Federal University Gashua School Fees & Courses (2024)

Federal University Gashua is one of the youngest State Universities in Nigeria. The establishment of Federal University Gashua in Yobe state marked a positive step in the educational sector in the Northern part of the country. Since the establishment in 2010, the school has experienced a remarkable growth in almost all spheres and presently rates among the top seven best universities in northern Nigeria.

With lots of well-trained lecturers, neatly maintained facilities, conducive learning environment and a well-structured academic calendar, FUGASHUA looks to be among the top universities in Nigeria and Africa in few years.

federal university gashua school fees

In this post, we will take a quick look at the school fees paid in this university in 2023. We will consider the fees for each faculty, breaking down the fees and highlighting the accredited departments the school boast of at the moment.

Federal University Gashua School Fees for Fresh and Returning Students

Federal University Gashua is one of the cheapest universities in Nigeria.  When it comes to tuition fees and registration charges, it is difficult to pick a university cheaper than this Northern University. The school was traditionally designed to support education in the Northern part of the country, irrespective of their backgrounds or financial status. The university is one of the youngest in Nigeria and has since lived up to expectations from all folds.

In this section, we will take a look at the tuition fees for both fresh undergraduates and returning students in various faculties. The charges stated below are paid per session.

1Medical Services2,5002,500
31CT Fees50005000
4Municipal Services5,0005,000
6ID Cards1,5001,500
8Faculty Charges4,5004,500
10Verification of Certificates2,0002,000
11Online Registration Fees1,0001,000
12Caution Deposit1,0001,000
13Orientation Fees2,0002,000
14Students Handbook1,0001,000
Total AmountN 32,700N 34,200


NOTE: Geography Students to pay N1,500 as Laboratory Charges.
B. Returning StudentsFAMSSSCIE./AGRIC
1Medical Services2,5002,500
3ICT Fees5,0005,000
4Municipal Services5,0005,000
7Faculty Charges4,5004,500
9Online Registration Fees1,0001,000
Total AmountN 25,200N 26,700
NOTE: Geography Students to pay N1,500 as Laboratory Charges.


1Inter-University Transfer20,000
2Change of Course5,000
3Change of Programme20,000
4Late Registration5,000
5Acceptance Fees2,000
6Remarking Fees5,000
8Verification of Degree Certificate/Statement of Result2,000
9Collection of Original Certificate5,000

Federal University Gashua Acceptance Fees

As it is with several other universities in Nigeria, the Federal University Gashua requires new students to pay an acceptance fee. This fee is both compulsory and non-refundable. The current fee is between N5,000 and N10,000.


Federal University Gashua List of Courses

Presently, the school boast of 3 faculties with each faculty boasting a significant number of departments. Let us take a quick look at some courses offered in the university.

Faculty of Science

This faculty started operating fully in the 2014/2015 session with a total of 110 students admitted into various degree programmes in the faculty. Some of the degrees available include;

  • Biochemistry B.Sc Biochemistry
  • Biological Sciences B.Sc Biology
  • Chemistry B.Sc Chemistry
  • Computer Sciences B.Sc Computer Science
  • Mathematics B.Sc Mathematics
  • Physics B.Sc Physics

Faculty of Agriculture

Just like the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Agriculture started full activities in the 2014/2015 session. Some of the degrees available include;

  • Agriculture with options in Agriculture Economics & Extension Animal Science, Crop/Soil and Horticulture.
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Forestry and Wildlife Management
  • Sc Home Science and Management

The departments under this faculty include;

  • Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension.
  • Department of Agronomy
  • Department of Animal Science
  • Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management
  • Department of Home Science and Management

Faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences

This faculty was established in 2015 and presently has 11 departments. The departments in the faculty include;

  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Arabic Studies
  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Economics and Development Studies
  • Department of Economics and Statistics
  • Department of Geography
  • Department of History and International relations
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Information and Communication Science.

Federal University Gashua: Other Things You Should Know About the University

Education in the Northern part of Nigeria has taken positive steps in recent times. Although they are still not where the world expects them to be and some way off the standard of education in other parts of Nigeria, the government has pulled several strings in recent years to encourage education in the region.

While some few government-owned universities in the north make the grade among the very top tertiary institutions in Nigeria, some others have rather maintained an average standard and are not as popular or recognized among the top schools in Nigeria.

The university is located in one of the popular towns in Yobe State.  The motor of the tertiary institution, “Knowledge is Success”, summarized the essence of the university. The motto underlines the importance of education to the modern day world, specially indicating the importance attached to education by the host community as well as the need to be educated. While this motto acknowledges the universal value of education to society at large, it also particularly suggests the part historically played by the university’s host society in the development of Islamic education in Nigeria

Asides from the general civil unrest in the university environs, the school is relatively peaceful, comfortable and, to a large extent, friendly. Like most other federal and state universities, the school is governed by the national university association and is subject to nationwide strike.

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