Lagos State University School Fees (2024) for Undergraduates

Lagos State University is widely regarded as one of the best and most popular State Universities in Nigeria. Save for its recent troubles that have disrupted the learning flow, the university has an excellent record of academic excellence and still remains the most sort after State Universities in Nigeria.

Here, we will take a quick look at the tuition fees paid in LASU, categorizing them according to departments. This will give a wider and clear view of the general fees paid in the school.

lagos state university school fees

Lagos State University (LASU) School Fees for Undergraduates

This section will show you the school fees for undergraduates at the Lagos State University. We have split it into different faculties for easier understanding.

Faculty of Arts

1. European Languages (French and Russian).25,000
2. Creative Art: Music25,000
3. Creative Art: Theatre Arts25,000
4. Creative Art: Visual Arts25,000
5. History25,000
6. Philosophy25,000
7. Linguistics, African and Asian25,000
8. English Literature25,000
9. English Language25,000

Faculty of Social Sciences

1. Transport Planning and Management25,000
2. Public and international affairs25,000
3. Sociology25,000
4. Psychology25,000
5. Social Works25,000
6. Political Science25,000
7. Mass Communication and Journalism25,000
8. Economics25,000
9. Business Administration25,000
10. Finance25,000
11. Management25,000
12. Accounting25,000
13. Insurance25,000
14. Industrial relations and personnel management25,000

Faculty of Law

1. Jurisprudence and International Law30,000
2. Legal Studies30,000
3. Private and Property Law30,000
4. Islamic Law30,000
5. Public Law30,000
6. Commercial and Industrial Law30,000

Faculty of Sciences

1. Fishery Sciences25,000
2. Biology25,000
3. Microbiology25,000
4. Botany25,000
5. Zoology25,000
6. Computer Science25,000
7. Chemistry25,000
8. Physics25,000
9. Mathematics and Statistics25,000

Faculty of Engineering

1. Mechanical Engineering25,000
2. Electronic and Computer Engineering25,000
3. Chemical and Polymer Engineering25,000

School of Clinical Sciences

1. Dentistry30,000
2. Medicine and Surgery30,000

School of Basic Medical Sciences

1. Biochemistry30,000
2. Physiology30,000

School of Clinical Sciences

1. Dentistry30,000
2. Medicine and Surgery30,000

 Faculty of Education

1. Sociology of Education25,000
2. Physiology of Education25,000
3. Education Psychology25,000
4. Educational Administration and Planning25,000
5. Curriculum Theory25,000
6. Religious Education25,000
7. Islamic Studies Education25,000
8. Christian Religious Studies25,000
9. Yoruba Education25,000
10. French Education25,000
11. English Literature Education25,000
12. English Education25,000
13. Business Education25,000
14. Technology Education25,000
15. Home Economics Education25,000
16. Sports Administration/Management25,000
17. Exercise Physiology25,000
18. Human Kinetics and Health Education25,000
19. History Education25,000
20. Geography Education25,000
21. Social Studies Education25,000
22. Integrated Science Education25,000
23. Chemistry Education25,000
24. Biology Education25,000
25. Adult Literacy and Non Formal Education25,000
26. Adult Education25,000
27. Adult Education Management25,000
28. Guidance and Counseling25,000

Lagos State University Acceptance Fee 2023/2024

Similar to other universities in Nigeria, the Lagos State University requires new students to pay an acceptance fee. This fee is compulsory and non-refundable. New students are expected to pay this fee before they continue with the rest of their registration process. The payment can be made via the institution’s student portal. For the current academic session (2023/2024), the acceptance fee is set at N30,000. It is imperative that students pay this fee on time before the portal closes for the session.


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