Cost of Drip Irrigation System in Nigeria Per Acre

With many people diving into the agricultural sector in Nigeria today, more attention has been paid to various agricultural practices that generally aid agriculture. One of the common processes that have gained even more ground today, is drip irrigation.

Irrigation is a very efficient process that allows water and nutrients flow directly into plants’ root zone, in the required quantity, required time. This allows the plant to get the exact amount of water and nutrient they require for proper growth.

In this post, we will take a look at how much it costs to install a drip irrigation system per acre in Nigeria today. We will also take a look at the various advantages of the drip irrigation system.

cost of drip irrigation in nigeria

Cost of Drip Irrigation System in Nigeria Per Acre

Estimating how much drip irrigation system goes for in Nigeria per acre can be quite tricky because there are many factors that affect the eventual cost. Generally, drip irrigation for one acre ranges between N500,000 – N1.5 Million depending on many factors. One of the core factors is location. Prices of drip irrigation vary from place to place. For instance, drip irrigation in states like Lagos or Ogun to be more expensive than in a few other states.

Another factor that affects how much the drip irrigation system goes for is the contractor handling the process. If you are employing a standard professional to handle the process, you should be expecting to spend more than when you are looking at employing a starter, for instance, to handle the process. Also, if you are looking to import the materials you will be using, there will also be a slight difference in the eventual cost. If you are looking to import, you need to be very careful to be sure you are not getting a below-par material.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation System

There are many advantages associated with drip irrigation. Some of these advantages include the following;

Helps Prevent Soil Erosion

One of the top advantages of the drip irrigation system is that it helps to significantly reduce or totally prevent soil erosion. The process is steady drip and gentle, which helps reduce the amount of runoff, which then helps prevent erosion.

Helps Prevent Water Wastage

Drip Irrigations system targets the roots of the plants, where the water and nutrients are largely required. This means that there will be reduced wastage of water as the water and nutrients are mainly channeled to parts they are required.

Does not Require Loads of Drainage and Leveling

In the regular irrigation system, there is a serious need for leveling and drainage to prevent standing water, as the process leaves water on the soil surface. However, with drip irrigation, there is no need for in-depth drainage since water is channeled only to required parts and there is reduced wastage of water.

Helps Reduces Weeds

Another advantage that comes with the drip irrigation system is that it helps reduce weeds. Since water only flows to required parts ad there is reduced wastage, it significantly helps reduce weeds.

Disadvantages of Drip Irrigation System

One of the most common issues people have with the drip irrigation system is clogging. There is a high tendency for those small holes along the drip lines to get clogged easily. This happens even more often when the water contains iron. Clogging could block the passage of water in the drip system and make the entire process less efficient.

Another factor one needs to consider is that the drip irrigation process requires constant maintenance and a need to constantly check the drip line. This can be quite stressful.

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