Kwara State Polytechnic School Fees (2024)

/With the rate at which education has become a core part of everyone’s life and has a defining impact on one’s future in recent times, the importance of having a tertiary institution certificate cannot be overemphasized. While much focus have been placed on courses to study in the tertiary institution and getting a credible certificate, much more emphasis is now being placed on tertiary institutions and their credibility.

It is not enough to attend a tertiary institution, it is not even enough to finish with a top grade, the society today also focuses on the credibility, standard and the reputation held by the tertiary institution you finish from. With a lot of tertiary institutions scattered all over the country today, it is important to pick one that is recognized and boast a reputable academic standard.

kwara polytechnic school fees

The Kwara State Polytechnic is one of those tertiary institutions. Regarded among the very best Polytechnics in Nigeria, Kwara Polytechnic set a standard most other polytechnics look to follow. Apart from the fact that they adequately combine academic excellence with extra-curricular activities, the institution brags among the most respected institutions in the country.

The Polytechnic is strategically situated in a State that already boasts of top-level academic institutions like University of Ilorin, a Federal University rated among the very best in Nigeria. Kwara State Polytechnic proudly sits at the core of Ilorin, a city recognized among the central cities in the country. This makes it easy for people to access the school from all over the country. The school also welcomes people from various cultural backgrounds all over the country and beyond.

Kwara State Polytechnic School Fees for ND and HND Students

State tertiary institutions are known to be generally more expensive than Federal institutions, although they are usually some way off fees of private tertiary institutions. Kwara Polytechnic is not the most expensive state polytechnic in Nigeria, neither is it the cheapest. Regardless of the tuition fees, the Polytechnic maintains a high educational standard and remains among the finest polytechnics in Nigeria.

In this section, we will take a look at the school fees for various programmes available in the polytechnic, categorizing them according to their levels. The unique thing about this school is that there is a significant difference in tuition fees of indigenes of the state and non-indigenes. This is basically done to promote education and encourage youths in the state to pursue education.

The Kwara State Polytechnic runs a flexible part time program. The school also runs National Diploma degrees and Higher National Diploma Weekend programs.  Here, we will consider the fees for various programs, breaking down the fees and highlighting the amount paid by indigenes and non-indigenes for 2023/2024 session

Kwara State Polytechnic  -School fees For Indigenes and non-indigene Students

As with most State-owned higher institutions in Nigeria, Kwara Polytechnic has different school fees for indigenes and non-indigenes. In this section, we have put together the fees for both classes of students in different categories.

National Diploma (ND)

ND 1 Full Time

  • Indigene – N50,000
  • Non-Indigene – N70,000

ND 2 Full Time

  • Indigene – N38,000
  • Non-Indigene – N53,000

ND 1 Part Time

  • Indigene – N51,000
  • Non-Indigene – N69,500

ND 2 Year II Part Time

  • Indigene – N39,000
  • Non-Indigene – N53,800

ND 2 Year III Part Time

  • Indigene – N34,000
  • Non-Indigene – N39,000

Higher National Diploma (HND)

HND 1 Full Time

  • Indigene – N55,500
  • Non-Indigene – N75,500

HND 2 Full Time

  • Indigene – N43,000
  • Non-Indigene – N58,500

HND 1 Part Time

  • Indigene – N52,000
  • Non-Indigene – N71,500

HND 2 Year II Part Time

  • Indigene – N38,000
  • Non-Indigene – N55,000

HND 2 Year III Part Time

  • Indigene – N36,200
  • Non-Indigene– N47,000

Kwara State Polytechnic Acceptance Fee

Similar to other higher institutions in Nigeria, Kwara State Polytechnic requires students to pay an acceptance fee after gaining provisional admission to study at the institution. Paying this fee indicates that the student has accepted the school’s offer of admission and is willing to partake in the programme. The current acceptance fee for new students at Kwara State Polytechnic is N7,500.


How to Pay School Fees at Kwara State Polytechnic

As it is with many higher institutions in Nigeria today, paying schools fees is an easy process at Kwara Poly. You simply need to visit the institution’s portal and log in using your student ID and unique password. After doing this, you can click on “make payment” in your dashboard. Follow the instructions and complete your payment. Ensure that you have the required amount in your account before you begin the process.

Kwara State Polytechnic: Things You Should Know about the School

Kwara State Polytechnic is rated as one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria. The school has since its establishment in 1973 maintained a steady educational standard that has drawn recognition for various parts of Africa. The strategic location of the institution has made the polytechnic accessible to students from all over the country. The school was established by the then Kwara State Military Governor, Col. David Bamigboye.

The polytechnic started with an estimated 110 students in the first session in 1973. As it stands, the school runs various programs including ND and HND. They also run part time and full time programs. This adds flexibility and dynamism to the flow of the operation of the school and various kinds of students can easily pick whichever program is convenient for them.

The institution boasts of standard learning facilities and the environment is conducive for learning although much more can be done to better the immediate and surrounding environment of the lecture theatres. Unlike some state polytechnic, Kwara Polytechnic has an appreciably stable academic calendar and rarely experiences a distortion in the flow of the academic calendar.

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