Student Wardrobe Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Storage space is very important, especially for students. One of the biggest challenges that students face is space management. There never seems to be enough room to keep their clothes, foodstuff, books, and other materials. This is the reason why they need a wardrobe.

How much does it cost to purchase a student wardrobe in Nigeria today? The cost of a student wardrobe depends on several factors such as the size of the wardrobe and the material used to create the wardrobe. We will talk about the prices of the different types of wardrobes on the Nigerian market in this post.

Student Wardrobe Prices in Nigeria

Student Wardrobe Prices in Nigeria

There are so many types of student wardrobes available on the Nigerian market today. Of course, we cannot mention all the types in this post. However, we have surveyed the market on your behalf and checked for the most popular of the lot. In this section, we will show you the prices of the popular student wardrobes in Nigeria:

  • Foldable wardrobe: From N9,000
  • Wooden wardrobe: From N50,000
  • Portable wardrobe: From N17,000
  • Steel mobile wardrobe: From N30,000
  • 2-column Steel wardrobe: From N25,000


Note that the prices of these wardrobes are quite volatile and may be slightly different from the prices in this post. There are several reasons for this such as location, vendor, cost of parent materials, etc. With this out of the way, let’s discuss some other pieces of information about student wardrobes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Student Wardrobe

As you can tell, there are so many types of student wardrobes even though there are broad classes. With this, it is increasingly difficult to choose a specific type of wardrobe from the array of products on the market. We understand the difficulty you might be facing in choosing a student wardrobe. As such, we will discuss some factors that you should consider when choosing a wardrobe in this section.

Wardrobe design

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a student wardrobe. There are mainly two main types of designs, swing-door wardrobes, and sliding-door wardrobes. Your choice largely depends on the purpose of the wardrobe and the size of the room. Sliding-door wardrobes are better for small rooms while swing-door wardrobes are best for large rooms. There are also zip-up wardrobes and foldable wardrobes. Both are great for small rooms with compact spaces.


By size, we mean both the size of the wardrobe and the room where you’ll be putting it. Let’s look at the size of the room first. As we mentioned above, the size of a room determines the design of the wardrobe that best fits. It also affects your decision on the size of wardrobe that you will purchase. Choosing a large wardrobe in a small room will mean that you will be constrained of space. When it comes to the size of the wardrobe, you should check this in relation to the room and your purposes.

Parent Material

The parent material refers to the kind of material used in making the wardrobe. This factor determines the weight of the box as well as the kind of design and the durability of the box. A wooden box will be more durable than a foldable cloth wardrobe. On the other hand, a steel wardrobe is the most durable of all. The parent material of a wardrobe also affects the price of the wardrobe. As one would expect, steel student wardrobes are the costliest of the lot because of the cost of steel.

Readymade or fabricated

You can either choose a readymade wardrobe or a fabricated one. Readymade wardrobes may be costlier depending on the size and material. On the other hand, fabricated wardrobes may be more versatile because they are produced to suit your purposes. If you have a special purpose for the wardrobe, you may pick the latter option. However, if you want to purchase a product from a known brand, you should choose the former option.


The final factor we will discuss in this section is the cost of the wardrobe. It is impossible to discuss the factors to consider when choosing wardrobes without mentioning the cost. The cost affects every other factor that we have mentioned in this post so far. For example, it affects the size of the wardrobe as well as the material used in its manufacture.

Why do you Need a Student Wardrobe?

Have you ever wondered the reason why people invest in student wardrobes? We will discuss a few important reasons in this section.


This is the chief of all the reasons why people invest in student wardrobes. As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest challenges that students face is storage space. Because of this, their clothes, books, and other items may be left scattered and disorderly. Having a wardrobe helps to keep everything in order. You can choose a wardrobe with different compartments to suit your purposes. This way, you can have different classes of items in the same wardrobe.


Another reason why people invest in student wardrobes is security. If a student stays in a hostel, for example, they can’t just leave their items on their beds or in a corner of the room. Doing this puts them at risk of losing their items. By investing in a wardrobe, they don’t just keep these items orderly, they secure them from theft. Choose a wardrobe that has a strong lock that is difficult to pick. This way, you can keep your clothes, books, food items, and other belongings safe.


We cannot rule out the fact that a wardrobe adds to the aesthetics of a room. You can choose a wardrobe that matches the theme or style of your room to add to the aesthetics. Also, choose a wardrobe that has a material that makes your room look better.

That’s it for the prices of student wardrobes in Nigeria. We have also shown you the factors to look out for when choosing wardrobes and the importance of wardrobes.

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