avoid complications during the process. If you are in Nigeria, you can just go to the CID Annex in Alagbon and apply for the Police Clearance certificate.

Once you get to the station, request for the process and payment procedure. You will be instructed to pay a certain amount of money (see above for price). After making payment, you will be given a form you’d be required to fill carefully and affix your passport photograph. Usually, after this process, you are expected to get your Police Clearance form in few hours, although it takes longer in some cases, especially when there are lots of applicants on ground or the Forensic analysts require more time to perform their checks.

Option 2: Applying Via Nigeria Police Force Website

In this modern world, this is the most convenient way to apply for Police Clearance certificate. Provided you have access to good internet service and a device to connect with, either a smartphone, tablet or Personal computer, you can easily access the website and navigate to where you can request for the certificate.

There is a special portal dedicate for this service. Once you access the portal, you will be required to register, keying in your basic details. Once you submit, an application ID will be generated for you. This will serve as your login credential. You will be expected to log on to your page and fill the compulsory form. You will also be required to scan you r passport photograph and International passport.

You will then be required to print out the form and submit to the forensic section in the State Police Command near you for fingerprint analysis. While this process is less stressful, applicants might have to wait for between 5 -10 days for completion of their application. This can even be delayed in some cases as the response rate varies from State to State.

Option 3: Applying Through Nigeria Embassy or Through a Third Party

In some unique cases where applicants are not in the country, they can also apply for the Police Clearance certificate by sending a mail to, addressing it to the Commissioner of Police.

The applicant will be required to also ready his or her international passport. They will also be required to pay a certain amount to stated accounts and forward evidence of payment. You can also go through a third party – like Gateway, for instance, fill the form, make the payment and expect your police clearance certificate.

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