How to Request First Bank Nigeria Account Statement (2024)

First Bank of Nigeria Limited, which is often referred to as First Bank, is a Nigerian multinational bank. The bank provides financial services with over 750 business locations scattered around the globe. As of 2002, branches had been established across Africa, United Kingdom, Beijing, Johannesburg, etc.

First Bank Nigeria Account Statement

It was founded in 1894 under the name Bank of British West Africa and later renamed First Bank of Nigeria in 1979. The founder of the bank was Alfred Lewis Jones and the bank originally served as a British shipping and trading agency in Nigeria.

The bank has received several awards such as “Most Innovative Bank in Africa” in 2014 and the “Best Bank Brand in Nigeria” for 5 years in a row between 2011 – 2015.

In 2010 Central Bank of Nigeria revised regulations covering the scope of banking activities in Nigerian banks. Due to this revision, FBN opted to adopt a holding company structure to capture both banking and non-banking businesses. The business groups of FBN holdings are

  1. Commercial banking; includes first bank of Nigeria limited and other commercial banking subsidiaries, such as FBN mortgage limited, First Pension Custodian Limited, etc.
  2. Merchant banking and Assets management businesses: FBN Quest is its brand name and it comprises FBN Quest Capital Limited, FBN Quest Trustee Limited, and FBN Capital Partners Limited.
  3. Insurance: They handle insurance-related subsidiaries which are FBN General Insurance and FBN Insurance Brokers.

About First Bank Nigeria Account Statement

A bank statement of account is a summary of financial transactions which have occurred over a given period of time on a bank account owned by an individual or organization.

Bank statements can either be printed or mailed electronically. Before the invention of the computer, bank statements were always printed on paper and customers were charged per page for each printout.

The electronic statement of account is more efficient and requires just downloading of the statement of accounts without printing. The electronic statement of account is relatively free.

The bank statement helps track down account inaccuracy, understand or put a check on spending habits on a regular basis and helps keep track of transactions made.

How to Request For a Bank Statement

A request letter will be written to the bank addressed to the branch manager stating the reason you need the account statement and the period of time it should cover.

The bank statement can also be gotten online by calling First Bank phone lines, 0700firstcontact (070034778, 2668228), 014485500, 07080625000 or by dialing *894*Account Number# and follow the prompt to access your account statement. It is necessary to be on the email alert platform to be considered for this service.

Alternatively, you can download Firstonline which is First Bank’s online banking service. Take the following steps to download from the online banking service.

  1. Download Firstonline from play store
  2. Login to Firstonline
  3. Click on account view and click on download.

This article must have provided sufficient information about First Bank Account Statement. It is quite easy and straightforward to request your bank statement from the bank. Now you can enjoy this service.

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