Salon Equipment Price List in Nigeria (October 2023)

If you are planning to start a salon business in Nigeria, then you need to read this post. Starting a salon business goes beyond getting a great business idea. You must also purchase the right pieces of salon equipment to make your business highly efficient.

The question that comes to mind is, “What are the salon equipment that you need?” Another very important question that you must answer is, “How much do these pieces of equipment cost?” We will discuss all of this and more in this post. Let’s get started.

Salon Equipment Price List in Nigeria

Prices of Salon Equipment in Nigeria

The Nigerian market is filled with all kinds of salon equipment. If you are not careful, you may end up purchasing sub-standard pieces of equipment. Also, it is possible to purchase the equipment at exorbitant prices. We don’t want you to fall prey to this so we have surveyed the market on your behalf. Here is a list of equipment that you can purchase and their prices:

  • Foot Spa Pedicure Foot Spa With Infrared Heating Massager: From N28,800
  • Haircut Barbers Cape Hair Cloth Waterproof:From N2,700
  • Pedicure Callous Remover-Wet/Dry Feet Tool: From N3,700
  • Scholl Plus Pedicure Foot Spa With Infrared Heating Massage: From N29,000
  • Bestauty Hot & Cold Pulse Beauty Device: From N17,480
  • Waterproof Hairdressing Gown Barbers Cape Hair Apron: From N4,880
  • Hair Pen Hair Design Face Pencil Trimmer Barber: From N3,120
  • Twists Dreadlocks Foam Sponge: From N3,990
  • HEAVY DUTY Foldable Metal Makeup Chair: From N80,000
  • Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool Natural Jade Stone: From N2,360
  • Salon Hairdressing Hair Apron Front-Back Cape: From N5,230
  • Clear Plastic Sterilizing Box Container Sanitizing Case Jar: From N33,756
  • Salon Hairdressing Barber Chair Back Cover Hair Plastic PVC: From N4,350
  • Hairdressing Flexible Table Anti-Skid Silicone Mat: From N14,980
  • 20” Barber Apron & Set Hair Dyeing Cape Salon: From N5,950
  • Salon Barber Chair : From N84,200
  • 500pcs Stretchy Disposable Neck Paper Strips Barber Salon Pink: From N12,680
  • Rechargeable Pedicure Callus Remover-Wet/Dry Feet Tool: From N3,600
  • Comfort Essential 16 Stones Hot Stone Massage Therapy: From N25,000
  • Folding Mirror With LED Touch Screen Makeup Mirror: From N37,130
  • Foot Detox / Pedicure & Massage Spa Bowl: From N42,000
  • Portable Steam Sauna With Free Foldable Chair: From N119,000
  • Spin Spa Facial Cleaner: From N3,000
  • Hair Steaming Cap: From N5,000
  • Aluminum Talc Powder Air Blower Puffer Barbers Talcum: From N5,800
  • Protective Disposable Latex Hand Surgical Glove L (100 Pcs) Pink: From N6,950
  • 3.5inch Haircut Cape Barber Cape : From N3,000
  • Disinfecting Sterilizing Glass Jar For Barber Nail Art : From N20,790
  • Salon Hairdressing Hair Apron Cape For Barber Orange : From N8,933
  • Portable Hair Backwash Washing Tray Sink Basin For Home Black : From N14,347
  • Salon Plasma Pen Black Dot Vacuum Cleaner Laser : From N10,000
  • Massage Bed Foldable Massage Table : From N160,000
  • 2 Pieces 1/6 Scale Round Swivel Chair Pub Bar Stool For 12” Action : From N21,000
  • High Frequency Facial Spa Machine With LED Light Electrode : From N17,000


Note that the prices of these pieces of salon equipment fluctuate depending on several factors. Some of these factors include government policies, company policies, vendors, and location. We will be on the lookout so that we can update these price lists once there is a price change.

Factors to consider when choosing Salon Equipment

Now that you know the pieces of salon equipment that you need and their prices, let’s forge ahead. How do you know that the equipment that you are investing in is worth spending on? After all, there are so many pieces of equipment on the market. You need to watch out for certain factors. We will discuss some of them in this section.


The first thing to consider when choosing salon equipment is the “purpose.” What functions do you want that piece of equipment to perform? To answer this question, you must first figure out the kind of salon you want to open and your operations. If you are opening a male salon, there is no need to get equipment for handling female operations.

When determining the purpose of the equipment, you must create space for expansion into other services. If you feel like you will branch into other services in the nearest future, then you should consider purchasing versatile equipment. This way, you get to save on the equipment that you purchase.


When purchasing equipment for your new salon, ensure that you focus on high-quality products. There is no point investing in equipment when it wouldn’t last. Ensure that these pieces of equipment can provide the services that you need them to provide.

As much as you can, avoid purchasing second-hand equipment except if you trust the seller. We suggest that you purchase products that have a warranty. Asides from the equipment lasting long, poor quality equipment affect customer experience as well as working conditions.

Comfort and style

You should always view your equipment from the standpoint of the customers. How would your customers view your equipment? Do you have a theme for your salon business? How does the equipment that you want to purchase fit into this theme?

If your equipment doesn’t match the style that you want to portray, then there is no point in buying them. The equipment shouldn’t just be stylish, they should be comfortable. Don’t forget that the salon business is a customer-service business. The way your customers feel will determine whether they will give you good reviews or not.

Starting a Salon Business in Nigeria

Starting a salon business in Nigeria isn’t exactly a rosy affair. There are bumps on the way to establishing a top-notch salon. However, with these tips, you should find the process a lot easier.

Feasibility study and business plan

You should never consider starting a business without a detailed feasibility study and business plan. The feasibility study gives you an idea of the industry and what you should expect. Use the results of the study to write a business plan that acts as the map of your business. This plan also helps you to raise funding for your new business.

Find out the local laws guiding the business

Every business no matter how small has rules and laws that guide its operations. You must find out the rules that guide the salon business in your locality. What this means is that you should find the local associations, check for permits, sort out licenses, etc.

Choose your location

Choosing the business location is key to the success of your business. When choosing your location ensure that:

  • It is accessible to customers.
  • It is located in an area with high human traffic.
  • It is close to where you’ll get materials for the business.

Marketing and publicity

If you get everything else right and don’t invest in marketing and publicity, you’d have wasted your effort. You need to develop a plan to make your business popular. Work out how you want to grow your client base before you even set out.

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